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A new romance is exciting and it is natural to want to go at it with total gusto, but the ability to keep your options open while dating instead of zeroing in on one.
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These days, our lives practically revolve around our cell phones. When a guy gets serious about a girl, he wants to include her in every aspect of his life. Inviting a girl over to his house for the first time is a big deal for most guys, and they will likely clean the place from head to toe, plan a romantic dinner, and wash their sheets in hopes of getting lucky.

Okay, we get it. A guy who is really interested in you will keep in contact with you throughout the day. He will check up on you in the morning to see how well you slept, he will ask you what you had for lunch, and he will call you at the end of the day just to say goodnight. His nights are full of wining, dining and catching a flick with anyone other than you.

You deserve someone who checks up on you throughout the day, not because they feel obligated, but because they actually care! Consistency is huge when it comes to dating. A man who is sporadic with his communication probably gives you a weird vibe, right? When a guy is dating multiple women, he will hold off on showing too much affection to you. He has to weigh his options, he has to check in with his other women, and then he will make a decision as to how and where he will spend his Friday night. This is a sign that you need to keep your options open, too.

I do have some suggestions for you, in the form of a training course for this very problem.

Watch your email because I will send you an invitation to learn more about it in about a month. I met a man online whose profile really impressed me. We seemed to have a lot in common. We are both divorced. He was divorced last June. He quickly apologized for it in another mail. So I wrote back to him telling him to get over the past before he embraces the present and that he should first work on healing himself. Well he wrote back that he wants us to continue communicating and promised that the ex will never come up again. I like him but am not sure if I should continue communicating with him.

He is either getting senile hope not or he is trying to work out emotions toward his ex in his interactions with you. I would not blame you at all for backing away from this situation. Hanging onto this hope will keep him on a pedestal he does not deserve. He does not feel as strongly for you as you do for him.

Let go of the hope of him being something he is not and find a man who wants what you want.

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  6. Keeping Your Options Open – P.S. I Love You.

Find a man who is passionate about you but temper that passion with reason and sense. You keeping your head on your shoulders will make him burst into a flame of feverish chase that will give you the best time of your life. And save the sex as some super climax as a reward for him taking the time to get to know the real you and falling for you, if and only if you believe him to a man worthy of receiving you!!!

How do you know if he is worthy of you.???

Keeping Your Options Open

If he changes his bad habits not as a way to get into your pants but he changes his bad habits on self reflection once you have made him aware of his bad habits. So he is operating from his heart not from his head. If he changes because he knows its the right thing to do, not for me but for himself. I love, love, love men like this.!!!! And I have a lot of respect for them. Dear James, I have your book on what men secretly want. But it does not help my case.

I met a lively man online. On a dating site.. I have been following your book to the t. Gave the man space etc and know him fir the last 6 months. Last week I was feeling frustrated and asked him if he is willing to go an extra mile for me.

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His response was, I am fond of you but this distance between us makes it all up in the air. Thus for now, am willing to be your friend the way we are. With a distance barrier of that magnitude, both partners need to be on board and interested in overcoming the distance. He has expressed his fondness for you, but he is allowing the distance to close his heart to pursuing things with you. Stay true to your course. If your new crush is meant to be your lifelong partner, then he or she will be supportive of you reaching your dreams.

Everywhere you go, keep smiling at, flirting with and talking to the opposite sex. Don't avoid other romantic possibilities simply because you've got a new crush.

5 Signs He's Seeing Other Women

From the start, make it clear that you are not interested in jumping into a relationship right off the bat. It is fine to date multiple people at once, just as long as you are not lying about it. Approach dating as an exploratory journey, not as a predetermined destination. The more you appreciate the unexpected element of dating, the more likely you will be to keep your heart open to the different options for love that cross your path.

See "failed" relationships as important learning experiences. Learning what qualities you don't want in a partner or date is an essential part of discovering what you do want. In my experience a person's true nature doesn't show up for 6 months or more. Up until that point the other person seems ideal.

Keeping Your Dating Options Open | Be Irresistible

I say, don't commit to somebody until you've seen his or her dark sides. You must earn trust of the person you are dating and, perhaps most importantly, you must make the person you are dating earn your trust. I'm not saying that you should be suspicious of people you date, but you shouldn't throw your total trust into somebody you just met.