End a dating dry spell

It's amazing how quickly this can end your dating dry spell. Dead ends disappear as wide-open vistas come into view. Fight against the little.
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None of the guys I met turned into anything serious, but I did get a few dates out of it. I know blind dates can be super awkward, but they do work out sometimes! Always had a thing for the barista at Starbucks, but been too shy to do anything about it? See a cute guy at the gym who always seems to be checking you out?

Why not be bold and give him your number?


Love: How to Get Over a Dating Dry Spell | Peaceful Dumpling

The guy might totally dig it and give you a call or shoot you a text. Instead of waiting around, I ended up just giving him my number one day when I saw him at the gym. I say if you want to make a move, just go ahead and do it!

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It was cool because they were all down to talk about everything and anything Harry Potter! While something as simple as smiling may seem somewhat insignificant, it really can be beneficial in the long run. The power of a genuine smile should never be taken for granted!

5 Tips for Escaping a Dating Dry Spell

Now I have all this time and mental free space to work on myself instead of wasting precious energy on guys! This might sound like an odd way to end your dry spell, but hear me out. If you truly want more love in your life, you have to build up loving energy within yourself first, and the first step to that is with food.

In my own dry spell, I was eating very abstemiously—on top of being vegan, I was eating very low-fat, gluten-free, low-sugar, and oil-free.

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Once I started feeding my body more lovingly, instead of using that process to test my discipline, a lot of things changed. I felt better about myself, and that changed the way I interact with others, too. Always wanted to try salsa dancing?

Make your own tea towels and sell them on Etsy? These things are going to be a lot harder to accomplish once you start hitting your dating stride and scheduling dinner-drinks twice a week.

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  5. Make this your time to check off the things on your bucket list. And that spark in your eye from tackling your passion projects will certainly light another kind of fire in your life.

    How To End A Dry Spell

    If you are ready for love, take an active approach. Try online dating, asking trusted friends to set you up, going to social gatherings of all kinds, throwing your own party and asking friends to bring more guests, going out dancing, making eye contact with that cute guy who works at the library front desk.