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Please give an overall site rating: Happy as I am for Robbie and Ashley, I can't help but think that the totally blameless Tiler Peck got fucked over by everyone here She was bitter towards him because he told her she was too old to dance certain roles and that she needed to start thinking about retirement.

That caught her completely off-guard, because she hadn't even begun to think about leaving NYCB.

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Then she got injured and more or less blamed Martins for that too, as she felt her injury was a physical response to being told she was "too old. I have no doubt that he is a major hot head who screamed at and intimidated some of his dancers. He is an intimidating guy. And I have no doubt he hit on some of them too.

Honestly, I don't care. He was in a impossible position taking over after Balanchine's death and I think for the most part, he did a very good job. R4, you must feel rather sheepish after what has happened to the Fairchild-Peck marriage since your post. And speaking of Peter Martins, I'm told he deliberately pressured gay male dancers to marry women, because he himself is a rabid homophobe -- aside from all of his other major personality issues. I'm glad he is finally out of NYCB. I used to love Ballet until I dated a guy who convinced me that it was inane.

Since then, I see ballet as a lot of flouncing about on stage. W H Auden once said of ballet that it is a very small art only fit for adolescents. And he was friends with George Balanchine! Fellow hotties Zachary Catazaro and Amar Ramasar have been suspended without pay until for the same reason. I worked in the dance world for many years as a musician , both in ballet and modern dance.

Many many gay men, but, yes, a few straight men. AIDS took an enormous toll on the dance world, and, I think, led to a certain amount of re-closeting in the 's and beyond, because of the stigma. Entire dance companies died off in the 80's and 90's - in some, virtually every male dancer got ill or died. It's true that professional ballet dancers are "under-educated".

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They are not stupid people, by any means, but the demands of their profession required most of them to drop out of school or be tutored, starting at high school age or before. Discipline they have in spades though, and most transition well to working lives in other fields after they retire, often going back to school and then having entirely different careers. Strangely, dancers, in my experience, are not proud of their gorgeous bodies. They often are so self-critical of their own bodies, that they don't see how much closer to physical perfection they are than most of the rest of us.

Nor do they see their bodies or their physical moves as sexy. All the stretches and poses we see them in that look overtly sexual exist for another purpose in their minds.

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They are not nearly as sexually uninhibited as we imagine looking at them, even though their bodies can get into positions that would send the rest of us to the hospital, and what they would be capable of in the bedroom is way beyond what most of us could imagine. It was all very surprising to me as a musician. Rudys ass lips were quite used and floppy He could open a beer bottle with them lips.

I would really like to hear the details on this. It seems odd that three guys would all make the same mistake at the same time. All I can think of is that all three send dick shots to a woman or one of them shared nudes of his girlfriend with the other two. It just seems really odd and a bit much.

R58 sharing nudes would actually make a ton of sense.

Ballet dancer dating

And may explain why one chose to resign without even discussing the allegations he who was dating a 19 year old But to be suspended for a season just for receiving them? Really a bit much. Good men are hard to find in Ballet. This will probably really hurt the City Ballet season. Three of the principal men out?

Who wants to pay to see second string dancers? Why would she marry and previously date a gay guy? How did she expect things to end? Now he can have a princess wedding where he can be the princess this time. The bf is really cute. Well, this is much worse than I've speculated. So do you think he is? Ansel Elgort has been photographed with Chase at galas. Could he be that gross? Somebody mentioned Wayne Sleep of the Royal Ballet upthread.

His gayness can be seen from space he's like a British Leslie Jordan and he has a husband, but he waited until his mother died to come out and even now he only admits to being bisexual. I thought they where all gay. Probably a bunch of future Dataloungers, considering the odds, a few bitches trading pictures of "Fraus" with snippy captions, and making jokes about hooves and trotters.

Yes indeed, we too use "cookies. I know we do! You can thank the EU parliament for making everyone in the world click on these pointless things while changing absolutely nothing. Otherwise, you'll just have to find some other site for your pointless bitchery needs. If we're talking past and present NYC Ballet gossip Jerome Robbins was a frequent user of the casting couch. He had his pick of the male dancers Amar Ramasar is married and very hot. They had a nice house. Found the article about Martins and Kistler: How about some ABT gossip?

Taylor Stanley, one of their newest principals, is gay. I have seen him on Grindr. Why are there no longer any male stars in the ballet world, American or otherwise? I lost all respect for Peter Martins the night I saw him give a great performance. Then right before he retired I saw him give a magnificent performance in Diamonds. Nothing else explains his career at NYCB. And, yes, he did sleepwalk through his performances.

Who are the gay boy couples at city ballet? I saw a documentary about the creation of a new ballet No conflict or inspiration at all in the thing.