How do you hook up a remote starter switch

Obviously, I don't hook up the remote starter switch directly across the starter terminals that would melt the switch! So can someone tell me.
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The remote starter switch allows you to "turn over" or "crank" the engine without actually running the engine. This comes in handy for conducting certain tests, such as compression or finding the high side of an engine cylinder. By following a basic process you can place the in-line switch temporarily on your vehicle, saving you the need to get a helper for a diagnosing situation.

Locate the starter relay on your vehicle. This is generally located on the sidewall of the engine compartment just above the battery. Identify the leads of the starter relay. There will be two large connections, one that comes from the battery and another that goes directly to the engine starter motor itself.

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There will also be either one or two small connections on the starter relay. These are used to energize the relay that places the contacts together for energizing the starter motor.

whats the proper way to hook up 12v remote starter switch | Tacoma World

Place one alligator clamp on the positive side of the battery. This will provide the power to the switch. Place the other alligator clamp of the switch on the small connector of the starter relay. The contacts of the starter relay will then be "turning over" or "cranking" the starter. Locate the starter on the engine of the vehicle. You may have to crawl under the vehicle slightly to reach the starter motor. I'll reinforce the caution by others about leaving the ignition on without the engine running. An excellent preventative for this is the oil and temp alarm system. With the ignition on and the engine not running a buzzer sounds to remind you, a side benefit beyond what's intended.

It's the gift that keeps on givin'. I didn't even think about using the switch to turn the engine over without starting..

whats the proper way to hook up 12v remote starter switch

It is a simple switch that is closed when the trigger is pressed and open when not. I have a hand crank that I used to turn the engine for valve adjustment, getting to TDC, etc.

The hand crank is not to start the engine. The remote starter would only be used when I want to check compression, or some other brief test when I want to be below went is starts. So--do I have it right that I do not need to disconnect anything? That buzzer will help me remember! How is my wiring not sufficient--I did not understand this from Neil: Hotflash, if this is something you are going to leave mounted as mine is you don't want an indicator light that draws power constantly.

In my set up I draw power from the "battery at the selonoid" not from the ignition. I can spin the engine anytime I want as long as the battery ies turned on. The engine will not start unless I turn on the ignition.

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When I remove my plugs for inspection after every cruise I spray a spritz of WD in the plug holes and give the starter a brief spin to spread the WD evenly throughout the cylinders and valves. Hotflash, just for an idea of my set here is a fairly recent pic of my 42 year old beastie. Re your switch, what is it you want to do with it? Mary, you are using it exactly as I do.

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If you actually want to start the motor, but be down below to observe as Dave N. My starter trigger is just a couple cheap alligator clips on the end..

Today's Dumb Question: Where to hook up remote starter switch?

I do not leave mine connected to the starter when I am done using it. Originally Posted by Dave Neptune. Dave Neptune Attachment Glass over strip plank mahoghany. Spruce mast and booms, launched Hello y'all, I've read and understand the wiring of a remote starter. It would definitely help working solo. Bu is there a way to wire in the "on" switch from the cockpit so you dont have to 1.

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  8. When we turn our keyed ignition to "on" only, noy yet all the way over to atually start the engine, our electric fuel pump comes on. I would expect this to be the correct sequence, but none of the above comments made any reference to the electric fuel pump coming on and bringing gas to the engine or at least ready to supply more if already primed.

    Seems that this would be important to know so there aren't any fuel-related surprises when the igition switch is only turned to "on". Rod The electric fuel pump should not operate unless the key is in the on position and the engine is running and the oil pressure is up. This is accomplished by a pressure sensitive switch that closes when the oil pressure is up. This switch is referred to as the "oil pressure safety switch" or OPSS.

    On your boat is there a lead that goes from the electric fuel pump to a terminal on the OPSS? Is your OPSS missing, shorted across, or bypassed? My guess is that someone wired from the key directly to the fuel pump and bypassed the OPSS. John, thanks for the important clarification.

    While what I described has been how we have always been since when we acquired her, now we have another new project! Next time down at Dixie I will trace the various wires accordingly. Sounds like I'm about to do a wiring correction, though. Mary, in case you can get to the starter terminals, you can also jump the terminals with a screwdriver.

    All times are GMT The time now is Switch start Hotflash, if all you want is to work the starter use 12 or 14 wire and all you need to do is tie into the starter selonoid.

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    Find all posts by Administrator. Boulder City, NV Posts: Originally Posted by Administrator Remember not to leave the ignition switch in the ON position unnecessarily.