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You should date someone boring. A piece of advice that Charles Bukowski would have voted against I believe. A man who wrote the girl on the.
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Sounds like she's shy, you need to try harder to intoduce her. Don't leave her side, make her go with you. It's how I work when I go to new places, I'm horribly shy, but they just stick with me, and if I'm around them, I'm completely open and myself. OP sounds like an asshole. Some people just aren't that social. MasterOfReality71 , Jan 3, My ex had nothing interesting to say, and wouldn't stop talking.

Next girl I find will have much more to say I hope. Raidra , Jan 3, I'm not a guy hater. I do however have a deep hatred for cheaters like yourself. Not only have I been with someone like the person you're describing, I've also been that person before. They will snap out of it once they feel more comfortable with said people.

If you do an activity you know she'll particularly like where everyone else will enjoy themselves too, it will move it along faster. Learn to be a good boyfriend. You certainly have a lot of growing up to do. APKB34 , Jan 3, DoctorRocktopus , Jan 3, But I wouldn't date her if she was boring and really conceited. Everyone has different interests. If the girl is trying to have a conversation, then she's not boring. Lack of hobbies aside from - gym basic exercise , travel getting wasted abroad and going to shows getting wasted locally.

Usually it's just not asking me anything. If you never ask about me, then it's a pretty boring time because it rarely feels organic to share things about myself. Plus, it can be taxing to try and think up things to ask you, or dull just talking about everyday things.

Men are very honestly admitting the things they think make a woman boring

Also, it's totally cool if you can't think of much to say. Sometimes you just get tongue-tied or are naturally quiet. Saying that you're tongue tied or just a quiet person isn't a bad thing either! But shoot off a question or two. A fire needs a spark! A girl who agrees with everything I say, and a girl who doesn't know how to keep a conversation going. Though the last one isn't boring so much as it is mentally exhausting.

If I have to be the one to start the conversation every time, or if I'm doing all the talking and I have to drag words out of your mouth, I may tolerate it a couple of times under the pretense that you're shy or something. But eventually, I will very tired and bored, and stop talking to you. A lot of girls suffer from this, namely actual nerdy girls.

Is Sex After 60 Boring? Woman Tells Her Story: VIDEO

And when we stop talking because we got the hint that they don't want to talk, surprise surprise, it turns out they actually liked you. A woman letting a conversation die is her way of saying she isn't interested. So I guess that's a success on her half. Man, today was fun! I got to go skydiving for the first time, I felt scared yet excited. How was your week? When girls do not ask any questions, have no creativity, are slovenly and lazy.

There's certainly a certain amount of boring that one can overlook if there's chemistry but the chemistry itself would arise from them not being boring. Major ways to become boring. What's wrong with being interested in things other people are interested in? Think out the box! Stop watching the Kardashians, stop being spoon fed your music, stop doing the norm. Myself, dude friend, and a lady friend are all hanging out.

Dude mentions that some of the Yellowstone Hot Springs are extremely acidic and can melt human tissue. Lady friend immediately says, "Oh yeah! And kids play around those things! Obviously you wouldn't let your kid play around acid. Why bring it up at all? To seem more adult, mature, and responsible than others? Am I less intelligent of a person for not verbally agreeing with you?

Another occasion- driving a female coworker to a new destination, and I coast through a yellow light as it turns red.

6 Ways You Are Boring While Dating Older Women - Beyond Ages

We're both totally fine. It's the first 'dangerous' thing I've done with her in the car, and it's her first time ever driving with me. Yet she tells everyone we see at our destination that "[Daniffer] is a crazy driver, it's so scary driving with him, I'll never ride with him again. Why would you say that to people? Not only did we not wreck, we didn't even come close to wrecking! Why would you throw me under the bus like that? All the ladies we met that night agreed.

A lot of girls I meet seem to get off on 'safety', to the detriment of fun. It's gross, it's loud, it's cold, but it's a hell of a lot of fun. I was on my way back and ran into a lady friend of mine. She used the most condescending terms possible to talk about how much she hated Mirror Lake Jump night, how it was unhealthy and people got super hurt all the time, etc. I couldn't stand it and left immediately. That girl is a boring nightmare to me. She wonders why she's single, too- it's because her idea of a crazy night is wine, Ben n Jerries, and watching friends till 1AM.

If I have to always create the conversation, then it gets boring really quickly. Either we both want to know more about each other, or you want hear yourself talk about yourself and have an echo of your opinions in a deeper voice. If it's the latter, well then, looks like this ain't going nowhere. You only talk about drama, people, and gossip.

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Yawn, I'll be over there talking to somebody about a new javascript framework because there's a new one every day anyway. All you want to do is sit around and do nothing or even worse, talk about the same things over and over aka a party: Goddammit, this ain't a job application. Let's talk about stars, viruses, earth sciences, comics, crazy experiences, etc.

Even better, let's disagree about something, have a hearty discussion about each others point of view, respect each other and learn something new. This doesn't just apply to girls, bros too. Damn, if the girl can talk about science in way that my dumb-ass can understand it without being condescending, I'll love her to bits.

If you look good too, omg, double plus! When I was in eighth grade I sat at a table with three girls. One would talk to me about her nails and hair and other absolutely boring shit like that. She always semi-whispered it to me while class was going on and she would massage my hands while talking about nails. I didn't listen to a thing she said and another girl at the table brought it up; she said something like "you know, no guy is interested in that stuff". It was basically an ASMR thing for me. She could have read the phone book. Had she had an annoying voice of expected me to participate that would have been the inner circle of Hell Someone who can't carry on a semi intelligent conversation.

Someone who doesn't enjoy sex bothers me too. Constantly needing attention and having you as their only source of entertainment. Like messaging me every few hours regardless where I am e. It's like having a clingy GF. Personally, someone that takes herself too seriously, I need a girl that can is playful and can laugh at herself. Yeah, got a girl in our squad whose like this, other than drinking I cant do shit with that girl cause she doesnt do shit else.

I want to listen about problems and hobbies, not just "yes", "no", "ok". Netflix as a hobby. Just "Netflex" full stop. Not wanting to grow up or take responsibility. I adore boring people in life. The only thing which matters is how she takes care of me and sex. I have not had chemistry with anyone that I thought was boring. I don't think that I would either, but if I find I probably wouldn't be able to overlook it eventually.

A big action in my mind is if their life revolves around tv. Spending one night doing nothing and watching tv is fine but if that is your every day thing then that's no fun. I find a girl boring if it seems like she's never gone off the beaten path to explore something she's found interesting. On the same note I find it almost annoying if a girl expresses those interests, but never takes any initiative to explore them. I guess it all comes down to willingness to explore new things.

Some girls are, and I find them interesting.

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Some girls seem like they've taken a Cosmo article on how to be average as a template for their lifestyle. Ladies if you like a guy then act like you give a Damn when talking and if you don't then don't waste their time. Or if she's afraid of dirt and the outdoors. And if she never initiates a conversation about anything and gives 2 or three word responses. Being on the phone the whole time and talking about social media when you are trying to hang out. Things like talking about what people post on facebook and taking pictures of food for instagram followers.

A lack of originality. Not that she has to do or be something that never existed before, but that there's seemingly nothing about her that came from an original place within her. I'm fiercely individualistic, and know why I like the things I like, and why I do what I do. If I come across something that feels like second-handedness, I stamp it out as quickly as possible. It's an unattractive quality in anyone, and it'll kill any attraction I have for a woman in no time. I also like a sense of humor -- not just someone who can laugh at a joke, but someone who's not afraid to make wise cracks, and has a certain style about it.

Wry, witty, silly, hokey, droll, clever, whatever: I love to laugh, so bring the comedy and I'll follow you til the ends of the earth. If she doesn't do things she finds interesting. It doesn't really matter if I find it interesting because it's her life. Also, being too focused on very few things, you're boring.

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If you don't want to try something new once in a while, you're boring. Not having opinions or any intellectual curiosity whatsoever. I don't care if you're conservative, communist, or anywhere in between, but if you can't form an argument and back it up, I get bored very quickly. Also, humor is super important. Funny girls are hard to come by, but if you can make me laugh, chances are I'm going to want you around, whether it be romantically or just because you're an awesome friend.

A general lack of enthusiasm about the world around her. I went on a couple dates with this one girl, and when I mentioned my desire to go hiking in the area she said "why would you walk somewhere when you don't have to? Girls who don't read. Women who just parrot what Daddy says or something they see on Facebook.

This guy can’t stand a woman who doesn’t open up

That said a woman can be boring and still be a good girlfriend. Also do we enjoy the same stuff. Some guys might find a girl that parties all the time boring. Some guys might find a girl that doesn't party all the time boring. When she is glued to her phone. Nothing says turn off than a girl who won't stop refreshing her Instagram and sending duck faced Snapchats. It is not always necessarily tied to their looks or how they dressed.

For example, we may just automatically assume that the Paris Hilton barbie types are less interesting or boring. Or the hipster, tatoo'd girl is more interesting. Or sluttier girls or less interesting. I like the more free spirited, likes to have fun, likes to interact with people of all types. A person that has a diverse way of thinking, likes to try new things. Sometimes like to talk politics. So many women and men for that matter are like this. They don't really like doing anything, and don't want to try doing new things to see if they'll like them.

They're not at all interested in the world around them, in experiencing new things. All the entertainment they get is passive, all the joy they get is vicarious. There is an acceptable amount of boring I could overlook if there's chemistry, because I've dated people like this, but it quickly grew dull. Turns out the chemistry wasn't a self-sustaining reaction. No passion and depth in anything. You don't have to be a marathon runner, but maybe you just like to run. You don't have to be a news junkie, but being able to hold a conversation about some kind of current event works.

You don't have to be crazy cat lady, but maybe you're excited when you talk about your pet. There are some people that, to me, are dull for these reasons. Even if you don't have the same interests as me, the fact that you have interests helps a lot. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. AskMen subscribe unsubscribe , readers 9, users here now Community Rules: Read the Frequently Asked Questions and do a search before asking a question.

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Do not post pictures looking for affirmation of your appearance. Do not complain about other subs here or post to push an agenda. Do not directly link to comments in other subs. Frequently asked questions will be removed. Medical advice is not allowed on reddit. You are going to have a very hard time creating strong emotions in a woman if you appear to be completely without them. If you know exactly what someone is going to say or can easily change their mind without effort you are going to get bored of them quickly.

Older women like a challenge! If you are just a robot that follows the same patterns and can be reprogrammed with ease you are going to have a very difficult time creating interest and excitement with a woman. Confidence is sexy and interesting! A conversation is a fun and playful exchange of thoughts and ideas. If you are not adding anything new you will be about as fun to talk to as it is to play tennis with a wall maybe fun for like 2 minutes.

Movies love to show the strong, quite, and serious action start get down to business and win the girl. This works great if you are Ryan Gosling but not so much for a normal gentleman. Most women will become more interested and attracted to you if you are fun! It is also VERY hard to do. Older women are dating younger men because men their own age are sooooo serious! Giving someone your full attention is a powerful thing.

Allowing yourself to become distracted on a date with an older women is a great way to kill your chances. This is not to say that you should stare at her and wait on her hand and foot.