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There are limits to being GGG

This is taking longer than usual. Want to wait a bit more, or reload the game? Oops, something went wrong. Oops, something went wrong while loading your game. It means she scored 10 rounds to Canelo and two to GGG. The close scores are more forgivable, but GGG won that contest. I had him winning in rounds, or at worst There were one or two rounds which were hard to score, or close even, but all that will happen now is that we will see these two great fighters go at it again. Scoring just ruined this CaneloGGG fight.

I had it to GGG.

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C lands right uppercut. Big assault now from Canelo. Two big rights fired back again by Golovkin. Golovkin rushing to tie up. They throw everything in the final 20 seconds and both men fling both arms into the air Let's see them do this again. This may be very different, or even controversial on the judges' cards. I have Golovkin by a few rounds. T rading big rights and jabs, the action is unrelenting.

Canelo sticking to his left-circling, countering, GGG inching forward punctuating his right hands with the jab. This could be controversial if it goes the distance Canelo's attacks are great, but GGG working, working, working, and landing. Uppercuts and body punches. Golovkin soaks it up and comes back. This is almost unreal. Arena is lit up with excitement. Then another assault by Canelo. This is a brilliant all action fight by two very, very elite boxers with incredible chins, stamina and heart.

L ooks like Canelo was told by the corner to go out and fight. They exchange huge blows and hooks in a neutral corner. Then a big right from Canelo. Golovkin just walks through it. A flying left uppercut from Canelo. Golovkin still pouring on the pressure. There's great pride and bravado here from the Mexican but GGG is beating up the younger fighter for me. Closer round but still GGG.

A nother strong round for GGG. Stalking his prey as Canelo fires back with the odd combination but spends most of the time defending and moving. Huge uppercut from Canelo. No reaction from GGG. Acts like it never happened. Power again and body shot from GGG in the dying seconds.

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T his feels like Canelo 's least active round; he throws the right and comes back with the left eventually. But the Mexican moving and just keeping the Kazakh off while being stalked. Maybe he is feeling the power of the champion? Good uppercut though from Canelo, eventually. But all volume in these three minutes was from GGG. This really is a test now of Canelo's boxing ability and fighting IQ. Golovkin is taking over the fight by dictating the pace of the action with Canelo circling.

C needs to change pattern. Gets GGG in headlock and back hands him. GGG looks so dangerous W hat a round. It's a war now Canelo on the ropes making GGG miss, but not firing back with counters. Only does so when they get centre ring again. Canelo launching left and they trade uppercuts. Huge right from GGG. Canelo just shakes his head.

They go to war. Canelo throws four power shots and they just trade. S tarting to see the youth and vim of Canelo. GGG not landing so much and we know he does hurt badly with his punches but Canelo sits on the ropes and absorbs an attack. But is this just poker game stuff? That was a good round for Golovkin, but Canelo seems very confident.

He also took a big right from GGG and wore it, the sweat spraying off him. He got in a decent counter right of his own T errific round, brilliant from Canelo. GGG starts on full attack with short chopping lefts. Then a right from GGG and Canelo just fires back harder. This really is the beginning of the battle for supremacy. Then Canelo takes over the round, lefts to the body and GGG falling short with his punches. B etter from Canelo. Left hook working well and he's getting inside well to land, and showing faster hand speed. Good uppercut from Canelo near the bell.

Mexican skips away at end of the round. He had rhythm there. Love these chess move moments. Good jabs from GGG. But Canelo looking to get his respect early, too. Both showing heavy intent. Wonderful feeling to this already. H uge support for Canelo. Slightly less so for GGG One man will get his hand raised here.

You can barely hear Michael Buffer announcing them above the cacophony in here So it's over to the two boxers, the referee, and three judges G GG has entered the ring The pageantry of a big boxing match just can't be matched in MMA. I love the anthems, the walkouts, the sense of the moment. T ime to put the kettle on or grab a beer. There's always some great art and paintings produced around these huge fight events CaneloGGG pic.

It's hard to turn off your power then box; unless you get hurt. Canelo is a puncher who has to box. Yet GGG cant follow a puncher around. W e're moments away now from the main event. If you're feeling sleepy, this fight should wake you up Coffee break for all you staying awake around the world O scar de la Hoya, who is promoting tonight's main event, holds dual US-Mexican citizenship, and won Olympic gold for the United States in Barcelona in , before becoming a six-weight world champion.

Not to mention this great promoter of the event OscarDeLaHoya Golden Boy himself who has been impeccable and quite brilliant on the event pic.

A lot of 'Dreamers' are going to be witnessing this fight. Trump is dividing not only families, but people's dreams. It is in complete contrast referring to Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather , asserted Henderson, to the middleweight boxing showdown in Las Vegas tonight. I love GGG and Canelo. Actual fighters, actual boxers, they will get down to it, and they don't need to talk their way into mis-matches like the fight three weeks ago.

This is a real boxing match and I'm super-excited to watch it. If they stand and throw, GGG wins that.

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But Canelo could outbox him. Strong words from Henderson, who is primed and ready for his own battle with 'Pitbull' in San Jose next weekend. Here's the full interview. Can't wait for this I've been back and forth for weeks picking caneloggg and I'm going with original pick canelo by MD after My bet is on Canelo tonight. They were warming up in the car park opposite the tmobilearena caneloggg pic. G olovkin has an incredible story. He grew up in an era of scarcity in Kazakhstan. Two older brother, Sergey and Vadim, died serving in the Soviet Army.

In , and His father toiled down a coal mine.