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And presumably if you've selected this particular app, you've already identified yourself as at least sapio-curious. Kristin Tynski, one of the app's cofounders, told the Huffington Post that being a sapiosexual isn't just about your IQ, it's about bonding over shared interests and having meaningful conversation. But the interface works in the same way as most swipe-based apps do, so looks and first impressions will still play a role.

Sapio joins a wave of apps that have come out promising a more specialized membership in one form or another think The League , but there's no actual proof required that you're especially smart or interesting. And that's not something that's easily quantified anyway, except by pretty pointless measures like IQ.

Sapiophile: What Is It? Are You One? And More | Dating The One

So it remains to be seen whether the connections you might form among your supposed intellectual peers will be any better than among the massive pool of potential mates offered by more general apps like Tinder offer. We're using cookies to improve your experience. They might find a supermodel hot and physically attractive, but without a highly intelligent brain to match, they most likely will not pursue a relationship. People these days want to be very particular about their interest and romantic preference, so as not waste time.

Using specific terms that define their requirements for attraction can make things a lot easier.

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The two terms are very close, and some people tend to use them interchangeably. A person with sapiophilia is romantically attracted to intelligence, whereas a sapiosexual — as the term already suggests — experiences sexual attraction when they meet someone with above average brains. A sapiosexual is literally turned on by intelligence.

Talking to them about quantum physics can get them in the mood the same way others might with sensual dancing and the like. In any case, both sapiosexuality and sapiophilia are hinged on intelligence for fostering attraction, both romantic and sexual.

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So do you get it now? This sapiophile meaning and sapiosexual definition hopefully cleared everything up for you.

Some people have taken it to mean that sapiosexuals are snobs and that they only talk to people who read books written by Albert Camus or James Joyce. That is a very narrow understanding of sapiophilia and sapiosexuality! In fact, one could say that it limits our understanding of intelligence and what it means to be a smart person.

Most of the time, people think smart means one must have a PhD, or be academically superior. They consider book smart the pinnacle of intelligence. In reality, a sapiosexual looks for more than just academic aptitude.

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Sapiosexuals abhor small talk. That sort of thing bores them and definitely will have them looking elsewhere. Being up to date with the latest information on topics like art, technology, or whatever you find interesting just not reality TV and the Kardashians, of course gives you more ammunition to keep dates with a sapiosexual very interesting.

One of the biggest dating mistakes you can do with a sapiosexual is to just roll over and agree with everything they say. This is how you can contribute to the partnership. The ability to articulate your position is a real turn on, and can be more than enough foreplay for sapiosexuals. There are way too many things in the universe to limit yourself to just two subjects! Be willing to talk about your favorite sonnets, discuss the latest discoveries in your field, or just talk about fun things like astronomy.

Sapiophile: What Is It? Are You One? And More

There are so many interesting topics in the world, and if you have enough passion for one, it can be a wonderful experience to share it with a sapiosexual. Sapiosexuals are not snobs. That sort of pride is the anti-thesis of intelligence. Someone who assumes they have nothing left to learn is not a smart person.

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In a partnership built on an attraction to intelligence, the goal is to share knowledge with one another. Be willing to learn from them, and share your own knowledge in turn. In a lot of societies, women are expressly discouraged from pursuing higher education so as not to intimidate potential partners.

They are seen as intimidating just because they are intelligent, they earn great, and they are very independent. As such, these women are forced into playing dumb so as not to turn men off. They keep their intelligence hidden so as not to ruffle feathers. A smart person looks for answers after realizing gaps in his or her knowledge. If you really want them to get interested in you, however, you need to plan better dates. Instead, check out the museums near you to see if there are interesting new exhibits to visit.

Go to bookstores, try out new cuisines — anything that will add to their knowledge and experiences will be greatly appreciated.