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In today's society that fact that you are bi should not have much relevance. However, it will to some and to a certain extent. As I am sure you.
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Bisexual women can date both men and women and the men can be straight or bisexual and the women could be lesbian or bisexual. Some bisexuals will date more than one person at a time and some will only date one at a time. That depends on the person's personal preference. Did this help at all? Every bisexual will have a different preference i'm sure. I assume bisexual people date men and women, regardless of their sexualities. Bisexuals can date any1 best of both worlds.

We date them all. That's why we have more fun.

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Well we guys find it strange to date bi girls. I guess that the majority of guys doesn't mind, but its probably the people's opinion that bi people are "strange" and with "strange" i mean that it is a bit unacceptable for us to date bi girls.

We can't explain but the thought that you frequent both females and males kinda pushes us away. Honestly, I know bisexuals exist but when you're young a lot of closeted gays take their first step to coming out by claiming to be bisexual. This certainly doesn't stay true forever, but a lot of people will subconsiously think you're just gay as a result. Even dating you, they might be worried you'd prefer the company of another woman Guys r prob thinking, hey so if I date this girl she gonna turn around and date a chick? You can be the world skinniest smartest girl and own the colleg but that doesn't mean guys r gonna love u they r gonna love you for u and not what you have goin on.


As long as she is cute i wouldn't care and never cheat on me. Because i would never cheat on a girl. Also I'm a guy, never kiss a girl, and hasn't had a girlfriend yet but guess what it happens to a lot of people.

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Ladies, would you ever date a bisexual guy?

What makes you think you are bi.???? Going to the army? Just remember the motto of the army I guess it really depends what kind of guy you meet. Some guys do, some guys don't. You really have to just keep trying, and keep telling them who you are. There has to be someone out there! Would a guy date a bi girl? Straight girls would you date a bi guy?

Do Bisexuals date other Bisexuals?

Can you figure which sex is more 'homophobic'? My boyfriend thinks that all women are bi-sexual because of a scientific study that was performed recently. I don't think this proves too much. I tried to explain to him that girls get turned on by themselves sometimes and that girls are just more erotic to look at in general.

I will mess around with girls for pay I am a porn model and occasionally in my personal life, but I HIGHLY prefer guys and could never have a romantic relationship with a woman. Although, my boyfriend says that has nothing to do with it, that the term bi-SEXUAL means that the issue only pertains to sex, not love or romance. I think we have come to recognize the term "bi-sexual" as including romantic feelings. By the way, check me out at http: I wouldn't say we are all bisexual I think that females are just more comfortable with their own sexuality and with eachother's bodies then men could ever grasp because all straight men seem to be homophobic.

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Some of these answers are really amusing people! Actually, according to many sex researchers men are more likely to have a homoerotic experience with another man than women are to have a homoerotic experience with another woman.

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The reason men don't talk about this is because homophobia among men is much stronger than it is among women. The notion of plentiful, free-wheeling bisexual women is mostly a product of your adolescent sexual fantasies.

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Or perhaps something about you makes them want to be bisexual? I think all wome have the tendancy but surpress the feelings because it is taboo. I beleive my wife may be coming out of her shell or at least i hope LOL.