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Feb 14, Arab Americans' views on dating are somewhat different from those of the American They'd see it as leaving the culture,” he said. The
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Hussein said his parents would not mind if he had a girlfriend, but they would not permit his sister to date. Religion treats boys and girls the same. He added that communication within the family about premarital romantic relationships is the best way to avoid undesirable outcomes, such as psychological problems. Moe said he would allow his children, boys and girls, to date. When it comes to the girl, maybe I would like her boyfriend to come to my house first.

Moe noted that when it comes to dating, stricter standards are applied to girls in most families, where young women are more restricted than men. However, Zeinab added that her mother still implemented limitations on her relationship. Zeinab said her mother would not have set the same restrictions if she were a boy.

Dating: Does it break the rules?

If I want to have sex, my mother would kill me. Despite complaining about the way girls are treated in the community, Zeinab said she would not treat her children equally. They receive praise for feminine traits. Children do not leave home until they marry. Often one son will live at home after marriage, to care for his parents' needs. Respect for older individuals is another value that can be traced to the Koran. Consequently, they are consulted on all matters, even though their advice may not be followed.

There is still a tradition of family business, so fathers and sons sit together to discuss everything related to work and the household. The healthcare support system is weak, so young women rely on their mothers and grandmothers during childbirth and in the childcare that follows. Education is valued, and there is a commitment to improve education. People are proud of their qualifications. When you meet parents, they will name drop about the schools and colleges their children attend, boasting about their accomplishments and expecting you to show you're impressed. Whenever possible, the poor send their children to school, struggling to keep them in education and scrimping to pay for private tuition in the hope that they will attain school certificates or even university degrees.

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You should realize that for these families reading and writing is an achievement. In the Arab world, privacy is another cultural value, which stems back to the Koran. People do not discuss their concerns outside the family.

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  • If a person talks disparagingly about a relative or speaks of private affairs to an outsider, he is frowned upon. Privacy extends into the way homes are built. There are parts designated to visitors and areas where guests are never invited to venture. Often the house's construction allows female guests to meet wives and daughters in their apartments. Men will entertain friends in the salon, or in their own section of the house. If the home is small, they time meetings so that visitors do not have to see family members with whom they have no business.

    Alternatively, appointments are arranged outside. Everyone has heard of Arabic generosity and hospitality.

    Arab Culture Values

    When traveling anywhere in the Arab world, it is a matter of honor that you receive a warm welcome. To maintain good relations be aware of the correct behavior. He never causes around me. And yes he love to spend a lot of time with his friends and family. He rarely is a mad person. He is overprotective but rarely showed it. I was searching for the perfect gift to get him but I have end up here on this site so I decided to leave this comment. Less talk close your legs more offen and just let love be. The problem for a western woman would be entering a relationship or marriage, moving to Saudi Arabia only to become property of your husband, unable to drive a car, or even travel without his approval.

    I don't know Arab cultures but I am in an intercultral relationaship. No denying that Middle-Eastern men have a lousy reputation especially on how they treat women. Of course they are good guys too.

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    Don't go after the gigolos, no sex until you have met each others parents and some friends too. Maybe you will have to wait until marriage. Read about family life in Arab countries, expectations of spouses and such. Ask New Question Sign In. Quora uses cookies to improve your experience. What Should western women be aware of when dating Arab men?


    From my experience there are a lot of bad Arab guys and a lot of good ones , so don't go generalizing , if you do find one , you'll have to prepare for the following: He is over protective of you , and won't hesitate to punch someone who either disrespects you or tries to pick you up He is over gentlemanly , like he will always open doors for you , bring you flowers , he won't let you pay when you go out it's actually funny because Most Arab men think it's the manly thing to do , and if they don't do it they are not manly enough , and unfortunately some girls use that to their advantage He might be conservative , in which case he will be more inclined to tell you to wear more modest clothing and not look at other guys or talk to other guys alot.

    Depending on his mentality , to tell you the truth I've noticed two types of mentalities and this is also generalizing but it's putting things in perspective: What do American women think of Arab men? Do Arab men prefer skinny women or curvy women?

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