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Steel Hitch. SKU # Purchase Steel Hitch. Generally stays attached to bike ; Works with disc brakes and full suspension; Does not fit breezer style dropouts.
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The connecting bar between the trailer and the bike pivots. This means that if the bike does fall over, the trailer will not twist round. The trailer is also very low so there is almost no distance for a child to fall. Twelves months is reckoned to be the youngest age that is safe for bike trailer travel.

If you are using the trailer as a stroller, the baby should be able to sit up securely, unattended. This usually happens by the sixth month.

Features to Look Out For

It is amazing what people transport in a baby bike trailer. Dogs, cats, spare parts for tractors or sailboats and, of course, a full weeks supply of food- regularly. One of my neighbor's kids used her old baby trailer to take all her belongings to school. Yes, it lasted that long. Burley is one of the biggest names in kids bike trailers and there are plenty of models to choose from. The original Burly Bee is a tough trailer with two seats, tinted windows and ventilation at the rear.

It will not convert to a stroller and it does not have the adjustable suspension that later models boast.


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On the other hand, it comes absolutely ready to use with all the necessary hookups to get you on the road. The solo is an exceptionally roomy single seat trailer with adjustable suspension for different loads and road conditions. It converts to a stroller, jogger and even to a sled ideal if you live in the Rockies, I guess!

The Synch model has plenty of room for one small child for children over three years, space can be tight plus a small amount of space behind the seat for a baby bottle or diapers. Children seem happy to be carried along in one of these and the cornering is comfortable for the rider too. You need to buy a stroller kit separately to add this model. The seat might be a squeeze for two bigger toddlers but the extra room is always welcome for toys, bags and things like picnic items.

This is one of the most widely used models in the US. It also has outrider guards and is a popular mid-price choice. Allen make a variety of trailers. Most are constructed from steel which makes them stronger and less expensive then aluminum alloy rivals. The downside is weight.

The double trailer pictured above is around 26 lbs as compared to the Burley Bee's The jogger experience is not the best feature but it is a practical to take children into town and take them around comfortably as you shop. The front wheel is fully independent and swivels for easy steering, There is brake and adjustable handlebars for comfort. This is another bike trailer with two individual seats, and, just as importantly, individual seat-belts. It also makes a stylish stroller and a great place for a tired child to sleep! Probably the biggest plus with this model, though, is the amount of storage.

There is space behind the seat and in a pouch at the back of the trailer. Thule carriers are the Rolls Royces of the bicycle trailer world. They are more expensive than other comparable makes but they offer a lot for the extra money. The basic models are sturdy buggies with weather protection. You then choose the conversion kit or kits that you want. The bike trailer kit is just one option.

The 5 Best Baby Bike Trailers

All models come with a lifetime warranty. You can also expect rear brakes and parking brakes. They are manufactured in the US. If you want a two-child trailer that can work as a stroller, the Booyah Swivel comes at a reasonable price with plenty of features. The trailer is robust, with a tough spring suspension, large wheels and a connector that means the bike pull the trailer without any off-center awkwardness. Young legs can get some exercise as they pedal, too. Obviously, weather is more of an issue without the protection of a little cabin and you will have less room for shopping.

These trailers are fast, though, and great fun for trips to parks and woods. A child can see everything that is happening and you will not miss the extra width of a conventional baby trailer, either. Babies need to be in a supporter firmly attached to the anchor points provided. There is a video of how to install one in a 'Chariot' down the page. Toddlers should always wear helmets and some states require this by law. Heavy helmets can also injure very young children. Cushions to support a child's head are advisable. Safety belts should always be worn.

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A recent German study concluded that bike trailers were a particularly safe way of carrying children- although, being German, they also recommended a few improvements to present models! There is a useful page on how to carry infants safely here: Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. The Wike bike trailers site shows they are selling a support cushion just for that problem.

Bicycle Trailer Parts

To me, if you cut foam for the backrest, only to go as high as where the bottom of the helmet starts, them this would give overlap space for helmut to sit. They have holes in the head rest to accommodate the helmets. I think you should try helmets in a store before you buy if you think it might be an issue.

I just received the InStep Sierra Trailer as a gift. I can't wait to use it with my girls. We have helmets for them, but when we put them in the trailer, the seat pushes their heads forward so that the helmet becomes a hindrance.

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We decided to hold off on using it until we figure out what to do. I don't want to ride with them not wearing helmets, but I also don't want them to be uncomfortable. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. HubPages and Hubbers authors may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including Amazon, Google, and others.

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Most trailers will double as strollers. Some can even have skis as an optional extra! Features to Look Out For. If you want the best trailer for your needs, these are some points to consider: They were a perfect match and came quite quickly for coming from the U. It fit our copilot model T bike trailer. I was a little worried when I bought this, because it was the least expensive product of its type on Amazon. However, once I assembled it, all my fears melted away. The most amazing thing about this product isn't its low price, but rather the engineering that went into this product.

The product has an amazing design that makes it easy to assemble, safe, and good for use in a wide range of temperatures. Every last detail is engineered to amaze you. Assembly - Easy, it took me ten minutes to assemble, and five minutes to put the hardware on my bike. All the hardware that was needed is included, as well as the safety flag. Also, the product is designed to break down quickly and easily and completely folds into the base.

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  • The wheels are also easily removable but very secure while in operation. This bicicle trailer coupler works perfectly for my bike and my instep bike trailer. It was easy to install and came with great instructions for installation. I am very pleased with the quality.

    Only 5 left in stock - order soon. Fits just fine on my instep trailer. I had my doubts about this hitch but its well made and well designed and I loaded nearly lbs on the trailer. It allow movement without coming unhitched. Took it out and went for every hole I could find but it is a hitch and did what it is made to do. I'm and impressed and that is not easily done. Only 10 left in stock - order soon. M-Wave Trailer Hitch Adapter.

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    Available to ship in days. We had one with the bike trailer but now we could put the trailer on our two bikes without any work Booyah Bike Trailer Hitch.