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Have you ever wonder what it's like to date Cameron Dallas? Well guess what you are about to find out!! Here's a little from the story: "Cameron Dallas asked.
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He faced me and pulled me closer. My hands locked behind his neck. I wanted to see you every second of every day, ever since you left LA. We slowly swayed around not minding anyone around us.

Was I really going through with this? His head shot up. We are not doing this here, like this. When we got outside we found a park bench and sat down. What is this about? Good, be mad at me hate me! Are you kidding me? We are great for one another! We get each other!

We love each other! Are you losing your mind? I know that this, us, makes you just as happy as me. I see it in your eyes. I hear it in your laugh. I know you like the back of my hand! You were the one who wanted this more than I did! Without any explanation as to why? I would do the same. The silence would be the death of me. Destroy me here and now. Maybe more than it hurt him. You have things to accomplish. Love to give to someone who really loves you.

Before he could say anything I walked away. The last thing I heard him say was: I just had to ruin it. So a little update: I sat in my apartment in New York. I was supposed to be in LA right now. Being next to the bride to be and try and calm her. I should have been on my flight last night. But I got scared. Ethan tried to reach out to me. But I ignored him as well. Basically everyone tried to get a hold of me. I had to be there. I was supposed to be there for my best friend when she got cold feet.

I was wrapped in my blanket on my bed. One lonely tear rolling down my cheek as my phone started to ring again. I expected it to be Josh or Will. It is rare though. Not even as much as a glance was shared. Just a comforting touch of his hand. His grip tight reassuring me.

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I picked up the phone and stared at the screen for a few seconds before accepting the call. Sam needs you here, okay? He was frustrated and stressed. I could sense it.

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I squeezed my eyes shut as if it would help me prepare for his answer. Just hop on the first plane and get your ass to Sam. But only for Sam. My face nuzzled in the crook of his neck. I inhaled his sent. He pulled me in tighter one last time. He was going to go to Europe. I was going to be in NYC. As I sat at the gate waiting for boarding I received a text.

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I took a big breath. Well it was night time, of course it was dark. I put my small carry on bag on the couch. You know that right? I slowly opened the door revealing the dark room. He turned the lamp on his nightstand on.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Or does she call me a useless stupid fake friend now? I slowly grabbed my stuff and was about to open the front door when Cameron opened it from the other side. His eyes widened when he saw me.

Thanks, captain obvious, I know already. And not the other way around. Considering you wanna spend the rest of your lives together. He could dump me any day now. Wow, the wedding is really getting to her, my god. Cameron dallas and taylor caniff imagine for breakingmelikeapromise and anon leave hiiiii i love your imagines they are great i was wondering if i could have one where me and cameron get into a. Toggle navigation Sign In Sign Up.

Cameron Dallas imagine

Dating cameron dallas imagine Cameron dallas cameron dallas imagine magcon magcon boys magcon blog hayes grier nash grier taylor caniff carter reynolds matt espinosa jack johnson jack gilinsky shawn mendes aaron carpenter notes jun 1st, I'm looking for Man. You kissed him back. I dont ship this i cruise it. I dont care tho. I love you end of story. Haters can sot themselves down. Nothing and no-one can keep you from me. The rest of the night you ate food and watched movies you nearly forgot about what happened before this.

Cameron Dallas imagine Cameron Dallas imagine: Your boyfriend chased after you. Its good for eating your feelings. What are friends for i guess this is what i signed up for. But it was worth it.