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Medicare is a health insurance scheme funded by the Australian government. or doctor in a shared care arrangement; subsidised tests and ultrasound scans.
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Medicare rebate on dating scan - Pregnancy: Tips, Questions and Information - Essential Baby

Your GP or private midwife will let you know when you need an ultrasound and refer you to a service. An ultrasound is a safe way to create an image of your developing baby. There may be a cost involved depending on where you go but some places bulk bill through Medicare. Below is a list of common ultrasounds carried out in a normal, low-risk pregnancy which is also listed on your Pregnancy Health Record.

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My Nuchal scan was done at the hospital I was booked into, as was the Morphology scan Today I am going for a growth scan and its through the hospital I am booked with to deliver and it again is free. Im in SA and have a medicare card and a low income health care card from Centerlink so maybe thats why I dont have to pay? Posted Wednesday 04 June You think it would be the same everywhere on the pricing or that they should bulk bill scans.

Access quality information from pregnancy planning through to early parenthood Visit Pregnancy, Birth and Baby. Access information to help you navigate the aged care system Visit My Aged Care. A great place to start for support and services Visit Carer Gateway. General health Pregnancy and parenting Aged care Caring for someone. Medicare during pregnancy Print. If you have a Medicare card, your costs during pregnancy and birth will be subsidised.

Call Medicare on What is covered by Medicare during pregnancy, birth and early parenthood? Antenatal care While you are pregnant, Medicare covers: There are some things not covered by Medicare.

Medicare rebate on dating scan

Department of Health Medicare services. Opens in a new window. Department of Human Services Medicare Services.

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