Kenyan dating culture

In terms of dating, Kenya is fairly conservative. Smiling at a male here means something entirely different than in the US or another developed country.
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You get to buy her dinner, but you realize nothing is going to happen. You wait for her in the same restaurant but she gets lost on the way.

She does not even remember to pick your calls. O mumura geti iguru! After a date of drinking several bottles of Fanta, you get to kiss her goodnight. You get to grope all over and make out.

Kenyan Women's Dating Traditions

You get to have sex, but only in the missionary position. You get dynamite head. You get more great head. You tell her you'll marry her and you will never get head again. You get to buy her an expensive dinner, but nothing happens. Here is how to navigate such hiccups like a pro:.

Riverside escape: I grabbed an extinguisher and went downstairs

Say it — We all have preconceived notions regarding other cultures and races. Just because your significant other sees beyond them does not mean that all his peers will. This is an observation by Caroline, an American who has been married to Kirui, a Kenyan for six years. She says that her biggest challenge at the beginning was offensive remarks made by his friends. This stopped her from getting resentful.

Over the years, she has heard many remarks about the colour of her skin but she says she learnt not to quickly take offence.

7 Things no one tells you about cross-cultural relationships - Capital Lifestyle

She imagined that it was enough that the two of them could communicate. When she met the rest of his family who mostly spoke their mother tongue, she often felt alienated. Sometimes she even feared that they were speaking about her. Now, with a lot of patience, she has learnt conversational Kalenjin, a big compromise she had never anticipated.

The Homesickness — Cross-cultural marriages sometimes involve one party relocating to the home country of their beloved.

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If you make the move, you will definitely feel homesick. And once you are done, please cuddle us and keep telling us those sweet nothings. That annoys us big time. We all like getting intimate. When you tell them you are on your periods, most always sulk and get angry as if it were your fault. Other doubting Thomases will push the joke far by insisting that they want to confirm.

8 things Kenyan men do that annoy their women

You sound like a broken record, anyway. You saw her across the room or street right? My friend, just like smelling nice, to stand out, you spend money. Her trendy clothes, make-up, hair, shoes and accessories cost money. So what makes you imagine you can just date her while keeping your wallet firmly shut? Nobody says you should take over all her responsibilities. Thing is, to get something you must give something. Even a blind man could have seen that coming.

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  5. No such thing as free lunch, fellas! Also, please tip decently. When you tip poorly, you come off as a cheap guy. No woman wants to be seen with a cheap man. This I shall keep brief. Kenyan women really try to be fashionable. Make an effort at appearance. Groom and dress nice, especially for occasions. Smell nice pay special attention to oral hygiene. Take care of your bodies and health. Keep the uncouth talk to when you are hanging out with your boys.

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    Compliment her without being overly sexual. Ladies love a man with some element of mystery, so always maintain your cool, gentlemen. No need to announce why you are going to the gents. Excuse yourself and leave. Wash those hands after you are done.