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Setting Up Your Own RV Hookups at Home. Where to Go . hookups at home. You can add in a septic tank or get a self-composting toilet.
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I have an rv i need to clean out. Priblem is both house and septic are higher than i can put rv. What can i do i cant move rv to higher ground. I have a Tiny House on wheels and would like to connect the sewage line from the Tiny House to my home sewer system. I have a clean out on my property. Is this legal in Washington State of King County? This article was intended to provide a solution to RVer who, arriving home for a camping trip, need a way to dump their tanks. As such, we are assuming the connection to the cleanout would be made using an RV sewer hose and tempory.

If this is what you had in mind then it should be okay since your tiny house is technically considered an RV. If you plan a long-term connection… I assume someone will be living in the tiny house… then you may run into legal issues.

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Is it legal to live in a backyard tiny home where you are? I am renovating my house and want to install a dump station at my home. What am I looking at for a process etc? Can I even do it? Thanks for the education for those of us who are clueless.

If you are still up for answering a question or two, I have at least one. So, I really want to install one of those campground like pvc pipes with a screw on lid that would go straight into our septic tank. The lid to the tank that is supposedly before the baffle, even though it is farthest from the house is a big plastic piece. Could I just drill a hole in it and put in a 4 inch pvc trap like pipe with a screw in top to avoid having to take the whole lid off of the tank top every time I want to dump black and gray tank into it with a hose?

I had some help with this article from a fellow RVer who was a plumber by profession so I cannot offer authoritative advice about this. In theory, I would think your idea is sound but, because I am not an expert, I have to advise you to consult with a plumber so you know you are doing things properly. I want to put in hookups for my Rv but feel I should have professional company do it. I have a septic system and would need dump and electric run. Are there any suggestions on a company or how would I locate one that would help me with this.

I am located in central Florida. Any licensed electrician can do the electrical work. Same for plumbing, any good plumber can connect to the septic system. If you need to have that done they can make the arrangements. You may want to read these articles: My wife and I just moved into a stationary fifth wheel that is connected to a septic tank.

However there is still a black water holding tank. Would recommend keeping the tank open or keeping it closed and draining it into the septic tank when full? The black tank valve should be closed until it is nearly full. You need to do this to ensure solids get flushed out and do not build up in the tank.

Dumping RV tanks in a residential septic

You can keep the gray tank valve open if you want but, since gray tanks can get stinky, you should close it on a schedule that works for you and let the tank fill to flush the tank. Maybe use some chemical too. I would recommend letting the gray tank fill the day before you empty the black tank. That way you can use the gray water to flush the sewer hose after dumping the black tank.

Hello, we are soon going to be living on the property of a friend in an 5th wheel. We do have several kids and so I imagine the tank will fill up rather quickly. Is there a way to make a tank near the 5th wheel that could be emptied once a month or so like they do with campground bathrooms? So when your tank valve is opened, that head pressure helps force sewage out through the hose. The sewage sort of pushes itself out through the sewer hose and with the help of some gravity your tank is quickly emptied. Doing this naturally changes the ratio of liquid-to-solids.

As the black tank fills through normal usage, you add more liquids than solids by flushing. Plus, the increased amount of liquid will help break down the solids along with the mandatory chemicals and, hopefully, some driving around. Parked for a Few Days Make it easy for the sewage to get from the coach to the hole in the ground. Position that sewer hose as straight as possible and going slightly downhill. Use a sewer hose rack if possible.

How to Connect an RV to Full Hookups

If your hose is too long because you are parked too close, position it in a long, gentle downhill curve—no tight turns, Figure-8s, or hills to climb. Look at this real hookup below. With this setup, the sewage must traverse some difficult twists and turns and, at one point, actually go straight up. Maybe this person works for one of the big roller coaster parks like Six Flags!!!

You can leave the grey tank valve open to trickle-drain as you use the coach.

Toilet Chemicals A caution: On that note, in RVs, toilet chemicals do two things. Breakdown solids… Toilet chemicals are bacteria and enzymes that literally digest—i. Some toilet chemicals will start this process in 3—4 hours and continue working. This breakdown process works in your black tank exactly like the home septic tank with two exceptions….

It is common in our seminars that people have told us and the other attendees they mix their own toilet chemicals! They use cleaning liquids, caustic soaps dishwasher soap , pine oil, cooking yeast, bleach, water softener chemicals, and other home brew mixtures in an attempt to save money on toilet chemicals. There are other, much easier, ways to save money. Gary hit the nail on the head, and you will also need to make sure that you can put in a septic system, and if so are there any special requirements or bylaws, so check with whoever handles that for that area.

Certain areas of Maine have some restrictive bylaws in where of what type of system can be installed. Once those are established, you can deal with the RV. You will need to follow some fairly simple ground rules to ensure that you don't foul the septic but it is mainly just common sense. John From Detroit Posts: That is exactly how I'm hooked up here in Georgia.. Park well, park septic system non a "City" system at all.

Yup, that is what the politicians did because of one person who wanted to live in an RV. Make sure the septic system can take a dump equal to the full load of waste water on that RV. I would hate to see you put in a 50 gallon Septic system, and try to dump 60 gallons of waste water. Nothing adds excitement like something that is none of your business My Home is where I park it.

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Don't ask TOO many questions. I don't know how getting electricity to the property would be though. Ask the electric company "what's required to obtain service" on a particular piece of property, outside city limits? They may want an address. Give that to them, but no need go into great detail about what you're doing.

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Then they've created their own problems. I live in a sort of secluded area myself inside city limits. I didn't ask or talk to anyone city about it, I just built it. Then, a couple years later, the same thing with my swimming pool. I didn't make any bones about it, and no one said anything to me. Been there 20 years now. As far as your question though, the answer is yes. There may be strict requirements for a septic system on a waterfront lot. If the power company insists on delivering to a building, not a post..

Install an RV dump on your home septic system

Then you put up a Storage garage. Designe it like a tiny house but better built and no indoor plumbing and you got it. John From Detroit on April 20, , John From Detroit on April 21, , Navy - "Truth is the hardest thing you'll find, because you can't change it in the slightest way.