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From the hedger and the stringer to the swiper: Expert reveals the types of modern dater With the news that more people than ever are 'convenience dating', FEMAIL speaks to Australian psychologist and eHarmony relationships expert, Melanie Schilling, about the various kinds of.
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Why do we fall in love? Love at First Sight? Kiss Your Way to Good Health. A Message for the One You Love. College-educated men are most likely to consider marriage when they're 28 to 33, and that "high-commitment period" is 33 to 36 for doctors, lawyers and others who go to graduate school. Men who wear bachelorhood as a badge of honor are unlikely to commit — the chance a man will marry diminishes after age 37 or 38, and decreases even more after However, a man aged plus who's been married before is a better risk than a perennial bachelor.

If a guy portrays marriage as a prison — says "My friends have to ask their wives' permission to make a move, but I want to be able to do what I want when I wanna do it! Pay no attention to his excuses. In fact, he is likely to tell you anything that will get you to stick around without his needing to make a commitment.

The chances a stringer will marry are very slim; he is simply not the marrying kind. Were they stringers or avoidants? A rose by any other name is still a rose, right? He means men who have kinda never left home. Of course, I thought of S. He technically never moved out of his parents house.

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I remember how ambiguous his living situation always was because, well, he was embarrassed to say he still lived at home. Truth was, he lived in a room off the kitchen but still hung out in the basement where all his records were. Funnily enough, him not leaving was so extreme, eventually his parents did.

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They basically packed up one day and just left. Ok so now, technically, he lives on his own. Blogger, author, giver of relationship advice, Tracy Shields has written extensively on the topic of love addiction and recovery since View all posts by Girl Rebuilt. My question is, why does the end point of a long term relationship have to be marriage?

eHarmony expert reveals the types of modern dater

Marriage was the thing you had to do if you wanted to have sex. Not that it stopped our forefathers. In fact it became the thing you had to do because of the results of sex — pregnancy. The need for marriage is largely obsolete in our modern age so why marry. Personally, I would avoid the guy who thought marriage was the end goal.

Kids are involved and the fear of loneliness sets in and you're stuck with a stringer, hoping and praying you can be that special somebody who can make him commit. Take Hollywood stringers Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp or Matthew McConaughey whose motto for life is "Just Keep Livin' " - preferably without a ring on his finger , who are all ensconced in long-term relationships without any sign of taking the next step.

I imagine Molloy would love to get his hands on their women and tell them that they need to set a deadline.

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And that, if their man hasn't committed by the time it's up, his time should be up too and they should move on. I wonder how his advice would truly go down with men like these who can have the pick of the female crop. Or with any man, for that matter. Books such as The Rules will tell you never to bring up commitment - unless your aim is to scare him away faster than a flying bouquet. And, according to a poll I conducted, most Australian men would never respond to an ultimatum, so women should just forget about the whole idea of giving them one.

Yet many women who've walked down the aisle tell me they never would have got into a white dress if they hadn't laid down an ultimatum to prevent a man from stringing them on for all eternity. So what's going on? The other day, I interviewed a woman who recently got engaged after six years of being in a relationship. She explained that, after five years, her parents sat her boyfriend down and asked him what his intentions with their daughter were.

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So was I dating a stringer? Of course it's easier to accept it all if you can blame the downfall of the relationship on his lack of commitment. But could it be that it was really me who was the stringer?

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I mean, I did want the whole white wedding and diamond ring and to spend the rest of my life with that one man … didn't I? But before we accept Molloy's words of wisdom, perhaps we need to spend a bit more time on ourselves.

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