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You get your own matchmaking website with your logo and copyrights. Turnkey solution from the online dating industry, closest to.
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They disagree with WG's approach to making more money by "devaluing the value propositions with sales and marketing gimmicks Most of the crew I have been playing video games with are retired.

Open Match: Flexible and extensible matchmaking for games

So, what we like are games that "have intellectual value" as well as are fun! History based games of our father's generation are great because we grew up with parents that fought in that and earlier wars What we are headed towards are endless "Halloween style fantasy" gimmicks and we reject those silly marketing gimmicks. Radar is a marketing gimmick that is and has destroyed the roles that defined naval warfare These ships were created and used well before the "information age" replaced the "Age of Industry" tools and cultures WG can't sell excitement to the "like generation" without gimmicks My grandchildren live with instant gratification and expect instant change WG is marketing that to them It's that simple and yet, for the next decade or so, a terrible business decision: I have to take my Grand kids smart phones and tablets away from them and kick them out of the house No, they left because the writing is on the wall in this game and WG has a history we've experienced once before Why waste our time: And that's, what WG doesn't get: The main issue is not about winning or losing, but how you win or lose.

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Lose a game, that was disputed, both teams had the chance to win and the enemy team was slightly superior. But lose a game where my team was so bad that no matter what i do its still going to be a defeat? Even some victories can be frustrating, often the enemy team dies so quickly that you dont even have time to do anything, you win but you did pretty much nothing.

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I had a gema yesterday that ended in just over 8 min. Create questions, and responses that best facilitate your staff in matching. Create questions for your client profile, as well as questions for internal use and record keeping.

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Reporting can be for a single office or across an entire muti-office operation. Perfect for new matchmakers , our Starter Package gives you access to all the tools and functions of the LeConnex system, including forms, customized profile, multi-lingual support and marketing tools.

Monster Legends - Is Team Wars Matchmaking Broken? - The Solution

Integrate with your existing website seamlessly and utilize all of the marketing and sales features available within the LeConnex system. A great solution for new matchmakers starting out. Package designed for the smaller established matchmakers giving a large record limit and access to all the features of the LeConnex system.

LeConnex - Matchmaker CRM & eMarketing

Integrate with your existing website and funnel leads into your LeConnex system and clients into a secure client area for a seamless lead sales pipeline. Utilize the marketing tool to communicate with your leads or clientele, tracking all communications. Integrate with your existing website or have LeConnex provide you with a robust, responsive website.

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Legal Privacy Service Link. A digital solution specifically designed for the modern matchmaker. Matchmaking Make finding that best matches for your clients with a fast, intuitive interface that allows you to traverse your entire database of leads, clients, resource and more in just few seconds. Lead Tracking Track all of your incoming leads electronically, assign to specific staff members and track all of their communication with them.