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Bottles were also imported from the French manufacturers and then the bottles Starting in Guerlain packaged their fragrances, cosmetics and skincare.
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Please remember that some perfumes were made for many years after their launch dates, on the other hand, some perfumes were only sold for a very short time. Bottles embossed with or having labels marked "Made in Occupied Japan" were made from September until April Enameled lettering, also known as serigraphy instead of labels , on glass bottles started being used after the s and was pretty regular feature in the s onward. This lettering is fragile and can be easily lost with cleaning. Look for a patent number on the base of the bottle, these patent dates were frequent in the s and s, you can look up the number on search engines on US patent webpages online.

Also, English Registry Design numbers can also be found on perfume bottles from the United Kingdom, you can search the numbers online also. Old glass bottles might have etched matching numbers on the base of the perfume bottle and on the bottom of the stopper.

Angelaira's Vintage Perfumes: Guide to Vintage Shalimar

This was done at the factory when the stopper would have been ground to fit the bottle, the numbers are to show which bottle goes with the right stopper. These were usually found on French bottles such as Baccarat. Older bottles stamped their name and origin somewhere on the bottle. In the s, stickers replaced the stamping but were soon lost or destroyed, making it difficult to authenticate. Older bottles from the ss would have lot numbers, bottle shape numbers or patent numbers embossed right into the glass base.

By , cosmetic companies were stamping colored numbers on the bottom of their products. This stamping usually consisted of four numbers and was visible on the bottom of each item and is a "batch code", which is used by the company to note what year and month the product was created.

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Batch codes are often found either stamped on the glass or the label. Later, many bottles often have their batch codes engraved into the glass; Chanel, Dior, Thierry Mugler, etc. Old labels turn brown naturally, however, water and perfume can cause stains on labels over the years. The styles of the boxes or labels can also help determine age. Art Nouveau is generally s, Art Deco mid s and some styles carried into the s, psychedelic late s-early s. Please note that this isn't always foolproof.

Guerlain Vintage L’Heure Bleue: Parfum & EDP (1960s-2003)

At the beginning of the 20th century, revenue stamps appeared on the imported scents coming into America. This stamped container is very collectible, because of the information on that stamp. Always look at all sides of a bottle. Some labels can be read from both sides, looking thru the back of the bottle.

You might encounter labels which have the date stamped on the back of the labels. Sample bottles from the s onward, often had labels that would say "sample, not to be sold". Today's bottles read "tester". Factice, or display bottles, were not meant for resale, and will have labels such as: Chanel bottles from the s onward should have the backs of their labels marked with a copyright symbol and CC. Comments may fail to be approved or may be edited if the moderator deems that they: Please understand that this website is not affiliated with any of the perfume companies written about here in any way, it is only a reference page and repository of information for collectors and those who have enjoyed the classic fragrances of days gone by.

One of the goals of this website is to show the present owners of the various perfumes and cologne brands that are featured here how much we miss the discontinued classics and hopefully, if they see that there is enough interest and demand, they will bring back these fragrances!

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Please leave a comment below for example: Vintage Perfumes For Sale. Sunday, April 16, Shalimar by Guerlain c Shalimar perfume was originally created in by Guerlain. It was re-released during the Art Deco Exhibition in Paris in This was also used in the following oriental ambery fragrances: Eau de Cologne 2. Flacon Chauve Souris The Bat c present Shalimar extrait de parfum was presented in several different flacons over the years, all bottles will have a gilded label.

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The oldest design is its original one from , the urn shaped flacon, called the "Chauve Souris" by Baccarat The design of the bottle was designed by Raymond Guerlain and Baccarat in On March 24, , a U. The bottle is made up of clear crystal with a fluted base, and a blue glass or blue flashed stopper with Guerlain Paris in gold lettering. A very rare example will have the stopper in just plain clear crystal and gold lettering. Roja Dove noted that the early stoppers were also fired using mercury which gave a wonderful violet iridescence to the crystal, but had to be discontinued because of the toxicity of working with mercury as it posed a poisoning threat to the factory workers.

Baccarat found a new way to color the stoppers and the mercury paint was discontinued. The earliest Shalimar extrait bottles have small holes drilled into the base of the stopper, which allowed the cording used during the finishing process baudruchage to be threaded through and then wrapped around the neck, thus sealing the bottle. Both Baccarat and Cristal Nancy's bottles displayed the holed stoppers. Two Shalimar bottles, both 15ml extrait, different designs,slightly different heights, made by two different makers.

One on the left was made by Saint Gobain des Jonqueres and dates from See how the foot is much wider and thicker than the other bottle, also note that the label is also slightly different in shape. Photo from basenotes member ayelfior. Picture below Photo from basenotes member ayelfior. Difference in the two boxes. The SDG box on the left is only marked Guerlain inside and is a lighter lavender color, the Pochet et du Courval box on the right has the Marly Horse logo and the box is a darker purple.

Other Extrait Parfum Bottles: Flacon Amphore Amphora c Used for extraits from til Also known as Flacon Ode as it was first used for the perfume Ode. The frosted and clear glass bottle is in the shape of an amphora with draped motifs and topped with a stopper molded in the shape of a rosebud.

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  • Some early bottles will have a gilded plastic rosebud screwtop. Bottle made by both Baccarat and Pochet et du Courval. Hi Andre , I am trying to locate in time another Guerlain: ZB1CB4 in a golden zig-zag box ,pre barcode and with no double G logo.


    Please help me out this time again. Producers used often old boxes until end of stocks, applying the barcode on the cellophane. You could have hints by the shape of the bottle, too. It's the golden cilindrical canister,refillable of course. This has been a really helpful blog post. I am new to collecting and knowing what to look for with the codes allowed me to avoid purchases where the item was described as vintage, but the batch was within the last decade.

    Extrait bottles of with an amount of "30 ml" are perfectly legit. Hello, After learning that Shalimar Parfum Initial is being discontinued last month, I purchased 4 bottles from Amazon. The cellophane on the outer boxes didn't seem fully adhered.

    Looking to Buy Vintage Fragrances?

    The box and the appearance of the bottles seemed normal. The code on the bottom is 3Y I opened two of the four bottles. One cap seemed oddly loose. The longevity seemed to be 30 minutes. It didn't have the same beautiful scent I experienced with previous bottles.