Dating someone who has no ambition

Thus if you are dating a guy with no drive or ambition, explore how it can both hinder and enrich your love life. Lack of resources. On the most obvious level.
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Your laid back boyfriend will be more likely than others to perceive when you are anxious or upset and then able to draw out the reasons from you.

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At the same time, when you are happy about a promotion or a new hairdo, you can expect your man not only to notice it but make your day with some nice compliments. While this ability to be emotionally responsive is crucial for any meaningful relationship, it is especially rare to come across it in a man and thus one to be cherished wholeheartedly.

A creative personality Then again men who are less driven in professional or business worlds, are more likely to be highly creative people — this is because most artistic and creative pursuits require a measure of contemplation and imagination — traits which hardly gel with over-riding ambition or cut-throat competitiveness.

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The best part about dating such a guy is that you are likely to be wooed and courted in a highly individualistic manner. If you partner has excellent culinary skills, he just might whip up a special dessert for your birthday. On the other hand if he is a singer, you may be lucky to have a song written, set to music and sung just for you amidst a hundred people.

Creative people are spontaneous, non-judgmental and best of all have a unique way of showing their love which makes their partners feel so very special. More time on his hands If you are careful to simply date a less driven man casually and not start depending on him for financial support, you may find that the absence of professional ambition has its own rewards even. He will thus be game to meet you at any time after his normal work hours and probably have more leisure time which you can put to good use in your love life.

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Again if you both are in a steady relationship, he will be home to take care of chores or even pick up your kids from school, if you have any. Despite popular culture representing a man with no professional ambition as a loser, dating him is hardly the same as an unemployed person.

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One of the consequences of living in a keenly materialistic and consumerist society is that anybody who is not slaving away for the next promotion or commission is seen as lacking drive and purpose in life. The truth however is that there are different kinds of goals that a person may wish to work towards in his lifetime.

A man who does not care about moving into the glass-fronted office may have plans of writing a book, trekking through mountain trails in Bhutan or volunteering at a save-the-whales campaign.

Again if a man earns enough to pay his bills and mortgage, does it really matter if he cannot obtain a fifty percent pay raise every year? Finally there is a lot to be said about living simply; if you and your partner can reduce your wants and meaningless material indulgences, there is no reason why you cannot have a quality dating life on limited financial resources. Skip to main content. You are here Home. Log in to post comments Printer-friendly version.

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Do I feel excited around him? Does he have his life at least somewhat together? What we can control, however, is how much work and passion we put into our goals. Here is the trouble with dating someone less ambitious than yourself. You like sharing ideas and making connections!

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Who knows what a new friend may bring. You never know what may inspire you, so you look for inspiration everywhere. Unambitious people usually like to stick to what they know and may not be as curious as you are. You go to after-work events and drinks to keep building that network. If you go home early, you feel angry at your partner for making you do that and, once again, are not mentally present.

Should you stay with a man that isn't ambitious ?!

What do people talk about at the end of the day? People who are not passionate about their personal goals are, typically, just not very passionate. If you are working hard towards your goals, and you have big goals, you can think like that. Something that used to be fun—daydreaming about a better life—is now something you feel bad about. Your partner may even make you believe you are ungrateful for what you have, just for wanting more.