Secretly dating my cousin

Therefore it is a secret and when we are both older, we plan to live the . Me and my cousin call it "temp dating" though. we don't know what.
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I love Jennifer a lot, obviously, but I also have feelings for Katia too. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? When I was 13, me and my cousin who was 15 at the time started dating. My grandparents adopted his grandma, and then had my dad later in life. He's like my first cousin once removed. Don't let anyone convince you that it's wrong!

In a lot of cultures, it is preferred to marry a cousin as opposed to a stranger because you're usually raised with cousins and they tend to know you better. Good luck in whatever you decide to do. Go to this website: You should IM me. Just let me know who you are. And one more thing. Does your cousin know about your daughter? There is nothing wrong with dating Katia or having feelings for Katia since she's not your cousin-by-blood anyway. It also helps that you guys are in the US so the society would be more liberal in terms of accepting "incestuous" relationships.

In some countries in Asia, it doesn't matter if you're cousins-by-blood or otherwise. Once a cousin, always a cousin so stuff like that is forbidden. Beyond that, I think you should make up your mind dude! Assess Katia and Jennifer's relevance and significance in your life. Because you can always have fun right now with your back-door affairs with Katia but later on, it might backfire and cause troubles both in your formal relationships. I suggest talking things out and making sure that your goals are mutual.

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It would suck if you see her for playtime only and she sees you as a potential partner vis-a-vis. We're avoiding deeper cuts here. If both of you are up for back-door playtime then it's good! Just remember to be safe and responsible. And yeah, it would suck getting caught. Wow, that must be a little awkward for all of you in that situation.

First, I think you should tell Jennifer what happened with you and your cousin, because if she's your girlfriend then I think she deserves to know whats going on, you know? And then tell her how you think you have feelings for your cousin and see how she is with that. If your feelings for Jennifer are stronger than your feelings for your adopted cousin, then I say don't tell Jennifer and stay with her. But if there's even a little part of you that feels like your feelings for your adopted cousin are stronger, then I say definitly have a conversation with your girlfriend and then your cousin, and try to change things.

It's not good to cheat though, it never leads to a happy or healthy relationship. If two aren't blood related though, I don't see anything wrong with having a relationship with your adopted cousin if your feelings are that strong for her- even though I can almost guarantee it won't be accepted by your family members, you two could make it work anyway. Good luck with whatever happens though.

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You're too young to be thinking of nasty stuff like that. I understand that she's not related by blood, but that's still sick. We never really behaved like cousins because we had essentially been strangers when we met. I'd like to add that only our closest friends know we're related either.

Morals and Manners - How do I tell family I love my cousin?

However, because we became such good friends, our halves of the family decided to start getting together more often for holidays, and saw our friendship as a bridge between the whole family. We now live together in my hometown and both have jobs, and our WHOLE family keeps treating us as brother and sister, essentially, pointing out how close we are, etc, how great it is that the family has bonded again. Fair dues, we have essentially created a very strong family reunion system.

We got a two bedroom apartment for appearances, but sleep together every night. Our family is so thick they haven't noticed. Our siblings know, but that's it. However, we are obviously going to get married.

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I love her to pieces. We have absolutely no idea how to tell the family. Part of me just wants to run away. I know my dad would be cool with it but I'm not sure anyone else would be. My grandma would lose her shit. What on earth do I do? We want to get married. It's weird because their family seems to be close. I am so confused by this.

Do y'all think this is okay? Jun 29, 2.

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Thanks x 4 LOL! Jun 29, 3. What is a second cousin once removed? I can't figure these things out lol. Thanks x 10 LOL! Jun 29, 4. Yt people love to say once removed bullshit, wtf is that? A cousin is a cousin. Thanks x 11 LOL! Jun 29, 5. Thanks x 3 LOL! Jun 29, 6. I am very close with all my second cousins but I don't know what once removed means. Either way the shit is weird. Jun 29, 7. This is some hillbilly shit. Are they not worried about the close bloodlines if they have kids?? It seems like when the family finds out shit is going to hit the fan.

Jun 29, 8. Jun 29, 9. I do know people that have fucked their cousins and I know two people that are cousins not close as they are married. Jun 29, Idk how the first second third removed cousin thing works!


We related through our parents thats what a cousin is right?!? Now if you married into the family thats something totally different!

Yeah it would be a no for me, the chances of messing up your kids genetically is just not worth it. I had had to work with a child that came from incest and that poor child has a host of mental illnesses. I couldn't help but to think it was due to her blood lines being so close on both sides though the whole team of interdisciplinary professionals refused to address it as a possible source.! Wait, I swear I heard this in "mean girls".