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The forthcoming update for 'Destiny' will introduce mandatory matchmaking to the Weekly Heroic Strike, meaning no fireteams will head into the experience.
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I hate how for a week we'll have solar singe on, but the daily challenges can still be for void and arc. I end up having to be less helpful trying to get arc kills with my secondary weapon for a strike or two or run the wrong class so my arc soul can get five kills. If we're going to have a weekly singe, I'd prefer any strike challenges be the same element. With so many players still under level you would think the priority would be the ability to actually complete strikes more so then the daily challenges.

There have been so many strikes that I eventually had to quit because minutes of wiping at bosses with randoms. I just pay attention early and requeue if people are dying for dumb reasons or something along those lines. This was my first Heroic post-Warmind, grounded was active, we were all sub but the other two randoms did not give up either. But damn it felt good finally killing Nokris. I haven't had any problem completing heroics yet and if I'm going to do five on each character the first week for the hand cannon quest, I might as well get some extra tokens from whatever the challenges are that day.

I got match made into that when people were on the final boss.

No Raid Matchmaking for Destiny 1

I got spawned in behind the energy shield and stayed there so they'd have a chance of getting through it. If I'd match made fresh into that with blackout on I would have just left. They need to take a look at blackout either in terms of adjusting the modifier as a whole or which strikes you can get when that modifier is active. Gunslinger is usless except for celestialing the boss.

People never ever seem to realise this when they say that everything needs matchmaking. Nightfall wouldn't seem so easy playing with two blueberries who have one thumb between them. That being said, with glass and under levelled, the heroics were fucking annoying even with a fireteam. In their my defense, I went slightly against modifier optimization to get that extra LL. So perhaps they were just trying to do that? I was running tractor cannon yesterday because I got the masterworks drop.

Same with Darci last week.

Additional Gameplay Fixes

Just giving you an idea of why that might have been. It's so good on PC that you can enter the team chat and communicate so easily on how to deal with the boss fight. Got stuck on Pydramideon boss in Heroic strikes, laser kills you in one hit, then one of the blueberry and I entered the team chat and coordinated together using all supers on the boss when it enters Enraged phase, BOOM DONE!!

They have been saying this since Destiny Vanilla and it still hasnt happened. It feels like Bungie doesnt want that. But I would be completely in and I do think that optional matchmaking would be perfect so people could still solo it if they want to. At the same time it also proves matchmaking isn't a good thing in difficult activities. And technically speaking you do have matchmaking in regular nightfalls via guided games. It doesn't prove much actually, that's kinda vague.

As of now you've got regular Strikes and regular Nightfalls. Neither are that difficult because the light requirement is lower and this is the standard mode. You've now also got heroic strikes and prestige nightfalls. The requirements are higher and they can be quite difficult as they both have modifiers as well. Comparing heroic strikes light ? Well, as I recall the argument for not having matchmaking on the Nightfall, of which there used to be only one, was the difficulty.

So it is an apt comparison if there is now more difficult content that has matchmaking. It's just very inconsistent right now. My wife low light, mediocre skill and I couldn't get through the first encounter of a couple heroics. We ran the nightfall in 32 minutes just goofing around. She is still probably higher than light though current NF power level. Also a lot of people aren't paying attention to modifiers like burns and negative effects like grounded and such. Makes things harder but if you know what is handicapping you it's not hard to adapt.

Last night it took an hour for me and 2 randos to complete the Xol strike, with wipes at the boss fight. Got a couple - 5 level blues out of it, also known as gunsmith parts. I just solo'd the nightfall over lunch, took about an hour and I was playing REAL conservative, even wiped at the boss 3 times fell in a damn hole at the front of the arena for the first death. Got 3 pieces of powerful gear to show for it, brought me up 1 whole light level.

Yeah, heroics are WAY harder now. I don't think I actually have a complaint either, other than it'd be nice to get some high level gear, but I understand why they don't want to make it farmable. I like that most nightfalls are at about the right difficulty that I can solo them if I have minutes to put into it. However matchmaking would make it way better. It's a quirk of power levels, nothing to do with dificulty.

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It boggles the mind. Even with DestinyLFG, you spend longer searching for Nightfall Mates than doing the Nightfall, which at this point is about as easy as a regular strike. The nightfall isn't the real "nightfall" prestige is It has to stay that way for people who didn't buy dlc, so just consider it a very easy milestone, which it is I hope so this talk of how "difficult" heroic strikes are goes away this week Should there be match making on nightfall?

I never have a problem finding a team, but I'm on Xbox, and the on console lfg is wonderful I think the difficulty of the modifiers like blackout and grounded dont match the thrill of the singes. It didnt feel too awful having to stay on the ground in D1 because burns allowed you to OSK most things with your special. On top of that, nightfalls in D2 have been piss easy since launch. Idc about the modifiers you can add, nightfalls need to be harder than a heroic strike everytime, not just sometimes.

Nightfall cards should go and they should have random modifiers each week but with the added 'wipe goes to orbit' thing. All it shows is that matchmaking for "hard" content is a fucking disaster. No thank you on NF matchmaking. I gave up on a Lake of Shadows strike due to the the randoms I was running with.


Destiny Update 1.1.1 to Add Mandatory Matchmaking for Weekly Heroic Strikes

I easily had twice as much kills as both combined. I also walked my 9 year old daughter through the Savathun NF last week because she just wanted the emblem. It took an hour and we got zero points. But she got the pretty emblem. I solo'd the current one up until I died on the second bossfight dunk and didn't feel like blowing any more time on it. Even with two random idiots on my team, that's more DPS and more targets for the enemy to aim at, and I probably would've gotten it instead of going to bed rewardless.

My 9 year old hid the entire time and only engaged the thrall swarms. It doesn't need matchmaking. Would you have appreciated being match made into that nightfall with us? There's zero excuse, like in many games to not have optional matchmaking and an in game lfg for every single activity.

‘Destiny’ Exploit Cancels Matchmaking in Weekly Heroic Strike

You can still believe everyone is terrible and unworthy of playing with someone of your immense skill and those of us who find that, in fact, most players are about average that's a fact can just use the matchmaking. You know, like in almost every other game. Including 25 man raids on mmos that require strategy and class play beyond "well for this encounter you shoot things"? Given the idiots I've played with during heroics?

Heroic Strikes currently harder than NF, have matchmaking. : DestinyTheGame

I think the opposite - it shows that having thumbless idiots with you is more frustrating than having to LFG it. Bungie not having matchmaking for certain activities has nothing to do with difficulty. Yep, but this game is dead anyway. Can't even get my sleeper, because people either play like crap during EP or there aren't enough on the map and don't come to help. There is zero possibility to communicate with people around you other than PMs.

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Bungie is the most retarded AAA dev ever. Such a lazy product. Playing an online multiplayer shooter, maybe a bad choice if you want to play solo. Maybe go play Doom or something? But getting matchmade with the average Destiny player for a heroic strike is hell on earth. Removing matchmaking from high end content helps with self-selection and improves the group and quality of experience. Though I should be clear, I think they should remove matchmaking from heroic strikes and add it into the regular Nightfall.

Bungie Weekly Update :: Heroic Strike Matchmaking :: Destiny

I still think the main problem with all of this is no ingame party finder. This would solve a lot of problems with it, honestly. I know that's supposed to be exclusive to the NF, but still. No, at the end of this week, once everyone completes a second round of Milestones and Feedback Feedback and suggestions for Destiny 2. Please enable matchmaking for these. Makes no sense to assume we have 2 other players to play with.

Regular strikes have matchmaking so why doesn't the weekly heroic strike have it. Nightfall strike should have it too. And vault of glass if it doesn't. Comment Reply Start Topic. Post History Loading, please wait. This may take some time Yup, this would be useful for a large portion of the user base. I would want the daily to be optional matchmaking though.