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The Dating For Teachers website is a UK dating service offers teachers and academics in the UK the ability to search for other teachers, make friends who share.
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A couple of her students did suspect at one stage, but she threw them off the scent by saying: We told the kids we were dating celebrities.

Blurred boundaries for teachers

Are you dating anyone? Some of mine probably still think that I'm dating Emma Watson. We do talk about work at home. At school we have different personas and keep a lot in, so when we get back home we get things off our chest and vent — we sometimes end up having therapy sessions in front of the TV.

I got drunk in the pub on the last day of Christmas term — also in attendance was a colleague who I'd had a crush on for ages. At the time I thought revealing this fact to her was a brave and romantic thing to do. When I woke up in the morning, I was so mortified that I thought I might never be able to go back to school thankfully we had two weeks off.

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Later that day, I got a message from her. I apologised for being so forward and she said it was fine and that we should go for a drink over the holidays. So in the gap between Christmas and New Year, we went on one of the most awkward dates I have ever been on. I arrived late because my bus was delayed, the bar we went to was playing really bad music really loudly and we ended up spending lots of the evening walking around in the cold trying to find somewhere else that was open. But the worst part was that we had nothing to say to each other. We struggled through a couple of hours of awkward chat before calling it a night.

We exchanged some polite texts to say we'd be better as friends and we haven't really said more than a hello to each other since.

Teacher Tries To Get With Her 13 Year Old Student!!

I met my partner when we worked in the same school; he was a geography teacher and I was a maths teacher. I had a boyfriend for the first couple of years that we knew each other, but we became good friends and ended up getting together after I broke up with him. That was two years ago. We tried to keep it under wraps for a while with our colleagues, but they worked it out quite quickly. We got some ribbing about it at first, but it was all in good humour.

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We didn't tell our pupils, but they knew. They would ask us questions in class about each other and as much as I tried to bat them away, I think it was obvious. One of my form group asked if she could be our bridesmaid! We used to talk about work a lot — I was quite new to the profession, so having a more experienced teacher to run things by was really helpful.

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