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Description of the most popular combination plane manufactured by Stanley. The basic #45 can groove, rabbet, dado, match (tongue and groove), bead (edge . used to secure the parts in position also offer a clue about the plane's date.
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You get everything else pictured.

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I see no markings so I am just assuming this is a Stanley 45 and I am not a collector or knowledgeable on thes Three Stanley 45 skates, one with B casting, and two fences. All the skates have spurs on them. These fences are identified as No. From a local Indiana Estate is this Stanley No. This item is an antique Stanley No. It has not been cleaned. It is missing a little of the nickle plating but I think will clean up and look great.

Re: Stanley 45 type identification and restoration advice

Original paint on hand Blades number 1, 5, 6 and one with no number etched into it. Some are prettier than others. Stanley 45 in the box with full set of 22 cutter also boxed. Only part missing is screwdriver. It has only been removed from the brown waxed paper to inspect the parts. It is truly mint, and I doubt it has ever touched a blade to wood. It is one of the last models produced by Stanley before they finally ended production of this plane in the 60"s.

Sometimes these unused planes exhibit rust or problems from improper storage, but that is not the case here. The cutters are bright and shinny as well.. The box is nice as well noting the area of the label missing on the front. I do not believe that you will ever see a nicer example, so if you have the right place to store it and are looking for a collector quality top shelf example of a 55 plane, look no further.

These planes are becoming ever more difficult to find in this nice condition and seldom found in this style box. It includes all the different size auxiliary bottoms plus the nosing bottom and cutter. Only the Nosing tool has its cutter, the others are missing but can be had from the stock set of 55 cutters. They are the later nickeled style, and the nickel is near perfect on all but one that has some minor loses. I have pictured each set individually so be sure to view them all. This is just a sample of the many antique Stanley planes we have sold.

This one has a few minor spots of corrosion, but like many from this era, saw little if any use. Overall it looks great. The plane is a Sweetheart era. The owner made this custom box and filled it with not just the standard cutters, but also those needed for the minty nice set of hollows and rounds he has carefully fitted into the box. In addition to that he has included a number of hard to find Record Beading cutters. All told there are 48 or so cutters. The plane is complete with cam, slitter, instructions, and several sets of extra long rods that the owner also custom made.

So are the cutters. They show no signs of ever being used and are in like new condition. The outer box is nice as well with some weak torn corners. This is a later model that came with a double boxed set of cutters. The plane itself carries the notched rectangle logo, and so I believe it dates from the late 50's or so.

The cam, slitter, screwdriver, original instructions are all included.. A nice plane is exceptional condition. It shows no signs of use. There is a Christmas sticker in the bottom of the box indicating this was given as a gift by an aunt to her nephew during the depression. Think about that for a moment. How many of your aunts have given you something this nice ever.

This was given as a gift, never used, and is ready to be re-gifted if you will. Only you are paying for it. The outer box super. It is an early Sweetheart dating it form the 20's. The cutters are mint, never been used or ground and all here.

Trying to date a Stanley #45

It is complete in every respect and has never been used. Screwdriver, spurs, cam slitter, instructions, and all the rest. The nicest 45 I have offered in years. The outer box has seen better days and the corners are loose, but did its job protecting and keeping the parts together. The cutters are nice, never been ground and all here. The cover has a sweetheart logo dating this plane from approx the 20's thru the 30's. It has both fences and both sets of rods, slitter and the cam. No instructions, but a nice 45 that will make a great user.

This Stanley 45 is in super nice overall condition and looks to have seen little use. The owner modified the box a bit with the addition of the handle seen on the top, but it looks good. The long rods are still in their wrap, and the cam and slitter are present as well. The instructions are here also. The aluminum A 45 was made for about 20 years from - Very few were made during that period and fewer have survived.

He got it in a trade back in the 80's and had to give up quite a pile of other old tools to add this to his collection. The overall condition is very nice, and there is little signs of use or abuse. The cutters are nice, have never been ground and all here in their original and proper boxes.

Trying to date a Stanley #45 | Fine Woodworking Knots

It has both fences and both sets of rods and the rare aluminum cam that came with the second generation model of this plane. The outer wooden box is a craftsman made representation of an original. There is little evidence the plane itself was used more than once. I wonder if I might have a "mongrel" consisting of parts from two different planes? I just had another thought on this. Is it possible that I have a mongrel here, i.

Here is a pic of the Bob, as I have a bunch of these my first thought is that you have a hybrid. It still should be a good user. Can you explain your thoughts regarding why you think it's a hybrid. That did cross my mind as well, but I'm not that experienced with these planes. From what I understand, when the adjustment screw was added, the knob was moved to the fence, right?

Stanley 45 type identification and restoration advice

I'm wondering if there was another incarnation between and that isn't documented on Patricks page????? Also, do you know of another source of info.

Restoring a Stanley 45 - [NLH 11]

Bob, it's a first impression if the search data says that the body, defined by attachments -designs in the casting-knob on the front end of the main body that is threaded directly on the casting threads not drilled through with bolt and top nut - requires an all metal fence and no rosewood. I think that David's sellers name on Ebay is STN45 and he was offering them there for some time, It is a priceless document, very impressive, that must have taken years to publish. Search Ebay for variants of stanley 45, 45 book etc.

I am sorry not to be of more help but my book and all my combo planes are at the new digs in crates in East Tn. Afew things you can check. If it is then a later fence could be used. The fence was very prone to breakage if dropped, usually at the vertical connections of fence body to rods,. I don't care who you are, that's funny! Glad I'm not trying to date a pigsticker! Yea I know, got one of them too. I think FWW should use some of the humor in these forums.

One big reason why I partake. Want to date a Stanley?

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    Date - newest first Date - oldest first. Hi Dave, Thanks for the info. Leech an appropriate plug Have you considered that your plane may be a 46? Hi Dave, Just had another thought about this. I definitely need o check this out! Hi Dave, I just had another thought on this.

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    7. Thank you, Bob P. I really appreciate your help, and will check out David Heckel's info. Hi Pat, Can you explain your thoughts regarding why you think it's a hybrid. The fence was very prone to breakage if dropped, usually at the vertical connections of fence body to rods, 2- Check if your metal fence rosewood is flat on both faces, the 55 is shaped on the non working side to conform to the angular mounting as it can pivot to champher or cut a angle.

      Stanley 45 Planes

      Let me know how ya make out. I will "try" to rout them out on my next trip late this month. Dating a Stanley 45? Coffee with Swiss gouge? What will your wife think? Trying to date one Solid Wood Beds For Sale 5 replies. New online wood cutting planning tool available.