How do i hook up speakers to a projector

Also, some projectors can connect to a speaker via bluetooth. trying to get sound from speakers that are plugged in to my projector using red.
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They are powered either via USB port or a power supply connected to a volt plug.

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Connecting external speakers does not require any special skills or training. Power off the speakers, projector and all connected electronic devices. Locate the projector's Audio OUT port. However, older projectors may only have RCA ports. Insert the speakers' jacks into the projector's Audio OUT ports.

How to Do Surround Sound w/ Projector the Right Way?! | Sonos Community

If your projector only has RCA ports, but your speakers have a stereo jack, you need to first attach the stereo-to-RCA converter. If that were the case, there'd only be one company, and no competition. But we're fortunate to have choice in our systems. Yes, I do love the two 5. But I haven't amassed enough money for that yet, so I'm pretty damn happy with the "no speaker wire" solution that Sonos has provided.

For your purposes, I'd heartily recommend looking at other solutions. I think you'd be unhappy if you were to attempt to force a solution using Sonos. Wish it wasn't so, but I'm a fan of using the right tool for the situation. Agree, although the playbase is a dedicated TV-centric product Sure is, as is their Playbar. But if you look at all their marketing, they proclaim to be a whole home music system, first and foremost. I don't consider either of those two products to be their main focus, I consider the Play: I'm currently attempting to figure out this whole process.

How to get Audio out of an Epson projector

I really only want ONE system, and I'm willing to invest heavily into that one system provided it plays my music, and when I want to watch a movie projected as a 12 foot image on my wall, I'd like to harness the same audio system. My projector works great and from a image size standpoint cannot be beat.

I chromecast from my android device to a chromecast dongle plugged into the hdmi port of my projector, and since my projector supports bluetooth, I pair it with bluetooth speaker. My BT speaker is not home theatre quality or even stereo, hence the need to seek out an alternate to Sonos unless I can incorporate my Sonos into this system.

Connecting to External Speakers

I'd buy more sonos product and support Sonos were they to make their products Chromecast compatible so I can generically cast to sonos speakers without having to use Sono's interface. Here is a theoretical model for you, in the sense that I have never tried it and I don't even have a projector!

There's no reason not to use a three-plug video cable, either: Jul 3, Messages: Apr 22, Each LCD projector is a bit different. Would you happen to know the model and brand you have? Peregrin5 , Apr 23, Jul 27, Messages: Apr 23, Why don't you just hook up speakers to the computer, and not add the extra step of going through the projector? MissCeliaB , Apr 23, Apr 23, That's not what the back of mine looks like.

Projector Without Audio Output

Thanks for your help, everyone. I'm going to just resort to trial and error and see if I can get it to work. Caesar , Apr 23, Apr 23, Bah! I got it hooked up in a way that would work, except that there is no power getting to the speakers.

Apr 23, ifeelyourpain. Apr 23, Ah: I don't know if it would work to plug the USB cable into a charger, but it might be worth a try. TeacherGroupie , Apr 23, You must log in or sign up to reply here.