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SuI - posted in General Discussion: what ever happened to this tank? I got mine in the Got horrible matchmaking, just couldn't win with it.
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Subscribe to wot guru and be entered to win a sui in this world of tanks giveaway. Tanks in world of tanks are divided up by country and weight below is a full list of tanks. Sui re-evaluation - posted in suggestions: That hot military singles rotflolpmp rolling on the floor su 85i matchmaking laughing and talking for a few moments will obey, singles hot military you will get this response written aritcle about my culture and can get military singles along.

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Keep in mind that this isn't a scout nor a light tank. Its a Tank Destroyer, thus it is played like one. Compared to the original SU's top gun, the accuracy is far better than SUI has, making this tank destroyer a mid-ranged type. Sniping would not be wise for this tank destroyer considering its inaccuracy of its gun and not advisable to support heavy tanks from the rear as you'd be exposed before you could even shoot. The 58 rounds will always keep you on the safe zone even if you missed several shots for mins. The armor of this tank is not that good, and this is why it should move around a lot.

Do not put your trust too much on its gun mantle, it may be really thick but your entire structure is not. Remember to stay with your allies and avoid isolation as it is your waterloo weakness. When you enter a higher tier battle, don't lose hope just yet.

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This TD can still play with the big boys. Help your team by assisting them in flanking, try pestering your targets with sheer annoying maneuvers and shots allowing your team to take the score. Here's my load out for this tank: Trojanow on the Panzer III during the early war as a response to the new well armored german tanks.

I had good fun and good learning with this one. Bring out the popcorn. He who exercises no forethought but makes light of his opponents is sure to be captured by them. The project was canceled mainly due to shortage of the 85mm guns and the questionable reliance of captured German tanks for repair and maintenance parts.

III chassis based TD are highlighted below:. Tier V Tank Destroyer. Net Credit Income [stats vbaddict. Overall, the SUI has the best speed, terrain resistance, traverse speed and the 3rd highest hit points compared to all tank destroyers in Tier V.

Su 85i matchmaking | Flirting Dating With Horny People

Although the SUI has high gross income, the net income of the SUI is average due its higher operational and repair cost. I speculate that this has to do with its status as a captured tank put into service by the Russians.

World of Tanks SU-85I - 9 Kills 3K Damage (1 VS 5)

Higher ammunition cost due to higher utilization of premium APCR shells to compensate for the lackluster AP shell penetration when confronting higher tier tanks does not help either. It is further compounded by not having a preferential match making; encountering up to Tier VII tanks in battles and having the least accurate gun of all the tank destroyers in Tier V. The SUI isn't recommended for players looking to buy their first premium tank for earning credits.

Even so, it is is perfect for seasoned players searching for a unique premium tank destroyer; looking for a challenge; exploring a variety of tactics. On another positive side, the SUI can be useful for accelerating crew skill and perk training by taking advantage of the daily double xp multiplier for SU tank crew. SUI Gameplay Tactics In general, the purpose of a tank destroyer is to support other tanks either in an offensive or defensive role.

Weak points of SU-85I

Tank destroyers carry more powerful and usually bigger guns than the tanks that they were based upon; have lower profile with superior camouflage for concealment. These factors give a tank destroyer an advantage in getting the first shot over the enemy. However, due to the lack of a turret it can be easily outmaneuvered by enemies especially light tank scouts unless protected by other tanks. Advancing forward without protection from allies or simply throwing caution to the wind can be disastrous. The SUI has superior maneuverability and traverse speed than most turret less tank destroyers.

It can easily outmaneuver and defeat them in 1 to 1 duels. Enemy scouts doing reconnaissance are a priority target. A SUI destroying an advancing Pz. II enemy scout from a concealed position in the valley a few minutes into the battle. Support the advance of allies by taking a commanding position with unobstructed line of fire behind effective cover to hide your location from enemies. A Churchill III blows up with a brief flash in the distance.

Change locations if required, to attack any enemy that manages to infiltrate the line. Destroy enemy tanks before they have their attention upon you. Rely on staying hidden and avoid being spotted.

Su 85i matchmaking

Without good accuracy, take aim carefully and shoot at the enemies' weakspots. The SUI lack of armor, low shell penetration and hit points damage makes close combat risky especially encounters with higher tier tanks. Avoid unless there is no other immediate alternative action. Knowing the enemies' frontal weakspots is important when facing heavily armored tanks with low health. Suggested consumables to supplement the equipment: My blog about tanks: In the next update, all tank-destroyer td will suffer the nerf of camouflage camo value when firing.

However, the premium td won't face this bad situation, so it's a good time you guys should consider buying some of them to get use of this advantage. And as the tier V tanks are always so much fun to play, the newly added SuI will please you. Nevertheless, when driving this tank, you'll find out that it's worth more than its look. Now let's come to my review then. SuI uses a similar 85mm gun to that of the KV1.

It's a bit lower than the same tier td, but isn't bad at all. At this point, the gun's alpha damage pack a punch. Especially, you can 2 hit on most of the same tier V td fellows. Another great strength of the gun. Without any load, it's already 2k2 a fearsome number compare to 1k9 of the StuG and Su, you're a true power house in damg-dealer. Ha ha, time for some drawback then. SuI shares the same fate of the KV1's gun: Although you can see the aiming circle spread ACS stats is green, it's not that good though.

The reason is also because of the bad accuracy, most of the time your circle will wipe half of the sniper screen area. Well, the traverse speed is equal to Pz.

So medium guys, don't think you can circle him to death but he'll circle you back to death if you don't pay some caution. Very great news here: Consider most tier V's gun damage, it's probably about to damage. With the standard hp of tier V td, you'll be blown-up after 3 shots in most cases. Now, just a little 30 buff hp, you can take 1 more shot from your opponent. Fantastic life saver here. An acceptable feature with average stats. Although camo stats isn't shown clearly, but from the tank's silhouette, we can infer that it's slightly better than it's brother Su, but may lose to the StuG.

It's good at this point, but the repair cost is a bit high so you'll gain just a slightly more profit compare to your normal tier V tanks. As paper as usual. Although the stats says it's 60mm on the front, 45mm is actually the most covered area. The most remarkable defense power is the bb bouncing ball, not that bb but I like your thought protected its gun. You can find this globe-shaped mantlet very annoying, especially when shooting from distance.

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  8. Sometimes, my IS just bounce a Su because of this invincible shield. This funny ball is even more useful when the horizontal upper area of the tank is narrow down, causing a hit shot will be more likely to land on to this lovely zone. SuI is easy in term of redeem the weaknesses. While these are only suggestions, you can have other way to equip your tank with. You can reverse the order of driver's and gunner's second and third skill for a better sniper.

    Here are the stats after the improvement. As you can see, most of the stats turn into green although they're already green at first. Some 'hidden' stats or fact that hard to realize, or just only find out when you' re driving the tank already. Once again, you should consider changing the ammo type while shooting with this tank.

    SuI has very great HE ammo, with 43 mm penetration and an amazing damage. Very large spread because of the originally bad accuracy. May be even in sniper style, you should use the Gun Laying Drive. Yep, although the wiki says that it will meet up to tier VII, that's not going to be happen now. Live happily forever with your current gun, guys. SuI can be use in 2 ways: Using the first equipment set for this tactic. Remember to choose a good position and aim at a priority target scout lt, support med, Your low penetration gun is not good for attacking head-on with heavy tanks ht , so let that job for other team mates.

    You should look for your team's flank to counter the enemy's flankers, too. This tactic is only suggested for experienced players. You should use the second equipment set combine with the crew skills and perks stated above.