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Your subscription will continue throughout - you can easily make your profile visible again at any time and carry on using Soulmates. The 'Hide' button only removes a profile from your search results. If you want to prevent a person from sending you messages please use the 'Block' feature. Messages from a person that you have blocked will not be delivered to you. Anyone can search by gender, age, location, and whether someone has a photo. You can change your search criteria from the search results page. Subscribers can filter their search results. Your search results will update as you change these options.

You can save up to a maximum of 10 searches. Clicking on the link will show you a list of your saved searches, and you will be able to select the search that you want to view. A yellow bar, above your search results, will indicate the saved search you are viewing once it has been selected.

Select the search you want to replace, make the desired changes to the criteria location, age, etc. You can only replace criteria within a saved search.

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You will have to create a new search if you want a different name for it. We use the criteria you select in the 'Who you're looking for' page to create a list of compatible Soulmates in 'Your matches'. The list is based on two-way matching, taking into account the importance of each criteria to you and your match. You can choose the importance of each matching criteria by using the slider tool.

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The 'Find a soulmate' page allows you to search for other Soulmates and easily change your search criteria by age, location and keyword, and sort them by best match, age, last login and recently updated. The slider tool allows you to indicate how important each criteria is to you when looking for a Soulmate. For instance, if you are looking for someone of a particular height, and this is very important to you, move the slider over to the right towards 'Essential'. However, if height is of no significance to you, move the slider to the left towards 'Not important' or keep it in the centre if you are indifferent.

The slider tool has five levels of importance, which will directly affect the results in 'Your matches'. If you select 'Not important' the criteria will grey out and not be included when calculating your matches. We have calculated your matches from the criteria you have selected, and the importance of each, from the 'Who you're looking for' page. The 'Your matches' page is based on two-way matching, so those who have selected 'essential' criteria that match yours will appear higher in your matches list.

You can amend your matches at any time in the 'Who you're looking for' page, located in 'Edit your profile'. For better match compatibility, you should aim to fill out all of the criteria in 'Who you're looking for'. You need to subscribe before you can send messages. You can click 'Send a message' on someone's Soulmates profile, which will take you directly to a page where you can compose your message. Your message will be sent to that person's account, and they'll also receive an email telling them they have a message from you.

If they reply, you'll receive an email notification, your inbox on Soulmates will show that you have a new message, and the number of unread messages will appear in a pink circle at the top of the page next to 'Messages'. People who have not subscribed can still respond to your message by choosing from a list of one-line replies. Messages are shown in threads or conversations.

Those who are not subscribed to Soulmates are able to reply to any message by selecting a one-line response. You will need to subscribe if you wish to send a message or reply in full. A first message needn't be very long. It's good to show that you've read their profile and you're interested in what they've said. You can see if they've read your message by looking at the message from your sent mail.

You mustn't share contact details in a first message. You are not able to include your personal contact information or social networking details in messages to members who have not previously contacted you, or when responding to those who are not subscribed to Soulmates. You can 'like' them back, and we'll send them an email telling them you're interested in them too. Or you can send them a message and see what happens! Any member can 'like' someone but you need to subscribe before you can send messages.

This will show the date and amount of your last payment and the date and amount of your next payment. As is standard with most dating services, we will automatically renew your subscription until you tell us otherwise. This is to ensure that you maintain subscriber benefits from month to month. This will stop any further payments being taken. Your subscription will end on the date when your next payment was due.

You will no longer have access to subscriber-only features. You can take out another subscription at any time. The support team appreciate hearing from our users if there are any problems with people you meet through Soulmates. Please contact our customer services team with your username, their username, and a description of the problem. The team will review this message and take any appropriate action. You can choose not to receive notifications of new messages, people you like, etc.

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You can login at soulmates. We love hearing success stories, so please be sure to send yours to us via the contact form below. We will send an email to this new address and ask you to click a link in this email to confirm the change. We will ask for your current password, then your new one. We will email you information on how to reset your password.

We will send emails about your account settings and subscription, to inform you of new messages and new people who like you, to suggest people you might like and to send you updates about Guardian Soulmates. Your partial profile can be viewed by all visitors to Soulmates. Your full profile can be viewed by logged-in Soulmates subscribers.

Our Privacy Policy has the full detail on this. Close Download the Guardian Soulmates App for dating on the go. Search Meet someone worth meeting Or, I was asked to provide a photo of me wearing a tight T-shirt with only my underwear. I told him off and blocked that paedo off my profile. Young men tend to look for flings.

This applies to those aged 25 to Or, their profile has less than 3 photos of themselves. I go for those aged 40 or above as they tend to be mature and serious about dating. They tend to have more than 3 photos. And, they like to show off the photos of them holding babies or with children. Its as simple as that. When did you last see a 42 year old model?

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Pete what an odd thing to say. As the messager above you illustrates both men and women tend to find younger people attractive. But those with sense seem to go for people their own age as they are a better match. Reminds me of Donald Trump and that is no good thing Pete. This says a lot about you, unfortunately. You treat them harshly for looking for younger women, but then you use this sort of language, which shows taht you are every but as selective as you accuse them of being.

Then to call someone a paedo just because he asked for an erotic photo of you? I can fully understand why women get tired of that sort of thing, but is the word paedo even vaguely appropriate? I would not recommend GSM if you are a woman over the age of In real life I get approach by pretty hot guys in their late 20s. I went out with a couple of guys who were in their early 40s to be honest I thought they looked like late 40s in person. I tried to lower my standards…Messaged some normal looking guys in their mid-to late 30s.

Most of them did not even bother to read my message. So these supposedly left-wing, liberal, open-minded guys are looking to pair up with women who are much younger! The site is full of guys looking to date women years younger than themselves. I guess they want a breeding machine who dotes on them rather than an equal partner and a good relationship.

And the sad thing is…after 6 months, all the same guys are still there!

Guardian Soulmates Prices

It has seriously made me enraged, angry, and sad. Completely with you on your points. Overall I found the often ugly men to be looking for some fictional woman — young, beautiful and subservient. It made me shudder. Hardly any contact generally through this site compared to free ones and a lot of the guys on GSM are on those too anyway. I joined for 6 months with the best intentions,but was truly left cynical and hard bitten after the experience.

So few mentions of actual interests,or natural quirky signs of an attitude beyond bland Home Counties-to middle class urban centre London migrants,that despite signing up to a rather pricey site,still stood by traditional mores and never made a first or proactive move in contacting and maintaining a dialogue.

I happen to be extremely passionate about food. But I guess to you this is tedious. How special does one have to be? In any case, I agree with you about GSM. Or perhaps they just all think that my wine and cheese-loving ways are far too boring…but the thing is that I have no aspirations to climb Mount Everest, to jump off from airplanes, or any of the sort. What an awful dating site! If you enjoy being ripped off and taken for a fool, then Guardian Soulmates will make you feel right at home.

Not sure where to turn next? Second time lucky maybe as they would not post my original comment because I said that some profiles might be fakes. Guardian Soulmates are a waste of time and good money. Having had my membership terminated without warning and no explanation what I am beginning to realise is that if you stop ongoing payments then your membership is terminated and you are refunded immediately. This then allows them to be under no obligation to explain. I subscribed to this site and was delighted with the responses from women in all walks of life.

I agree with most comments above. Full of pretentious men who would not date neither look at any women their age. And yes, they have long lists of requirements. Any more to say…? Unless you are a celebrity such age gaps are rare in real life. CCl these men dont really want to meet someone they are just dreaming about meeting much younger female partners — one may wonder why and what that means about them the vast majority of them, there are some exceptions but is all really very off putting.

Wow, must have been the same men l had contact with! I would not recommend this site either. Full of men wanting much younger women and as so many have said alreadt the men l found to be pretentious and dishonest. Shame it was a big dissappointment. Also Im dyslexic, not the best at spelling.

Even after explaining that l was mocked horribly. Just plain snobby actually. I sent the above message to guardian to make they awear ,because I joined to dating site to meet someone hopfulley for long term relastionship, but had me repley from them and the man still online. I meet man called Robert from Mill Hill he is American online end of last year. I took out a six month membership in October I chose not to post a picture. I had quite a few e mail exchanges with interesting men and 10 dates. All were potential matches and genuine and interesting people.

The worst, but amusing, issue that i encountered were fibs about height, weight, age and some very out of date photos.

Guardian Soulmates Cost UK

No sparks but good fun and really encouraging. Then in December I met the love of my life. We were engaged by April and married in October. I was his first date and needless to say we are both extremely grateful to Soulmates. For us both life really has begun at 50! Guardian Soulmates is in my experience full of pretentious individuals, my ex-partner being one of them.

I was a soulmate for 6 months. A good friend of mine met her husband through Guardian Soulmates, they are very happy together! I do hope some of my friends luck rubs off on me. Fingers and toes crossed! I joined for 3 months after a bank holiday special offer.

I deleted my profile after 6 weeks.

About Guardian Soulmates

Full of older men seeking Amelie! Was just a very boring site full of similar men who, I fear, have little to offer, which is perhaps why they seek such unrealistic magnificence. Exchanged a few emails, even had a date who let himself down by calling my teen kids baggage and general use of bad language!

Otherwise, Nice emails went unanswered and limited profile views. I thought it must be good to cost that much, wrong! I am constantly sent numerous profiles that are nothing like I asked for.

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  • Smokers when I said non-smokers; living close by — living hundreds of miles away; etc. I was told I could cancel but they would continue taking my money!!! Time to take these theives to task is what I am thinking. I found Guardian Soulmates quite boring. I would like to have the opportunity to date men my age AND have the option of older men if I so wish. As below, I tend to be considered as attractive in real life. But somehow not on GSM. And certainly what paper you read. Guardian Soulwaste is really dire for the following reasons: They have extra high standards.

    Your email address will not be published. My wife left me after two years of marriage for one of my best friends. I could have let this event turn my world upside down but I've never really been one for dwelling on the past or feeling sorry for myself. So 3 months later I washed my hands of them both and joined up to eHarmony. Perhaps I should send my ex wife and ex best friend a thank you card. After focusing on my career for far too long, I decided it was time to put the same amount of effort into ending my days as a singleton. My requirements in a partner were quite simple.

    They should be hard working, family oriented, honest and a little charming. Still, somehow my first date was a disaster, my second not much better, but by my third date I found someone I felt I could go on a second date with. We've now been together for over 9 months. After being on the site for 6 months and just a handful of bad dates, I was almost throwing in the towel. However, I've now met the most amazing guy and am excited as to where this new relationship will lead.