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Andesite megaliths in Puma Punku, will be evaluated by beryllium cosmogenic dating to determine the prehistory date when the stone was quarried and machined. This project will be carried out to support the work of Brien Foerster, of Cusco Peru, who has been involved in the.
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In assembling the walls of Puma punku, each stone was finely cut to interlock with the surrounding stones and the blocks fit together like a puzzle, forming load-bearing joints without the use of mortar.

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  • Enduring Mystery Surrounds the Ancient Site of Puma Punku.

One common engineering technique involves cutting the top of the lower stone at a certain angle, and placing another stone on top of it which was cut at the same angle. The precision with which these angles have been utilized to create flush joints is indicative of a highly sophisticated knowledge of stone-cutting and a thorough understanding of descriptive geometry.

Many of the joints are so precise that not even a razor blade will fit between the stones. Much of the masonry is characterized by accurately cut rectilinear blocks of such uniformity that they could be interchanged for one another while maintaining a level surface and even joints. Some of the stones are in an unfinished state, showing some of the techniques used to shape them. They were initially pounded by stone hammers—which can still be found in numbers on local andesite quarries—, creating depressions, and then slowly ground and polished with flat stones and sand.

The stones are of mammoth proportion. The largest of these blocks is Due to their size, the method by which they were transported to Puma punku has been another topic of interest since the temple's discovery. Chemical analysis reveal the red sandstone blocks were transported up a steep incline from a quarry near Lake Titicaca roughly 10 kilometers away. The smaller andesite blocks that were used for stone facing and carvings came from quarries within the Copacabana Peninsula about 90 kilometers away from across Lake Titicaca.

An example of high-precision small holes. Based on circumstantial evidences, it can be argued that Puma punku was never built by the Tiwanaku, but by a civilization that was more advanced. Perhaps the carbon dating results were wrong due to contamination of the samples, or that Puma punku was built by another civilization that came across the ocean, built the complex and left.

The complex is in complete ruins today with huge blocks of granite lying around on top of each other. The site appears to have been destroyed by an earthquake, perhaps accompanied by a tidal wave from Lake Titicaca. This block seems to get the most attention, as there is a perfect groove with identically spaced precision-cut 6mm holes drilled along the cut. More drill holes in what was once a lintel, with extraordinary detail that is just still visible. Ancient Aliens is a thoroughly embarrassing problem asserting this to be surely the work of ancient astronauts.

I'd rather go with Graham Hancocks ideas of an antedelluvian civilization. Thee is much evidemce aod a lost technological civilization. I see nothing flawwe about the 17, Any artifacts from remote antiquity would be gone. I wouldnt dismiss the bowl either. Its fine if you want live in a simplified ordered world devoid of deliberation. I can understand that. But please dont jump around dismissing ideas even if the morons at Ancient aliens are ruining alternative theory discussion.

Well done and thank goodness there are some real scientists out there that dont attribute every single great human achievement to aliens. That show makes me want to pull all my teeth out. I feel your opinions offer no real insight on any-thing and are just as dumb as that show on aliens. Give me solid proof or shut-up! HaHa, I totally agree. That at least our showing the world an Intresting poupori of uncanny places that where once non-existent too the layman.

Thanks for this post. We've been doing some debunking this season as well on TheWondersExpedition. Mark Van Stone, who they had on the first two shows about and the Maya as a certified Mayanist. They took snippets of his actual scholarly testimony and then overwhelmed it with nonsense from Giorgio and Van Daniken. It's amazing and sad how these AAT guys have basically prostituted their potential to be taken seriously by making the claims they make on Ancient Aliens clearly to make a buck or two. It was a hoot when David Childress tried to show a square cut and couldn't.

I wish he didn't sound so much like an unintelligent Bill Clinton. My hope and prayer is that this will be the last season for the show. Having dropped it from the main History Channel over to H2, with half as many viewers, seems to suggest it's death knell. What's just as disturbing about this is that networks that one would assume, by the very nature of their name, would be want to maintain some integrity in what they air, clearly are out to entertain more than they are to actually educate their audiences about actual history.

Let's continue to compare notes. There's no telling what they'll say next. It's amazing how there being no trees at 12, feet blows away the theory that trees were used as rollers but the same lack of any actual evidence of ET involvement in the construction of anything on earth doesn't do the same thing I'm going to have to agree with the ancient alien theory, seeing as our earth exists in the vacuum of space, no life forms can form spontaneously from a vacuum, particularly from chaos, and that means we had to all have come from somewhere, and I'm thinking that makes us ALL aliens.

I completely agree with you. What the fuck does that inbred cocksucker know anyway other than knowing that moonshine gets him drunk and rots his teeth out. His father should have never raped his sister, now we have him here that's even more worthless than Chris White.. LMFAO fuckball that was fantastic. Bottom line is that we are very small. If all knowledge in the universe was an iceberg, we possess half of a snowflake that blew off the top. How were the h-blocks moved? If there are no trees in the immediate area then what is the closest place they could have acquired enough trees?

How many tree logs needed? How far did they travel to get the logs? If they were not moved with the help of trees then how did they? What type of work force would be needed? What obstacles in terrain would pose challenges and how would they circumvent? The largest block at Puma Punku weighs tons metric tons , and the others are much lighter the next heaviest is only 85 metric tons. Many scientists believe they were moved either by a large number of people pushing together, or dragging them with llama-skin ropes. Given that there are plausible earth-bound explanations, the extraterrestrial hypothesis cannot be considered the most probable.

What I fail to understand is how you can move from "I don't understand this" to "therefore aliens did it. Besides, since we "know" from the Gate of the Sun at nearby Tiwanaku that they had wooly mammoths as pets, they probably just used them to drag the rocks!

Note to humor impaired: The preceding paragraph is a joke. Stack two upon each other and line up all the rough cut logs you want on a rough dirt path, kill a few thousand llamas, skin them and tie their hides onto the nose gear, then keep adding person after person, pulling with all their strength, uphill or down, and get those aircraft to move an inch. It ain't happenin' man. I get such a charge out of the "log o motion" theory. We went to the moon and back in vehicles propelled by chemical thrust using toggle switches on the dashboard and we left evidence of our visit there as well.

Why is it so difficult for some to assume that we have had visitors? Time isn't relative to anything in the universe because time has existed forever. For humans to assume that we are the only beings capable of space travel is the height of arrogance. And those who demean people who do believe in advanced visitors are themselves foolishly ignoring the night sky right before their eyes.

Every star that you see has a solar system with a possible living planet in orbit. Now with the advent of the Hubble telescope, those realizations are even greater. Yet here we are talking of logs and llama skins! I am entertained by the myopia! As a contractor, surely you understand the power of levers. Once the rock has been lifted and put into motion, it's simple physics. Not to bring up a silly show like SyFy's Fact or Faked, but they did an episode using levers that moved multi-ton rocks and showed how a single person could move many tons by him or herself with the power of physics.

You're assuming that they're simply pulling dead weight, so with all due respect you are the one lacking in imagination. You made the case against your own point of view in your comments. We went to the moon and left trash and evidence everywhere. The "aliens" came and left behind nothing, not even a screw or a drinking-mug, of demonstrably extraterrestrial origin. Ok, couple of things One, that wasn't humor for the humor impaired. That was scarcasim at best and at worst mockery.

Second, I agree with another commentor that you are far too dismissive. Granted, some of it with good reason. I can't believe they actually aired the guy using the square on the block that was obviously not even close to precise all while claiming the rocks are cut to percision we can't even accomplish today. Which brings me to my second "thing".

Dude, it's a f'ing show! I doublt most of those people actually believe what they're saying with any sincerity. Think about it, if they didn't act like they believed it possible it wouldn't make for a very good show. And it is an interesting show. They do at least make you question some things. I think if we're being honest here, there's come really crazy weird stuff out there that nobody has conclusivly proven. They've just got a belief that pretty far fectched.

Some things are actually really compelling. The idea of some sort of intervention in human evolution is compelling. I don't know if it was aliens. For them it's like religon, it's what they choose to believe. I don't buy into most of their crap because I know they're just hoping to have a job for another season. But the evolution thing you have to wonder how if evolution is supposed to require an enormous amount of time involved and VERY gradual mutation how in the F did we go from Hominids, little ape like creatures, to thinking and reasoning human beings in an evolutionary blink of the eye?

There just wasn't enough time between the two for simple natural selection to account for the monumental leap. It's far more plausable that someone, something, some race, or some entitie intervened. Otherwise there's just no logic to it. It just doesn't hold water. And by the way, I'm not into religion but don't really rule out creation either. Something in my opinion happned to come that far that fast and Darwin's theory doesn't cut it. Your article here reads like someone who thinks they're way smarter than they are and feels they deserve credit for also noticing there are some major flaws in the ideas proposed on the show.

Duh, again, Dude, it's just a f'ing show, get over yourself! The trouble is that it's not "just" a show. Millions of Americans claim to believe in the ancient astronaut theory, and the U. Congress asked whether "Ancient Aliens" was telling the truth at a recent hearing, the transcript of which you can find in my government documents section.

Congress doesn't hold hearings on whether the "Real Housewives" are telling the truth. Why would ancient man go through all this extensive labor when they clearly didn't have the means or needs to build 'Puma-Punkhu' easily.. Darwinian mathematics indicates that this construction leap is evidence- That A New element was added abruptly into that Bolivian eco-system. Is it true or a lie that the the,stones at pumu punku are made of sandstone and not granite?

The old saying ,"there is nothing new under the sun. I do not believe that just because we do not understand how something was accomplished we should automatically credit an alien visitation. I believe that us humans are suffering from amnesia. There is a vast array of knowledge and technology and time that has been stripped away from what we consider to be our history. Something happened that has forever erased the distant past. The earth is how old? The possibility that life has cycled from dull micro organisms to super intelligent beings and back again many times is not that hard to conceptualize.

I have been a concrete cutter by trade for about 15 years.

The Mystery of Puma Punku’s Precise Stonework

I have used diamond blades as large as 72" in diameter. I have core drilled holes as large as 48" in diameter using a single bit. I have cut bridges down and cut apart dams. When I see the stones at puma puku I am in awe and wonder how those were done. There is no way the precision of the inside cuts could have been made using a hammer and a chisel.

I understand that stones can be used to smooth and polish larger stones but there is no way that you can make a stone, that is 10 meters in length and width, with compound cuts and angles, and a sharp edge, without tools more advanced than a hammer and a rock. Something is definitely puzzling. I think or ancestors were whole lot smarter than e give them credit and I believe that certain artifacts and historical sites are a whole lot older.

We can barely make heads or tales of Egyptian sites and the Sumerian culture is a faint speck in our memory bank. When considering plausible culture only the last 15, years are considered.

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It seems like that it's ok for you to assume and have theories about how people carried those huge boulders, but it's not ok for other people. So you've worked projects like dams and bridges of that size yet you say, and I quote "I'm no contractor. Jason you say alot of things without leaving any physical evidence to back it.

You might as well be on the show.. And also, has no one ever tried to go ahead and just reproduce pumapunku? It's not that big and wouldn't take long. Oh yeah, it would be a waste of time and energy right? So what in the hell did they waste all that time and energy for? And what were the amount of people it would have taken eating. The lamas they were skinning for rope? Shut up about it.

Let it be a mystery. Never mind draging large stones great distances. Vieritcal liftis the issue. We've all seen the three dimensional curved joints. Even if you go with ok enough people with levers logs and ropes could get it there. How do you lift mark drop cut lift and place. Even if you could carve with that accuracy which you cant I say you could nt get a block like that more than 4 inchs of the ground. What is interesting is this: Silence was crucial in maintaining communication between those monitoring the ropes and pulleys at the top of the tower and those on the ground operating the capstans.

The signal to be[g]in turning was given by a trumpet; the signal to stop was given by a bell. Nevertheless, it sounds as if trumpets were used to move stones, just not the way AATs imagine. Name one such scientist. You're probably thinking of Arthur Posnansky, who, as I explained, dated Tiwanaku using incorrect criteria back in the s, before radiocarbon dating and other modern methodologies. Not one scientist dated it past 12k years. Also, ignoring all other nonsense, use mathmatics. What are the odds of us being found in this quadrant, let alone in this galaxy given the VAST number of stars and their equally VAST number of orbiting bodies?

I will give you a hint. Its a BIG fucking number. Anything that was done on this planet was done by US. We have been relatively advanced in the past and fallen or been knocked back, several times. No little green men came and built us some nice art work and left you nincompoop. LOL, actually I got a kick out of what you said but most for it's arrogance. But since the chances are there wasn't intelligent life that close we're more than likely talking about a civilization from another solar system. Think about that for a second.

Without faster than light speed that's So that assumes they either figured out a way to go really really really fast without hitting a wayward speck of dust or some sort of worm hole type shit. Considering that as a possiblity wouldn't also be a reasonable possiblity that they'd be able to determine if there was either intelligent life here OR the likelyhood? I have to say, you're comment read like the authors article. My biggest in was when you called the gey you were commeting to a nincompoop. My opinion about the show, it's a just a show. It's kind of like the reality shows, they cator to the, well, let's just say they're not expecting MENSA member to be sitting on the edge of their seats.

It's just a show and though most of their stuff it's obviously laughable some things they propose do make you think. At least they make me think "well, that's a clearly unanswered mystery they're propsing a possiblity to". I don't just blindly dismiss everything about they're movement. I'm guessing that at least for the purpose of the show much of that stuff is just fluff to flill a season and even they don't believe it. Please let us assume for a moment that humans possesed the technology to carve with such precision etc.

Then this manifestation in one single place so high? Today we have technology and it manifests in almost every home in one form or other. Most house desgn similar, tvs, electronics etc. So why it didnt in ancient time? You need to start by proving the carving is "precise. It was probably Ningishidda who designed and built the pyramids as beacons for their spacecraft directing them to the landing site in Baalbeck Lebanon on top of which the Romans built theier temple to Jupiter.

At the time of the exile from Egypt Enki's Ptah;s son Marduk was given supremacy in the near east, and Thoth went to mesoamerica and appeared as the Mayan god Viracocha and later as the Aztec god Quetzecoatl. The same god as in early Sumer and Egypt but with diferrent names, and was capable of performing magic and miracles including ressurecting the dead Horus and Osiris. The Enlilite gods Ninurta and Nergal were responsible for. The poisonous cloud rifting through Sumer and killing the population and making it barren and uninhabitable for seven years, This event was around BC.

The gods went home. Read a bit too much Sitchin I take it? You know there is no evidence for any of that beyond Sitchin's fanciful translations, right?

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The lama skin ropes or the aliens with anti gravity technology,none of this makes conventional sense to our modern day mind all we can hope to do is speculate and investigate without our Ego jumping in and grabbing the wheels of our argument, either way we don't know. We should enjoy exploring with the most open of minds. The chicken and egg question alone shows us the wonderment and mystery of existence as does the we were formed from a warm puddle of particles that assembled just right check those odds.

This page is a good read though. Could I please ask the writer to quanitify what he thinks are the most unusual facts of this site and it's construction? Jason, when you simply dismiss the idea that something incredible and unexplainable took place during the construction of Puma Punku Tiwanaku whatever, you sound just as diluted as the most far out ancient alien theorist.

Just because some of the AAT ideas are really far out there doesn't mean they all are. We humans have no rock solid proof as to where we came from - all we can do is either have blind faith in ancient religious doctrine that's been translated into languages that don't really translate multiple times, or we can speculate If you do not believe in evolution or the scientific method in general, there isn't much point in having a conversation since we will not share anything resembling a standard of proof.

Your'e putting words in my mouth. You can have belief in the scientific method without believing science has all the answers. There are holes in the theory of evolution for which there is no proof. For instance; the missing link. Brien Foerster currently has a campaign to date Puma Punku with a better method - cosmogenic analysis.

The only stolen things are the samples taken from Puma Punku without permission of the Bolivian government. Foerster's research partner posted this update on the indiegogo paged used to solicit funds for their nefarious activities: David Swenson posted an announcement 17 days ago It is with some sadness and some anger that the PRIME lab at Purdue informed me that they do not do samples like ours. I felt like I was talking to Jay Carney Presidential spokesman in that none of the answers I got rang true.

After 6 months of discussion and leading me on, they pulled the plug. You know, scientists need to grow a pair! Fear of hurting their reputation for shaking up the established paradigm is no way to live. I suspect Swenson is being more than a little disingenuous here. Legitimate labs don't like handling samples that come from abroad sans permit.

Jonathan you make a very good point. I commented above and wasn't able to say it as well as you did. I'm referring of course to the point that just because some of the AAT ideas are off the wall, some VERY off, doesn't mean all of it is not should it just be so blindly dismissed and outright ridiculed. And Jason's reply about well, "if you don't believe in The theory of evolution has a huge flaw. It works really well until you demand proof. Like for example, where are the fosils of giraffes with short necks?

They haven't found any. How if it took X amount of time to evolve pond scum into ape like upright walking prehumans how in the hell did they go from that to us is such a short amount of time? It would be like a very gradual upward line on a graph for millions of years and then all of a sudden the line when straigh up the distance to the moon without moving forward much at all. It just doesn't add up.

I have no problem with the scientific method but there are way too many crazy weird things that science just doesn't come close to explaining. The truth is we don't know what happened or even when. We like to think we know how old things are based on carbon dating and other scientific methods but they're still pretty darn vague. Barely in some cases better than speculation. I think much of what's on the show is crap and they know it. To come across as vastly intelligent because you picked up on that and went so far as to dedicate so much time to it Because you don't know and science and evolution doesn't either.

Who's to say they're not right about some things? I'm guessing you'll answer that you are the one to say it. Go ahead and ban me if you like. I probably won't reply to anything else you say even if I do come back here. I found the show interenting and filled, not with facts, but with the thoughts shared as possibilies. I am well aware that many ancient peoples were more far advanced than most modern beings give them credit for.

We need your help!

The questions remain just what "tool" did in fact cut these stones into the forms we have found. I venture to say in the future we will discover more of the ancient tools that made this possible. I really do look forward to "first contact" as I am sure many others do as well. This show was not about past contact,only the ideals suggesting it might have been possible. It is just as possible that tomorrow we find a cure for all cancers. The speculation is WE are the ancient alien bloodline on this planet and that is known, in particular by the ruling elite.

As for Puma Punku, my lay opinion is that it was constructed solely by and for the ET visitors probably K years ago. I think the pyramid at Akapana was the landing base and the "courtyard" on the pyramid was where the craft locked in or cradled the energy source of the craft while docked - kind of like a JiffyLube station. My theory is this location was selected many thousands of years as a base site by the extraterrestrial visitors for its altitude, remoteness and lack of human population. Perhaps there was rare earth minerals they were in need of as we humans are now or it was just a base - probably took them two minutes to get from there to Egypt or Turkey or India or Cambodia.

If and when the visitors introduced the very early human primitives to the area it was probably for manual labor. A culture, regardless of its age, has left clues as to its societal place in the world - Puma Punku presents none of that. I think Tihuanaco was developed many years, perhaps thousands, after the construction of Puma Punku. Therein comes the evidence for human existence and the worship of the "gods" as indicated by the carvings and material use - a more crude and simplistic style of construction.

Brien Foerster presents some documents from early explorers who were told by the natives from their oral histories these monolithic structures were built by the giants from a long distant past - not their ancestors. What's the height of the average Aymara - maybe 5 feet on a good day? It is wondrous and awesome to speculate but to revert back to wherein our ancient history is derived - I look to myself. I don't come from monkey blood and cannot be cloned. I am a universal blood donor but can only accept the blood of "my kind".

At fifteen I had to have my reptilian tale removed but that's another story So, as most skeptics and debunkers go If it warranted the time investment, it would be quite simple to deconstruct your tepid little commentary to shreds but truly, it would not be worth it. Poor little monkey child, why do you so fiercely defend the indefensible? What truth are you afraid of? It is clear that at least one o negative you has suffered from de-evolution taking your intellect further back than than a retarded chimpanzee. You are not unique, you and the hundreds of rejects who cannot comprehend how pathetic you prove yourselves to be are a dime a dozen.

You have a cheap mind. I would rather walk around with shit smearing between my ass cheeks all day than wipe my ass with your useless brain as i believe it to be a sickening and worthless piece of slime. You WILL go right now to the closest dog park and eat hot wet dog turds off the ground until you are horrible ill.

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You worship tourist who are just selling tours speeches shows and books. They dont specialise in and particular area, they just rove around thinking theyre geniuses who have outsmarted every scientist on earth. They say theyre new age but its stone age level thinking all over again. Why don't you shit bags line up and one after another run head first into a stone wall "star gate" and hope that it opens up for you. Id fucking love to see you homaphrodites splattered all over that lame carved box. I would shit on your corpses happily.

Re-Dating Puma Punku And Tiwanaku With Geologist Dr. Robert Schoch

Well Suzie Q since you buy into nonsense with little to no resistance, lets clarify a some bullshit that you typed: I would never be your buddy. Im picturing a big red haired thing with intense varocose veins and kankles. Not sure why your bragging about being o neg blood type. Its been prooven to be a cellular mutation from inbreeding tens of thousands of years ago. It clearly makes you feel special to have a blood type which you share with millions and millions of other people including crack heads bimbos scientists petophiles fire fighters personal assistants and toilet cleaners alike.

People from all walks of life. Dont get all your thoughts from 'before its news' turd brain. Also the tail thing? I nearly vometted when i read what a disgusting inbred you are. Explains the pathetic way in which you try to act great but what great thing have you ever done with your spectacular blood oh great loser?

Dont ever comment trying to brag at other peoples expense and then try to get sympathy for being old. As for saying your harmless, i would ground and pound your ass regardless of being a woman so thats not a concern. As you stated, you were born after alleged flybys so you certainly didnt see them.

No you are not offspring of alien. Id say more like your just not happy with who you are so you cling to ideas that change your life as much as possible. A long way to go before your anything but fucked in the head though. I also thing your a racist scumbag. Do you live in a trailer? I know you do trash bag. Native people made all those monuments and it makes you angry, because they had get up n go and you dont, so you are on the aat band wagon. Well more like chasing behind it while the rich conmen and mentally ill drivers laugh at you from the wagon.

You didnt need to type out the basic ancient aliens tv show theory in your own words wellll sorta theyre words actually. I already know what they claim. Kinda looked like you were trying to say its your theory, but Its clear your not original since your just re-farting out all the same ol psudoscience claims as they come to you direct from youtube mockos and crackbaby websites.

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Science is not easy. It is very very difficult to say the least. A long slow hard road. Made longer harder and slower by conspiracy theorists who cover up scientific facts to peddle theyre wares. Real science is how we advance! In every aspect of life. Anyone whos every watched a tv, needed medicine, enjoyed driving a fine automobile even an old dumpy one , had a loved ones life extended by medical procedures, or even had the pleasure of using any quality of life enhancing technology, you owe respect to real science and real scientist.

Scientists should have fans like you. Start by reading reliable scientists works and chat with them. Take care and have a good day Suzie Q. On that night, on our way home, we " my wife - three children and myself" ended up in the middle of the road with a triangle shaped UFO hovering 50 feet over head, the ordeal lasted several minutes, I know of no aircraft at that time. Or even now that could perform what it did, completely silent no noise at alI, since then I have been haunted everyday and everynight trying to figure out what we witnessed. While some of it may seem to be far fetched conjecture, much of it has merit.

I do not believe our ancestors dreamed up all the myths including the gods and their weapons, or wasted countless hours carving useless doodolings out of solid rock depicting strange figures, whether it be a humanoid in an apparent suit, or objects flying through the air etc. I have seen with my own two eyes, something that I would have told everyone was impossible 30 years ago even still today!

And as for anceint rock carving or transporting, I have yet to see anyone accomplish such a feat in modern times using modern tools, and I am sure there are those that would try at any cost, to prove this wrong,,, " if they could"!! Now after many years, AAT has shown me that my mushroom induced vision was true.

From what I have read from these debunkers, they really offer no great evidence to debunk what is shown as possibilities by AA. I am in the architectural industry, dealing directly with materials. I have seen first hand what the environment can do to natural materials when exposed to the elements, over a short period of time.

Cosmogenic Dating of Megaliths at Puma Punku | Indiegogo

Yet these stones are so smooth today that even if they were only years old, and were constructed by humans, then these surfaces would be so much more damaged, yet even today, they are still very smooth. Impossible with the tools of even years ago, let alone the years that this author contends. Furthermore this author consistently refers to "tonights AA episode. All AA does is ask us to think, and being in the construction field, I do think, I wonder how it is we cant make stone remain so smooth after a short period of time today, let alone over thousands of years.

These debunkers are simply other people who have nothing better to do than be skeptics, regardless what evidence is presented to them. Anyone who also knows anything about yesterdays scientists is that they considered themselves gods in this field, and would never admit that they were wrong, after all they are the so called experts.

Maybe if we opened our minds to other possibilities, we might find answers to questions that still continue to elude us. The reason in the past why this hasn't been contested, is because the scientists who investigated these sites, would always use the same methods to determine the truth and never looked outside the normal parameters for searching for these answers. Debunkers, if you feel you have cast doubt over what AA asks us to open our minds to, youre sadly mistaken, you are the ones that make yourselves look silly.

You don't want to believe at other possibilities, then don't, but if you are going to debunk something, do so but not using the old traditional arguments, because today people can think for themselves and can see that those arguments no longer hold water. Wake up and expand your minds. Well, yes, the purpose of a program review is to review the program, so I that's what I do the day of the show. If you are interested in possibilities: How can you discount the possibility that advanced invisible dinosaurs harnessed the power of Bigfoot to build Puma Punku?

Surely your mind must be open to that possibility. Very VERY open to that idea. Thinking he is a super human smarter than a thousand einsteins rolled in to one. I would like to cave his head in for being unemployed and a drain on society. But im not allowed to. So i will not.

Re-Dating Puma Punku And Tiwanaku With Dr. Robert Schoch

But if that peice of shit ever dies, i will celebrate and dance at his funeral, and tell everyone what a jack-wad he was. No law against that i guess. I hope MJF gets raped to death by dozens of prisoners, and bleeds out from the severest deep anal wounds. Im sure one they will regret being such obvious morons. May they all burn in searing pain. Humanity needs to do better than them. I can't believe that the houses in the 's were built by humans, either.

These required so many nails that it must have been impossible to build without a nail gun and compressor.

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And how could they possibly have gotten all the angles right without a laser level? And you are completely crazy if you try to tell me that they were able to transport tons of wood to the house site without advanced transportation methods, most likely alien generated wormholes. As for digging all that dirt without a soil vaporizing machine, well, even a complete fool could see that simple human labor and ingenuity would never have accomplished it.

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Nope, when I look around my city at the pre 's housing, it just proves my theory that people years ago were just too darn stupid and lazy to accomplish such feats. I find it curious why you are so bothered by the AA suggestion and the show! It actually opened the eyes of so many people who otherwise would not even have known about these sites unless they were interested in archaeology. Look man your facts are off.

They did carbon date the site to be between BC to bc. The blocks are around - tons. You try to carve Red Sandstone and make perfect edges without it falling apart. Either these people had good tools or got lucky with the basic tools which I find hard to believe. You cannot rule out 1 God 2 That there were very advanced Civilizations 3 That we were visited by other things from another world.

I will say I do believe in the bible less and less. The fact that the bible tells of the same stories from other previous civilizations and that the bible was written almost a generation after Jesus's death. On top of that the only way the bible became so big so fast was Constantine needed to unite the Christians and Pagans to save the Roman empire. So what better way to keep the peace. The fact that if you believe in evolution then you will have to believe it was close that we lived along side the dinosaurs so the bible is junk if we did exist so far ago.

I believe we lived so long ago that a book written not so long ago is only there to control man. Just like every religion that came before it. Another thing John the Baptist tried to do the same thing Jesus did and failed. Also or so years before Jesus there was another guy trying to do the same thing as John and Jesus. I am sorry but there is more against the bible as Science goes on.

For the people that laugh at Ancient Alien theories and believe in God, will have to laugh at themselves for believing in no proof of a God only that you believe a bunch of rich people that wrote a book. So you believed the bible was more than a book?

Well that was pretty fucking dumb wasnt it shit stain. Have you noticed the architectural carved similarities between Puma Punku and the stellae at Aksum, Ethiopia and the underground carved churches there. The roof of one of those churches has a cross very similar to crosses carved at Puma.

Saying that we are alone in the cosmos and extra terrestials aren't real is like taking a cup and scooping it in the ocean and saying there is no whales?! Don't you think the government hides some things from us?! You sir are just as good as any other brain washed individual in this society today. Actually, I'm standing on the beach telling you that the whales in the ocean didn't build the sand castles on the beach.

The question of whether aliens are real is vastly different from the question of whether they flew here and built a pile of rocks in Bolivia. Ya, nut how much do you know the whales personally or know what they are capable of? I'm sorry did you say wether aliens are real ot not? I think that alone answers the question.