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BPD is no joke. The first whisper reads, "so my girlfriend has bpd, so far things are great, I'm just a bit scared as I haven't seen the other side of the ".
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Good point about the five weeks.. Need to focus on that, I can't control what frame of mind she will be with on her return, so need to just do what I can control.

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Still, it's hard to be so far from a loved one for so long. Will endeavour to join in the session tomorrow work permitting! Stay in touch and let us know how you are doing.

Every day is up and down, I know she is hurting and I wish I could take some of that away.. At the same time I know I'm the source of a lot of her pain so saying or doing too much can have a negative impact. Though I do lapse, I generally find within an hour or so I'm back reading, or browsing forums, and feel the end goal of being as understanding and supportive as possible has remained at the top of my priorities list.

I wish there was more I could do, but I also know I've put myself in this position so just hoping for the best outcome whenever that may be. I didn't make the session unfortunately, though I've spoken to a Buddhist monk and start seeing him for some one on ones in a few weeks.

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Hi Hobbit, hope you are well. Thanks for following up. Since my last post we have had some enjoyable time together, also some negative experiences. I've just left this week's psych appointment and it revealed some interesting links to my past which will be explored further.

As it stands, I've done some things well and others not so well. She has told me she doesn't love me anymore, though we have still hung out. Last night I went to her home uninvited, after she said Sunday night we shouldn't see too much of each other this week. This was very upsetting for her as she had gone to the effort of imposing boundaries and I didn't respect those, I can see why she is frustrated and angry over that. There was also a time a week ago where I was near her house in case she needed me, turns out she did need me, and was upset that I wasn't there.

I was maybe 50m from her door! As the psych pointed out today I have a barrier to communicating ASKING if it's okay to come by or if she'd like to see me then following through - I think this is because I'm afraid of the situation where she says no, then lashes out later on because she still expected me to be there. It's confusing, I won't lie. And I know she doesn't always know exactly what she wants, so I have no hope. As of this morning she doesn't want to talk to or see me ever again, she has had enough.

Right now I'm sitting in the car park of my psych, and not sure if I should go to see her to show I care about how she is feeling clearly very upset, frustrated and disappointed , or if I should go home and respect her boundaries. I think I'll sit here a while and think, and ask her if I can see her and just respect her answer - I'll deal with any backlash if and when it happens, I can only control my actions right now.

When people pull away for any reason, that part of our illness goes into overdrive and this is where the disorder may get its bad name. To understand why our reactions can be so adverse, our partner needs to understand that because of our illness, we think differently in some ways to others.

This is not helpful and certainly not an easy quality to deal with in someone you share your life with, but the key to it working is understanding why the person does the things they do so you can work together to help them. In my somewhat limited but quite eventful 26 years of experience, as a person with BPD, the way to make it work with that person is always communication.


17 People Reveal Their Experiences Dating Someone Who Has Borderline Personality Disorder

But if you learn about the illness, its symptoms and discuss with your partner, you will be able to find healthy ways of dealing with them and I promise you it will be worth it. She ended up hooking up with some other dude I knew she would and then asked if I wanted to be in a long term relationship with her. Never saw that delusional bitch again. It's bad, I am full on stuck in her devaluing stage and don't think I'm getting out, and probably just going to leave at this point. Started out damn near worshipping me and giving me crazy sex, and slowly morphed into anger and everything I say will set her off.

But the bitch won't leave for some reason. How does that even register as normal adult behavior. Spawn of the devil I swear. There's a thread like this every week on this forum. I don't know if its the IG attention or what, but every model or hot woman I know has Borderline behaviors. The way to heal from it is to go No Contact on her, and no dating, no texitng for a minimum of 3 months, better if it's 6.

I've sponsored people who have been in relationships with Borderlines and Narcissists. You need to work on yourself because water seeks its own level. If you don't improve yourself, you'll end up dating a similar type of woman.

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I know success stories where people stopped dating toxic men and Borderlines, and are now happy and healthy marriages with the 12 steps and a lot of reading about love addiction. Oh boy they are challenging. If you really love her, tell her DBT therapy or you are leaving. Yes she was hot and yes that's why I've stayed so long. Also yes lazy lol. I just think its interesting that you see this posted on here so often, maybe we attract them more or maybe that's what we're into.

Final bump for stories. One I know constantly posts selfies on Instagram, has a high sex drive, and hooks guys in with her looks and sex. Then her bitchy mood comes out and he can't do anything right. If he isn't blowing up her phone with texts, she tells him that there are hundreds of guys willing to take his spot. Then she starts to flirt with other men while he's watching.

After awhile the guy can't take it anymore and he bails. Then she posts on social media that all men are cheating scumbags Rinse and repeat 20 times and you see why she's still alone.

Distorted Borderline Perceptions and Damaging Patterns

She probably doesn't wanna be alone either I assume. I dated this girl for about 2 years, she would cry, if I ignored her she would scream and freak out. I literally had to hold back laughter most of the time, all because I wouldn't hug her or something. She is a drughie now. Just start smashing chicks and don't look back.

Here’s what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone with Borderline Personality Disorder

Another chick I dated also got sent away to a mental hospital for a few months lmao. Lol been there with a long term ex. I was young and stupid and somehow thought underneath it all she was a great person.