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Make sure your dignity remains intact at all times. 3. Check in with yourself on the “insane chemistry” you have with the current bad boy you're dating. Does it.
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If we don't pay attention to what our core issues are, the lessons just keep getting louder and the guys get worse and worse. Address your own issues and you'll attract guys with considerably less baggage themselves, said Gould. We gravitate toward what we're familiar with -- but if what you're familiar with is men with mommy issues and an inability to hold down a job, it's probably time to date outside your type, said Barrows.

Can't understand why you're continually drawn to overgrown frat boys and men with commitment issues? It may be because you have commitment issues of your own, said LaMotte. When you are ready to commit, it's possible to break the pattern and find someone you consider marriage material. You can learn new approaches to dating and relationships," LaMotte said.

The types of guys you date are a direct reflection of the value you place on yourself, said Brenda Della Casa , the author of Cinderella Was a Liar: Ultimately, "the question is not how to change your partner but how to make changes that will attract and make you attracted to healthier partners. News Politics Entertainment Communities.


If you are the type of woman who is drawn to the wrong types of men, then familiarity is not necessarily a good thing. If he reminds you of an ex or brings back the same hopeful feelings of being able to help him that you recognize from your past, turn around and walk away.

Cheating, Dating, and Getting Rid Of The Wrong Guys... (Matthew Hussey, Get The Guy)

You have got to be honest and ask yourself how these scenarios have turned out for you before. If you are going to try to help him open his eyes to who he can be and what he can become, then you are basically attempting to paint on a blank canvas. This is much different than a man who has his path in life carved out and is following after his dreams and ambitions.

If you feel that you need to be a mother figure to him and take care of him in order for him to get to where you think he should be, you are setting yourself up for disaster. If you are a woman who falls into these patterns, you are probably drawn to the challenge of changing a man. Yet, so many choose to ignore it. There may be something that immediately draws you to a man in terms of his appearance, stature, personality, whatever it might be — but when you begin to know him on a deeper level you will find yourself having more thoughts than how well-tailored his suit is.

Many people struggle in life and need support sometimes — myself included. We are not perfectly evolved and we all have our flaws, but it is our responsibility as men and women to handle them ourselves and seek help in the right places, the best we can. Your role is to love and support them as an equal, but not to fix them. Once you realize this, you will find yourself being drawn to healthier, more emotionally stable men who are able to give you the love and support you need in return as well.

How I learned to stop dating the wrong guys over and over again

Someone who has not yet fully formed themselves will never be able to be your teammate and true equal — and that is exactly what you need. Now, think about your previous relationships. Most likely there are a few. You want to get down to the nitty-gritty of all of the beliefs you hold about men.

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For instance, if you dad cheated on your mom growing up, one of your beliefs could be that men are cheaters. If your past partners always held the car door open for you, it could be: Next, write down all the positive and negative beliefs you hold about men. This will help you understand how your beliefs are influencing the people you attract.

Circle the ones you want to let go of, and find positive versions of those beliefs.

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For example, if one of your beliefs is that men are cheaters, you could change it to men are faithful in relationships. Next, write down all the men you know who are faithful in relationships. Make it your mission to prove to yourself that your new belief is true.

This writing exercise will help you release beliefs about men that are no longer serving you. Booking a Reiki session can help you get rid of negative vibrations that could be attracting all the rotten eggs.

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Receiving positive vibes can help you let go of negative thoughts and feelings that could be holding you back from attracting your special someone. Whether you can see it or not, energy is all around us, flowing, bouncing, radiating through every fiber of our beings.

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When you get an energy healing session, it will balance and release negative energy that needs to be cleared. When your energy is more clear you'll be able to attract from a more grounded and positive space.

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As a certified Reiki practitioner, I've had many clients notice a difference in the quality of guys they attract after one to two sessions. I hope these tips will help you meet someone amazing. Because you are amazing.