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That's what they come to an agency for. Jennifer based her agency on the model of the now-defunct Dublin one she previously belonged to.

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She also went over to England to check out dating agencies there. And it's even bigger still in the US and Australia. While her experiences of internet dating and speed dating may not have been positive, Jennifer was impressed with the calibre of men she met through the agency she'd signed up to.

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And though she is currently single, she did meet a man whom she went out with for several years. There seemed to be a higher level of sincerity, they weren't just in it for fun. I was meeting people on a one-to-one basis. I'd have one date, if it worked, we'd take it forward. If it didn't work, we'd go back to the agency and we'd be introduced to someone else. It wasn't multiple dating though. There was no juggling around or anything like that.

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It was all very respectful, secure, honest and transparent. That's what I wanted for my agency too. Jennifer says she would never dream of using her own agency to meet a man, although her friends tease her that she's in the perfect position to sift through the suitors to find Mr Right. I have to be ultra professional. I'm always in business mode, so that would never be on my radar. She believes the stigma of joining a dating agency is slowly fading, but that Ireland has still some way to go before it catches up with other countries, where it's common practice.

Nevertheless, she admits that her clientele are still reluctant to go on record and talk publicly about their experiences. Our clients come from right across the board and we have memberships to suit all budgets and types. As time goes on that is building and building. Something else I'm very particular about is that we have a healthy ratio of men and women.

Men are more reticent about coming forward to join up which means that quite often, there is a waiting list of women. Jennifer finds that when it comes to looking for love, men are less pro-active. And that's where she feels many people fall down when it comes to meeting The One. If it hasn't happened, how long are you going to wait or are you actually going to play a part and be pro-active in making it happen?

Whatever we've achieved in our lives, from going to school or college, getting a good education, a good job, playing sport, has been the result of being pro-active.

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So why would we not apply this to our love lives? If I want to meet someone, then what am I going to do about it? I can go to a bar or a club, take up a hobby or sport, or join a dating agency. Then the universe will respond. Love has no age limits either, she says. Matchmaking is a very difficult business because one is dealing with emotions and high expectations.

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In Two's Company the qualification process is very thorough. Bill and Jennifer get to know customers' likes, dislikes, successes and heartbreaks. They are firm believers that successful relationships are based on a foundation of morals, values and common interests. As such, you will undoubtedly have high standards and enjoy the finer things in life.

Our Customer's Testimonials

So finding a potential partner with a similar lifestyle and relationship goal, makes meeting the right people, at the right time extremely difficult, and even more so as we get older. So we are here to help you," said Jennifer. Men can expect to get introductions earlier than women due to the ratio of males to females, and women being more proactive.

But, introductions balance out over a month period. Two's Company can be reached at or www.

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