Hook up ssd to motherboard

What i have:I want to install it and use together on my pc. I've previously read all i could find on how to do it. Connect the SSD first and.
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For SSDs, you should see additional screw points on the tray that match up with the holes on the underside of your SSD. Line these up and screw them down tight.

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Then skip ahead to Step 4. Detach them from the back of the motherboard tray — on the Corsair Carbide R, for instance, all you need is to untwist the thumb screw. Just make sure the connector points are facing the appropriate direction probably downwards, towards the cable openings in your case before you start using the old screwdriver. The same thing applies to your HDDs.

Place the HDD mount on top of your drive and then screw it down.

Step Two: Decide Whether to Transfer Your Operating System or Perform a Clean Installation

Either way, connect up the power cables in the most efficient way possible. Your SATA ports should all be clustered together on your motherboard, looking something a bit like this below.

Right-angled SATA cables are particularly handy for keeping things nice and neat. First, identify where your M. Then, just line up the connectors on your SSD, pop it in and voila. In fact, go and get that cup of tea now or coffee, if you prefer , because the next part is arguably the worst bit of any PC build. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies. Find more information here. Katharine writes about all the bits that go inside your PC so you can carry on playing all those lovely games we like talking about so much.

  • Step One: Choosing Your New Drive!
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  • The Complete Guide On Installing A Solid State Hard Drive In Your PC.

Very partial to JRPGs and the fetching of quests. The controllers bringing games to those with disabilities. Once your computer is off, you need to remove all the cables from the back of your CPU tower.

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To easily remember where all the cables should go, take a picture of the cables while they are still hooked up and use it as an easy reference when you place them back again later. Remove the side panel from the CPU tower. You can tell which panel you can remove by looking at the rear of the tower, unscrewing the screws along the edges, and sliding the panel off.

How to install an SSD / HDD

Connect a power cable to the SSD. Take a power cable from your power supply, which should have a flat connector, and connect it to the matching terminals in your SSD. Attach a SATA connector. Return the side panel to the CPU tower.

How to install SSDs / HDDs | Rock Paper Shotgun

Just slide the panel back on and firmly screw it in place at the back of the CPU tower. Reattach all the cables to the CPU tower. Refer to the picture you took, if indeed you took one, to hook up all the cables you removed from the back of the CPU tower. Power on the computer. Turn your computer on by pressing the Power button and waiting for the computer to boot up. Check out the new SSD drive.

You should see a new drive available for you to use among the other drive partitions you had before. You can now paste and install programs into the new drive for improved performance.

You can buy an SSD on the internet or at an electronics store. You would have to take out the hard drive usually on the side and opens with a few screws copy all your data on to the SSD first that so you don't lose any data.