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When away from their homes they never enter a house unless compelled by extreme necessity; for they think they are not safe when staying under a roof. It is certainly a convention within the literature of the Later Roman Empire for there to be continuity from the Classical Greek sources. This is not only the case for the prejudices of the Roman authors, but also for the conventions of nomenclature: Many of the peoples that can be seen as active in Late Antiquity often carry the same names as those given by the Classical sources some centuries earlier.

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Priscus was sent as an ambassador to the court of Attila, during which time he was able to observe and pass judgement on some measure of Hunnic society. Having been given his task and departing from Constantinople, Priscus and his companions soon find themselves in the company of a band of Huns who are to guide them on their journey. What is surprising in this instance is that Priscus makes absolutely no mention of their physical appearance. Given the weight that Ammianus places on the almost inhuman appearance of the Huns, one would expect to see it also conveyed by Priscus. Instead, what we see with this group of Huns are individuals loyal to their leader, but still rational humans nonetheless.

Instead, we are told that the topic of conversation was tactfully changed so as not to cause more tension between both the groups of Huns and Romans present. Perhaps the best known section of the encounter with Attila is when Priscus and his companions are invited to participate in a banquet, which Attila himself attended. The reader is given a fascinating insight into how such social events were organised, as well as the symbolic nature of the various aspects of the feast.

What is perhaps most remarkable about 23 Goffart , 24 Priscus, 3.

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Priscus reports that while many of the Hunnic nobility dined on lavish dishes served on silver platters, as is befitting of their station, Attila himself only ate meat from a simple wooden plate. This is not done through the consumption of lavish food, or a use of expensive dinnerware, but through showing himself to be a man of prudence; dining in a simple manner, but keeping his sword at his side. The question of why there would be such a large difference between these two authors then arises from this. Both Priscus and Ammianus are clearly dealing with the same subject matter, and are both situated at either side of the start of the Fifth Century.

However, this similar historical context does not necessarily guarantee parity in their methodologies.

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This link is made even more intriguing because of the rift noted by historian between Thucydides and Herodotus. After leaving Constantinople, we are told that Priscus and his companions travelled to the town of Naissus, which they found to have been laid to waste by the Huns. To an extent, this may have been the case. Within his discussion, he notes that while the empire of the Fourth Century had been universal and uncontested its state by the mid-Fifth Century was almost completely different. at WI. Front page -

For example, Brown makes the statement that ultimately there was no widespread barbarian invasion of the empire. After reaching Naissus, an exchange of hostages is requested so that the Roman envoys might show a gesture of good will to the Attila, and therefore aid in smooth negotiations. Priscus says that the hostages were eventually handed over, and had been treated kindly by their captors. In a similar fashion, foreign barbarians arriving in Roman territories became at least a means by which stories, especially hagiographical texts, were able to progress their plot, or to introduce a sense of danger.

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Indeed, this is for understandable reasons. The gradual dismemberment of the empire at the hands of foreigners, who increasingly came to be found within the confines of the empire, had brought about a shift in the power dynamics of Europe during the period.

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The Vita Severini tells the tale of Saint Severinus; a previously unknown holy man who appears within the province of Noricum at some point during the latter half of the Fifth Century. During the course of the narrative, not only are the people of Noricum witness to the many miracles that Severinus performs, but are also victims of incursions made into the empire by the peoples known as the Alemanni.

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