Why do guys get jealous when your not dating them yahoo

don't automatically think that he likes you. it doesn't always mean that. its just that guys are very competitive, its a testosterone thing - they want.
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In the philosophy of jealous guys, it is in general that a jealous adult has developed feelings for the acquired target. The way this happens is when hormones go wild for the person or thing.


When a guy is jealous, does that mean he likes you ? | Yahoo Answers

Then when you see the target with another person or thing, the jealous guy hormones will go mad for the girl. But then again, there was a theory that a jealous guy doesn't always generally like the target - he just wants more attention. You see, if you think I do not know what I am talking about, why don't you shut up and get a life. A guy can just become jealous if he knows you used to like him and now you like someone else Over jealous is a sickness.

His jealousy has nothing to do with you. It is about him. He is selfish and possessive and doesn't want to share any of his possessions.

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If you are with a guy who is jealous, get out as quickly as possible because it is all about him. When a guy gets jealous, it usually means they feel at least a lil somthing for you. Sometimes it just means he wants you to like him. Guys can be real players sometimes.

They want all girls to like them and no one else, but they arent always interested. This doesnt mean all guys are like that!

Hes jealous because im talking to other guys?

But a lot of them are. I would say he probably does. If he didn't care about you in some way, he wouldn't be jealous My GF and I have been together for over 6 years now, and we're getting married in October. We are secure in our relationship, and trust each other so much that either one of us can lay a kiss on someone else without the other getting upset.

I get kissed by my female friends all the time. My GF and I know that no one will ever come between us, and we have complete faith in each other. Jealousy is just a warning sign that something else is wrong. It could be that they are afraid that they will lose you to someone else; that they might not be special enough to you that you won't leave them for something better. It might be that they are afraid that you will cheat. Whatever it is, the only answer is to talk about it together.

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I get Jealous when a guy is taller then me or when he has bigger muscles than me. I'm 5'9 and athletically built but usually a guy is taller then and I get jelous. If a guy is shorter then me and is more built than I am I get jealous. In the rare instance a guy is 6'0 and has a very athletic body I get sooo jealous!!! The guys I know DO get jealous. People are more likely to get jealous when they feel threatened, e. Guys do get jealous. They just express it differently then women. You should talk to your partner; it depends on how long you've been going out and seeing each other.

Is there anything that you are doing to contribute to her insecurities? Females simply show their emotions more so than guys, i don't think we are more jealous, it's just our make up or hormones that enable us to tell you how we feel about things and why we feel that way!

20 Signs That He is Jealous of You with Another Guy

The one thing to tell her is what we all really like to hear that she is special to you and that you truly love her, but please don't say it if you don't mean it, you could have hell to pay. Ever hear about the scorned woman smile? I get extremely jealous xD I dont think guys like to show it as much, but trust me.


We are probably more jealous than the girls! Related Questions Getting jealous over guys i dnt know? Should a guy be jealous if ur girl does this???

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