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Get an in-depth look at Chicago Loop architecture on a walking tour that takes you inside landmark buildings in the design-rich city. Stroll through elegant lobbies, under glittering domes and into the sprawling network of Chicago Pedway tunnels. Your expert guide shares insights about the city's diverse architectural styles and history, bringing the details of the Windy City into vivid focus.

Your tour starts out as you meet your guide at Chase Tower to start your exploration of the Loop's interior architecture. Expect to walk a half mile 0. Your guide shares expertise in architecture, design, art history and history, and provides participants with iPads that show archival images such as maps, historic photos and documentary video clips. Ponder the design of the very modern Block 37 complex, situated in the heart of the Loop at a trend-setting location where the city's first skyscrapers and supermarkets were built.

See the extensive public plaza, which sits at the geographic center of the Chicago Loop and features Marc Chagall's Four Seasons mural. Admire another famous piece at Daley Plaza: Look at the city through the lens of the Chicago Pedway system -- a network of ground-level concourses, tunnels and bridges that connects buildings throughout Chicago's central business district. Discover how to maneuver through the Pedway and find your way from underneath the downtown. Your tour concludes at the Chicago Cultural Center, a landmark building where you see a magnificent stained glass dome.

It was completed in and originally was Chicago's first central public library. Afterward, say farewell to your guide and make your way to your next destination. Do you believe in ghosts? If not, you may start to after this tour. As you follow your guide through the streets of Chicago on a personal Segway, you'll travel down secluded alleys, visit hotel lobbies, and glide along the Chicago River, listening as your guide recounts terrific tales of the city's haunted past, including disasters and gangster murders.

Was that just a breeze you felt on your neck? Feel goosebumps on your arms and legs as you stand in the alley where more than Chicagoans perished in Listen for the faint sound of an unmanned piano playing in the ballroom of the Michigan Avenue Hotel. Stand at the shore of the Chicago River -- the sight of Chicago's most tragic maritime disaster that claimed the lives of people in Watch out, you don't want to become the haunter.

Join a group of badass females, and take a guided tour of The Art Institute of Chicago. Celebrate the female artists who broke barriers to have their art noticed, while also learning about the women artists who the patriarchy sought to keep oppressed!

Make friends, fall in love with new art, and most importantly, chip away at the patriarchy. The future of art is female! Bacon, breakfast, and beer.

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Sounds like the three B's to brunch. Let's be real, what's better than starting a Saturday in this fashion? On your way to brunch, you'll trek through Chicago's intricate Pedway system, listening to stories about the city's moments of jubilation and tragedy. From there, you will head to Houlihans for a scrumptious lunch buffet, featuring eggs, fruit, and bacon.

After your meal, you'll continue your walk through the Pedways, fit with entertaining stories and some fast calorie-burning. Can you taste Chicago yet? Consider yourself a cheese enthusiast? Spend a delightful afternoon in an idyllic farm setting where you'll indulge in your cheesiest desires. A skilled instructor will walk you through the cheese-making process from start-to-finish. You'll learn to make ricotta, chevre, and mozzarella. Your hands on experience won't stop there. You'll also get a chance to milk the goats.

Don't make that face; where did you think cheese came from?

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This workshop will give you a closer bond to cheese, forever. Ready for a little excitement at your next dinner? Join Discovery Center for a dinner party with a twist Discovery Center presents an audience-participation murder mystery dinner-theater event.

You and your friends will eat, observe and help unravel the mystery. If a Panelist is involved in 5 panels the 5th panel will likely be scheduled on the Sunday of the convention. Panel members may only be changed prior to March 1st, Changes must be submitted by either the panel leader or the panel member with the panel leader copied on the request email if the panelist is stepping down. After the March 1st deadline all Panels will be locked to the Panelists that are registered for it.

Panelists cannot limit the attendance to their panels outside of the room capacity. Panelists cannot provide preferred seating to their panels. This includes, but is not limited to, only allowing those in cosplay to enter, allowing family and friends to enter the panel first, etc. A panel cannot charge their attendees money. Panelists may not sell anything during their panel including but not limited to merchandise or supplies.

Any panel found participating in these or similar activities will be canceled and will not be allowed to return. A panel may not pass out or sell ANY food or drink, store bought or home made.

Queer Girl City Guide: Chicago, Illinois

All membership badges are available for pick up in the Registration area of the convention center at the Panel Programming booth. A photo ID is required by all Panelists age 16 or older to pick up their membership badge. A panelist can only pick up their own membership badge, not co-panelist membership badges. If a panel is canceled a refund will not be granted.

If the application was submitted during Tier 2, and denied in Tier 3, the applicant will receive Tier 2 pricing. Attendee memberships are non-transferable and non-refundable. But the status of a Panelist membership can be transferred to another attendee if that panelist is leaving their panel and a new attendee is taking their place.

Example — A member of a panel quits, they will lose their panelist membership status while retaining Attendee status and the person replacing them gets the Panelist status instead. If a Panelist drops from hosting their panels they will lose their discount and be required to pay for their membership through Registration in order to attend Anime Central.


A membership badge can only be replaced once; if it is lost a 2nd time the replacement comes at full at con pricing. You may have more than 3 panel members but additional panelists will not benefit from the discount and will need to pay full price for their memberships unless they are involved in other panels where they are listed as one of the first 3 panelists. All listed panelists for a specific panel must take part in performing the panel. Anyone not performing in the panel they are registered for will have their applied panel membership discount revoked.

If you are also an Artist participating in Artist Alley, your Artist Alley membership takes priority over your panelist membership. You will not have 2 membership badges; you will only have an Artist membership badge but your panelist discount does still apply. If a panel group was a no show at the previous year for Anime Central they will not be eligible to receive a panelist membership or host a panel for the current year.

Panelists MUST begin wrap-up a minimum of 10 minutes before the scheduled ending time. This is so they will be able to tear down and end in time for the next panel to begin. Staff will enforce this. Panels that begin more than 15 minutes late due to the late arrival of the panelists will be canceled. Anime Central Panel Programming staff must be informed in the event of an emergency or other occurrence that will prevent the panelists from conducting their scheduled panel s.

You can email us at PanelProgramming ACen.

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Anime Central retains the right to reschedule a panel to a different time or room at any time for any reason. The Panel Leader will be notified if any changes are made to their panel. It may not be possible for Anime Central staff to grant all time change requests. Time slots and room locations are given out on a first come first serve basis.