Dating vintage mxr pedals

MXR used pots with EIA date codes on them. OK, the pedal is an early block logo with LED but the circuit board is covered with foam and I.
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Identifying a Vintage MXR Phase 90

Mike Fleming , Nov 20, Nov 21, 6. Earliest Dynas were script MXR logo, '75 - '76 or so. Current dunlop reissues use board mounted pots and switch. Nov 21, 7.

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That would make sense Then I have one that is a mid version, and one that is a Late orignial. They sound and work surprisingly different.

Darrell , Nov 21, Nov 25, 8. That would make sense. Nov 25, 9.

Dating MXR pedals? -

Noe Lee , Nov 25, Nov 26, Nov 28, It depends It depends on whether it sounds good that day. Darrell , Nov 28, Nov 10, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Steve Mavronis , Feb 25, I pulled up the pic that was in the ebay auction which I cannot save for some reason and it looks like the pot is I think I should receive it this weekend, so I will verify the and try and post a pic. Slagger , Feb 25, Hyper , Feb 25, I love how simple that wiring is!

MXR Pedals - Determining Age?

Beerdog80 , Feb 25, I'm repairing my one now. Can't wait to hear it for the first time. Had to make a replacement PCB because the original got fried before it was given to me: Steve Mavronis , Feb 26, Hyper , Feb 26, Sorry, but I can't resist showing mine.

I will never part with her! Here are the pics, this pedal sounds amazing.

There is a weird black foamy coating on the back of the board Slagger , Feb 26, Beerdog80 , Feb 27, Slagger , Feb 27, Steve Mavronis , Mar 1, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Share This Page Tweet. Your name or email address: