12 signs youre dating an emotional abuser

The dating game always starts out innocently enough, doesn't it? A movie date 12 Signs You're In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship. ByChristina In my case, I experienced a type of abuse I never even knew existed.
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1. You don’t trust yourself anymore

So, how does one avoid entering into an abusive relationship in the first place? Learn to detect the early warning signs! He pushes for quick involvement. He insists you look a certain way. It may begin with suggesting you switch up your hair color.

Sure, this sounds innocent — until it robs you of your identity. He ensures he has ample time to spend with his family and friends. He may deprive you of a phone or car, or even start a fight. He blames others for his mistakes. Work through relationship don'ts, learn about you, and become your best self with this relationship ebook. But your partner immediately throws cold water on your plans, telling you all the ways that things would go wrong, or that it's a bad idea — or he starts a completely unrelated argument just to burst your bubble.

In future, you gradually find yourself not sharing your ideas and successes with them, because you know you won't get a positive reaction. Backhanded compliments are their stock in trade.

12 Subtle Signs of Emotional Abuse in Your Relationship

When you first met, you felt flattered by the attention your partner paid to how you look. But as time goes by, the compliments have become few and far between, replaced by comments about how 'wrong' your look is — that top doesn't suit you, you're putting on weight, what's going on with your hair? If you object, you're once again being 'oversensitive'. They have no empathy. You are allowed a short time to vent about major upsets, then you are expected to 'get over it' so you can focus your energy and attention once again on your partner and their needs.

Some emotional abusers disappear when you need them most, or become extra critical. You're always in the wrong. Whether it was something you said six months ago, not telling your partner something that they believe they have a right to know, or letting them down in some way putting your needs before theirs , an abusive partner will keep a mental tally and regularly remind you of your crimes.

They may even add things that happened before you met, encouraging you to be 'honest' about your past sexual history, for instance, only to later use that information as evidence of your badness. Controlling you financially is a classic tactic of an abusive partner; something known as financial abuse.

12 Signs You Are Dating A Manipulative Man (Who Deserves To Be Dumped)

They may have started by giving you advice that really helps, helping you sort out debts, or being more financially responsible. Soon, your partner steps up the pressure to 'be careful' with money. But somehow, it seems like it's always you who has to cut back, earn more and stop spending. Your partner doesn't consult you before they spend money.

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But if there's something you want, particularly if it involves a threat to your partner's control over you, like training for your career, or a weekend away with friends, there will be a reason why you can't afford it. When you met, your partner had plausible explanations for their feuds and fallings-out with friends and family members. But now it's your friends and family that are 'insulting', 'attacking', or 'trying to sideline' your partner and you are under pressure to take sides.

14 signs of emotional abuse in a relationship

Whatever the reason, your life together seems to lurch from drama to drama. People think you've changed.

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  5. 2. It’s never his fault!
  6. People who care about you say you seem quiet these days, or just not yourself. They wonder why you rarely go out or why you've changed the way you dress. And you find it hard to give them an explanation. You look forward to evenings on your own. You notice your mood is lighter one day and you remember that it's the night your partner is going out and you get an evening to yourself. Or, they tell you they have to go away for work in a couple of weeks and you find yourself looking forward to it.


    When your partner is not around, you feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. Your partner can withdraw emotionally from you for days, not making eye contact, not talking, and refusing to explain why while at the same time, managing to let you know that whatever it is, it is your fault. They may even disappear for days. When they come back, they will tell you they just needed 'some space'.

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