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Date ideas beginning with K! Fly a Kite Learn to Kitesurf Go Go-Karting Hire some Kayaks Hit a Karaoke bar and don't be embarrassed! Be King for a day (we' ll.
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Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Letter discovery Instead of using a traditional rice bin, innovate and offer a container filled with alphabet pasta or Alpha Bits cereal. The prettiest necklace Trace letters on cardlboard or Fun Foam and cut them out. Make a small hole at the top of each letter. Children can thread the letters of their name on a string to make necklaces.

Use pasta or cereal letters. Using cookie cutters, make letter-shaped cookies. Alphabet lunch Cook small alphabet pasta. Let children manipulate the letters.


Offer Alpha Bits cereal as a snack or dessert too. Letter snack Give children carrot or celery sticks and encourage them to use them to create letters. Crumpled tissue paper letters Open models-letters Print one letter for each child. Encourage children to crumple pieces of tissue paper and glue the crumpled pieces on their letter. Letter sculpture Sculpt letters in modeling dough or salt dough and leave them out to dry. Let children paint them. You may also use Magic Nuudles. Alphabet garland Hang a long paper banner on the wall of your daycare.

Write the 26 letters of the alphabet on your banner. Provide many magazines and catalogues. Have children cut out words and letters and glue them on the banner, under the correct letter. Prints Use letter-shaped sponges to paint. You may purchase them or make your own simply by cutting sponges into letter shapes. Alphabet mobile Open mobile-letters Print, trace the number 8 figure on cardboard, and cut out. Cut out the letters and insert different lengths of string in the holes at the top of each letter. Hang them from the number 8 figure. Add three pieces of string in the holes shown on the figure 8 to hang your mobile from the ceiling.

Talking letters Open letters-black and white Print the letters and cut them out. Children can decorate them as they wish.

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Glue them on Popsicle sticks or drinking straws to create letter puppets. Children will use their imagination and bring the letters to life. I am gluing letters Give each child a piece of black construction paper. Have children glue small alphabet pasta on it. If you wish to offer colourful pasta noodles for this activity or to create a manipulation bin, add two tablespoons of food coloring and three tablespoons of rubbing alcohol combined to 1 pint of noodles. Seal with a lid and shake the container gently to coat the noodles.

Spread them out in a single layer on a baking sheet and let dry several hours. My story Provide several magazines and newspapers and encourage children to cut out letters and words. Have them glue them on a piece of cardboard to create a "story". Letters everywhere Purchase foam letters at a dollar store crafts section and let children use them to create a collage. You may offer a variety of materials along with the letters. Magical letters Spread finger paint on a piece of paper for each child. Encourage them to trace letters with their finger.

Using waxed paper is ideal. Children must fill the book with all the letters of the alphabet they are familiar with. See our latest newsletter. We and our partners use different technologies, such as cookies , to personalize content and ads, offer innovative functions on social media, and analyse web traffic. Please click on the button below to give your consent. You may modify your decision at any time. What are you looking for? Educatall club Online store Poni. Newsletter Online store Educatall club.

Pre-K activities, learning games, crafts, and printables. Contact Who are we? Theme activities Theme of the week. Exploring squares At the window Baby rattles. Autumn Stick and remove Picnics. A paper spiral Water on a tightrope Volume. The scientific method for preschoolers A needle in a balloon Invisible salt.

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Colourful moon sand Homemade sealer Mod Podge -Cooking required Pumpkin modeling dough baking required. Compassionate interventions for children 10 facts related to the development of gross motor skills Minor illnesses and sleep. Tips and tricks for living with ADHD 5 ways to help an anxious child 5 simple ways to intervene with a highly active child.

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Things you may not know about language development. Creating a reading treasure box Alphabet books in your reading corner Reading Home Theme and activities Alphabet. Alphabet Theme and activities. Educa-decorate-Alphabet Open-educa-decorate-Alphabet Print, laminate, and cut out. Educa-nuudles-Alphabet Open educa-nuudles-Alphabet Print for each child. Wooden blocks with letters and numbers on them. Cover the floor with white tiles don't glue them!

Finger paint and letter models children can reproduce with their fingers. Letter stamps and paint. If you do not have stamps, make your own by carving potato halves. Sponge painting with sponge letters. Letters of all kinds which can be glued assembled, etc. Dollar stores and department stores are a great source.

Visit their scrapbooking section. Alpha Bits cereal or alphabet pasta can be glued on giant letters. Hang giant letters on the wall and let children glue all kinds of colourful paper on them.

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Make your own alphabet bottles. Each bottle represents one letter. For example, in your "A" bottle, you can add beads with the letter "A" written on them, tiny wooden or plastic apples or angels, etc.

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Coloring pages representing the 26 letters of the alphabet. Various letter stencils for tracing fun. Creative coloring alphabet activity. Set up a school area complete with desks, chairs, a chalkboard, giant letters which can be hung on the wall, pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, etc. Display letter posters and include several books in your area. Organize a computer area complete with several keyboards. A cardboard box can represent a computer screen. Add a computer mouse, white paper, CDs, old computer disks, etc.

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Identify as many items as possible with word flashcards or picture words. It started raining toward the beginning, which was pretty miserable, but the sun came out eventually and started drying us up! It was a great time, working up our appetite for lunch! Perfect way to end our K date after a long morning of kayaking and being outside.

Have I mentioned how much I love dating through the alphabet with my husband? Notify me of follow-up comments by email.