21 magical dating ideas

May 2, Consult our expert list of bond-boosting dates he'll actually be down 1 of image. Sing It. Go to a bar on karaoke night and grab two seats.
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Alternatively, just taking a trip to nowhere may also be an interesting exploration idea. Get on a random bus or take the MRT to a stop that you've never been to before and just get out and explore. Put on your weirdest Japanese looking hat and accent. Ask Singaporeans for directions and exclaim "HAI!

Or follow Jensen and go on one of those open top bus city tours! Also check out our Ting Tong Belles review. The TSL team checked out a good amount of theatre shows last year and came to the conclusion that th e Singapore Arts scene is pretty damn good. Skip the movie date. Instead, go see a real live play or musical. Laura loved the Pangdemonium shows last season and their new season starts next month on the 13th of February with Fat Pig!

Take this opportunity to really get to know your partner. Or discover something you never knew about them. Asking them what their favourite colour is doesn't count. Picnics leave a lasting impression because of the fun they bring, be it the preparation, the food, or the time spent together. You can always decide how you want to show your form of affection through the food that you make: Not forgetting that you two can feed each other sandwiches made of love for the picnic.

Just grab your baskets, food, and get ready to go! While flying a kite might seem challenging, it is a good activity to help both of you work together and also get a little closer - remember the time when both of you managed to get a kite up in the sky? Perhaps it could be an indication of what a great team you guys would make in the future.


22 Magical Dating Ideas for Singaporean couples - TheSmartLocal

Go on a crazy hiking trip together, teach her how to ice skate, go rock climbing or teach him how to crochet. Instead of treating video games as your evil nemesis, girls, try to take an interest in your boyfriend's video game. Sit down and join him. Take some time to see if you can take maybe half an hour off to enjoy something about the game he enjoys so much.

41 Magical Date Ideas In Houston According To Your Zodiac Sign

Gaming might even help you too get along even better - imagine forming an impenetrable team fighting the undead in L4D2. At least he knows you have his back in the next zombie apocalypse. Here are some game ideas for interested couples set on kick starting couple gaming. From Averlynn's baking flash sale.

22 Magical Dating Ideas for Singaporean couples

Wreck your brains making something that both of you can enjoy afterwards. Some of my favourites would be Chocolate coated Strawberries, not only are they easy to make, they're delicious too. If you don't know how to bake, sign up together for one of the popular baking classes in Singapore! Someone's kitchen or if you're too lazy to bake a cake but want to decorate one, The Icing Room is the place for you.

Cycling from East coast park to Changi beach may be a long shot for some, but those who are up for the challenge together will enjoy this. Head over to Changi Village for food before the cycle back. Just follow the straight road and signs all the way to Changi Beach Park. The more experienced can try the cycling route at Pulau Ubin that leads to nature haven Chek Jawa.

Spend time pampering your loved one by helping him or her get an entire wardrobe makeover for the day.

Buy them a full outfit and make them look like a star. Not only can you sneakily hint to your partner what kinds of clothes you like them to wear, you can also get them an outfit that they will wear next time when they're out with you! If you're man enough for it, you can even serenade her. There is nothing more beautiful than pure sincerity and passion. K Suites gets crazy high reviews from our members so try that. From Jensen's Wooldlands waterfront park photo journal. The view of the beach is especially stunning because of the soft sand that is set against the calm waters which might make the scene romantic, therapeutic even.

While this may burst the budget for some, having a meal in a restaurant overlooking the city maybe somewhat more adventurous and romantic than the usual date. Extravagant, but the view from the top is always is more beautiful. Equinox , One Altitude. Even though this isn't about death, spending time in the place that we have come from, nature, may be an appealing option to some. It might actually be pretty romantic to sit amongst the greenery and enjoy the lush, green landscape in front of you.

There's something magical about eating in complete darkness. But it will give you will a much bigger appreciation for food and your dining companion during that moment. Cancer is the caretaker of the zodiac , says Tarot. But Moon children also want to be on the receiving end of that TLC they give to others. The guys also get top billing here with a specially designed suite of services including sports massages, seasonal scrubs, manly facials, back treatments, and manly manicures and pedicures.

Or, you both can get a Couples Massage. Dip your toes in the water before sidling up to a little seafood joint or burger bar. Gift yourself — and your S. It checks all the boxes. Leo expects the royal treatment every day of the year , according to Tarot. So, go big or go home with your special Lion. If your date is a Broadway-loving babe , then a night at the Hobby Center will probably fit the bill.

All the most talked-about touring productions are here. A ctions speak louder than words with Virgo , says Tarot. And, low-key is often the key for high-strung Virgos, so they can just chill out and relax without trying to have forced fun. This tranquil urban garden is almost too good to be true with lush nature at every turn coupled with waterfalls, bridges, and stone paths.

Juice shots, that is.

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Because NetflixAndChill is best served with cookies and ice cream. Libra is looking for a lover that embodies style and sophistication , says Tarot. The rooftop lounge of Oxbow7 restaurant is perched 23 stories up. The food is on point, too, to go along with the sophisticated vibe.

Houston date ideas for every zodiac sign.

The glass tree house dining room overlooks Buffalo Bayou Park, creating a magical setting for weekend date. Scorpio doesn't mess around when it comes to love and if you're planning a date with this sign, propose a place that is conducive to deep convos and thought-provoking things, says Tarot.

After all, this sign likes to analytically explore stuff. The place to see quirky performances , weird comedies, and offbeat-but-cool shows, the Rec Room will always be unexpected — and totally worth a night out. But, if you can get past the play on letters, this trippy-kitschy bar-art-music-poetry-chess venue yes, all of it will certainly take you on a weird adventure. They even have a spooky pictures-with-Santa vignette right now. Sagittarians are hopeless animal lovers , confirms Tarot. So, anything with furry friends will be a win for the Archer. This is just the right cup of joe.

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You could possibly leave with a new four-legged member of the family. Definitely feed the Masai giraffe family, though. Dating is serious business to Capricorn , says Tarot. But, it speaks to their ambition to be successful. The urban greenspace is pretty magical in its own right , what with canopies of trees, lush landscaping, Kinder Lake, art installations, and more. But, it turns into a winter wonderland with the pop-up ice rink that will have you and bae gliding right into Funfetti Fridays feature a DJ spinning while you skate.

Yes, you heard that right. You might find your Aquarius to be short on sentimentality , says Tarot. And, the nerdier the better in many cases. The place was even named after Nobel prize-winning physicist Niels Bohr. This place serves a forum for dynamic conversations on a diverse range of psychological, artistic, and spiritual topics. They have more than classes a year think Film and Psychoanalysis, Laughter Yoga, Origami, and more.

Pisces and romance go together like strawberries and cream , confirms Tarot. Naturally, the Fish is a water sign, so anything that involves the waves is going to be a good bet, too. Paris is always a good idea.

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