Dating blue mountain pottery marks

Dating BMP by Glaze - Continued The dates are rough estimates based on the bottom marks if present, the type of piece and any other available information.
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This pair measure approximately The immaculate glaze is vibrant in the familiar aqua and dark blue so familiar with Blue Mountain ceramics.

Blue Mountain Pottery

In great condition, please see all images as these form part of the description. Good condition, 1 small chip on rear, hamilton ont written in gold, 17cm long, 9cm high, 5cm wide. The Swan has a fantastic Flow green glaze that makes it unique. A lovely collectable item. Blue Mountain pottery collection.

Pick up only unless buyer pays for postage and accepts full responsibility. I have previously sold blue mountain pottery on ebay, packed well with lots and bubble wrap.

How to Identify Blue Mountain Pottery

Wrote fragile on the side and it was stil damaged in transit. Lovely display piece for the collector. Please visit our eBay shop for lots of similar items. Excellent condition with light use typical of age. Archived from the original on March 7, Retrieved from " https: Art pottery Ceramics manufacturers of Canada Collingwood, Ontario Companies based in Ontario Canadian companies established in Manufacturing companies of Canada Canadian company stubs Ceramic art and design stubs.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 6 August , at After a further sale and various financial problems, it was then bought by Robert Blair in Whilst the s and early 90s continued to be strong periods for the company, it was forced to close in due to falling orders, the factory lease ending and competition from Far Eastern makers. There are three main considerations towards value; the glaze, the shape and the size. Glaze is one of the more important considerations.

In general, the stronger and more tonally varied the colour, the better. Green is the most common and the most characteristic, followed by blue.

Porcelain from Joseon Dynasty on display in new exhibition 국립중앙박물관의 조선 청화백자

Other glazes can be rare. A couple of ranges are also worth keeping your eyes peeled for. Inspired by the surface of the moon and released shortly after the moon landing, the range also competed with West German ceramics flooding into Canada. The form is also important. I was taken by the curving stylish vases and jugs that represent the mid-century modern style so well.

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Many of these were designed by Dennis Tupy, one of the most important names connected to the pottery — and indeed Canadian pottery of the period. Stylised, and stylish, animal sculptures are also popular, with a focus on elegant elongation.