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In the world of dating apps/websites, there's so much competition out there for cute girls, your opening line can make or break whether she will.
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What were we talking about? Also, checking out an adult film on my laptop and calling my friend derogatory names. One time I threw a football so hard, I almost dropped my whiskey, but I was able to catch it with my elephant trunk of a penis. Says it covers my dependents too. Any interest in filling that opening? For example, how have we never gone on a date? And if so, do you think your clone would be down for a threesome? Bring it up to her casually. It was for The Lion King. They added a hunchback just for me.

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Anyway, how are you? My best luck has been either to just blow a little wit based on something on her profile, or barring that, open with a little self-deprication, segueing right into a conversation opener.

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So, this is the part where i'm supposed to tell a story, or toss out a witty quip about league to show we do the same things and should be friends! How in the fuck does a squid burrow. You're displaying you took the time to at least read her profile, and are interested in talking to her, if nothing else. By avoiding the witty opener, you avoid falling into the trap of coming off as trying to impress her from the open and also avoid coming off as needy, at most you are just "you seem cool, lets talk.

Tinder Openers - Pua Opener

Lets you segue into a conversation without having to do the awkward ".. Since its all about numbers, whatever you do, keep this in mind: Shows you skimmed her profile, save time with the cut and paste. Both of the previous suggestions are ridiculous. Just fucking say hey. Women don't want some long drawn out and obviously trying too hard approach. They just want normal. I dunno about you, but I had a friend make an OKC accoont, pretended to be female, used one of his exes pictures with her consent , he had 20 messages within a day, but PUA standards, she's a low HB7. You're right a straight approach works best, but..

Unlike walking up to someone in person, they don't have to acknowledge you exist, you are one of probably 30 whove tried in the past two days, they don't even have to blow you off, just ignore you. So, the idea is you open with more than "hey" by going "I'm not going to be witty, sorry"..

How to Talk to a Girl Online: Proven Openers

But then again, that's for my area, maybe women in different areas don't quite hate the "Hey, how are you approach" quite so much. I had decent success with "Hey, how's it going? It works best on weekends, and you can try and set up a date if you catch someone early in the day.

PLENTY OF FISH MESSAGES: 3 Openers & Text Examples To Get More Girls

They'll answer, but they're stingy with continuing the conversation. Gaiman, or Pratchett" "The only correct answer to that is both. D Read anything good lately. All of those are answers, but it's.. Thus why I try to open with an actual fact from their page, and not just "I like books. How many messages in are you going, or for how long? If I don't have conversational chemistry with a girl, I move on.

Getting a Date Online

I don't have time to waste on people that expect me to entertain them. If it's a good conversation that is winding down, try to shift to a big topic of conversation that interests them and suggest meeting up to talk about it in person. Last ditch effort, or if you just have good chemistry, ask them out on a date. You can say "Listen, you seem like a cool and smart person. I'd love to go out on a date with you and get to know you better. Yea, my problem lies more in my choices than anything, I have a type, and since online dating lets me get into her head before I even approach, I have the opporunity to be picky about who I message.

In my case, said type tends to also have hte "socially awkward" and "Shy as fuck" tags attached, so they kind of go deer-in-headlights on me. When the chemistry is good and we're having a good conversation, I try and move for a meet up between mesages in. Long enough for us to ascertain neither of us is going to stab the other in an alleyway, but short enough that the conversation doesn't lose momentum.

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Geez, I'm not new to reddit but I'm new this particular subreddit and I needed googled to decipher all the abbreviations. My god, no wonder there are so many men who are unable to successfully approach women. Fclose in particular really killed me. If this approach works for you, then great more power to you, but what I'm trying to say is that you are all trying way too hard.

It really boils down to initial attraction. Does she find you attractive? If not then it really doesn't matter AT ALL what you say, how witty it is, or how knowledgeable you seem about her from the profile. This subreddit is literally about that initial attraction, or better yet, controlling it. Learning the confidence, swagger, and generally techniques to make you come off at first glance, "Attractive", then keep that attraction going long enough to "close" get her number.

All the lingo is just the psychology behind it, and people posting "field reports" -- that is "Hey, went out, tried to do X, here's how it went" so other people can either go "congrats! No really, flip through the first few pages, you'll see tons of posts about how this subreddit vastly improved peoples lives, not just in the romance department, but by making them more confident and assertive in social settings.. Well shit, don't I have a thing or two to learn. I just think it's crazy but if it's helping people then power on. Still don't know what the hell a neg is Or a DHV spike?!?

Negging is uh, sort of a asshole-compliment. The original idea was to defeat and lol terminology what was called the "Bitch Shield" -- the idea that if an attractive woman is at a bar, she's.. One of the easiest examples of this I can think of is.. The terms taken on a whole 'nother meaning at this point, it's more of a "Tease" or "Asshole compliment", someone else put it best -- it's the kind of insult you could say in a group of friends that would come off as a burn, but not actually offend or upset anyone.

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Classic example is "Nice nails.. DHV is Displaying Higher Value -- the idea that there are certain factors that make a man attractive, not just looks, confidence, showing he's a leader of men, having money, power, being preselected by other women A guy has two or thre other girls talking to him and he walks straight up to you? A "DHV spike" is a sort of mini-brag that displays it in a conversation.

Uh, also not a term commonly used, like ever. Mystery -- one of the earlier pickup artists, and the first one to lay down a method, was big on the term DHV spike, I know his method better than I do others, so when my sleep addled brain needed to come up with random terms for a fake conversation, it went with ones I knew well. But yea, as for helping people.. Wow, all that is going through some guys head while I'm at the bar just thinking about what I'm going to have for breakfast? I'm pretty nice to most guys who approach me if they're nice first. So maybe I'm different than others but that would backfire with me.

Unless I don't find them attractive. Totally get what you're saying and believe it. But for me, it's attraction and simplicity. Thank you for explaining all that. Not every guy, just the kind of guy who has studied the game. Believe it or not, "attraction and simplicity" are the point -- It's for lack of a better description, hacking your lizard brain.

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In the context of women, it serves the purpose of A. Establishing intimacy A guy who is constantly touching your shoulder or hand or whatever is much less likely to end up in the friend zone, because the very fact that you're letting him touch you is reminding you that you are attracted to him physically. Escalating the touch There's a chart for this somewhere, but basically you start with shoulder touches, to maybe keeping your hand on theirs, to maybe guiding them by the hip..

There's dozens of methods at this point, but the idea is.. But, correct me if I'm wrong here, it seems like the guys on set are all saying that this guys tactics are flawed. First off he is approaching mildly intoxicates females and then when she turns down his request for her number he basically forces it.

I cringed the whole time watching his first approach as a supposed drug dealer. I'm all for what you're saying and how you're describing it but there seems to be a gap in between. These "pick up artists" are treating dating and socializing like a game of trickery.