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Does this make it more appropriate? You be the judge. She also claimed that she and her former student were very close in age, and that she informed her supervisor of the relationship, and that her student was the one who pursued her, befriending her and even telling her about Reddit — where she decided to air out her dirty laundry.


One language teacher met a student through a language class that he was teaching. He said that while she was eager to enrol in his language class, it was already over for the semester, so he offered to meet with her and teach her one-on-one. One night, alcohol happened and we ended up making out. A week later we slept together. One post on Reddit comes from the best friend of a student who was in a relationship with one of the high school teachers.

After graduation, their teacher even left his wife and got an apartment for him and her BFF. The relationship also ended and the teacher went back to his wife. This Reddit poster said that she dated one of her teachers for two years, during her junior and senior years of high school.

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She said that she was the one who flirted and initiated the relationship with her teacher who was twice her age resisting — at first. Apparently, he even continued to be her teacher for a few different classes while they were together. In this Reddit post, someone talks about two teachers at their former high school who had a very interesting marriage. They allege that in their second year of high school, one of their teachers was caught getting busy with a student in their grade. To make matters worse, in their third year of high school, that teacher's wife — who was also a teacher at the same school — also got caught sleeping with another student.

Apparently, this teacher struck up a relationship with a male student, who was a high school senior at the time. It seems that even the most well-intended actions can be misconstrued by students with vivid imaginations and strong libidos. One teacher took to Reddit to talk about a time that she was trying to give one of her students who was struggling in her class some one-on-one assistance. Well, it seems the student had other plans. Here, a young teacher at his first job, working at a rural high school became attracted to a 16 year-old student.


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I had gone though many training sessions which emphasized ways to related to students without being too friendly or personal. And, I took heed of these sessions. I was aware of my attraction to this girl, without acting on the attraction. This Reddit post came from someone who had lost his v-card to his summer school teacher. He said they became intimate after she wanted him to stay after class.

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He said that at the time, he was 17 and underage, and the teacher was in her twenties. While the narrative involving teachers who have affairs at school always revolve around their students, there are times when teachers have affairs with each other. A Reddit post from a former high school student details an affair between two of her teachers that took a turn for the worst really fast. Turns out they were having a affair and the woman's husband found out. Apparently, to retaliate, the teachers husband created a website with all the nude photos that the male teacher had sent to her.

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How do i hook up with my female teacher?

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However, don't pursue your students. Where best herpes dating sites free be devastating.

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