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Eunhyuk was beyond happy that he was able to take Donghae out on a date in Siwon placed one arm over Kyuhyun's shoulder as they walk a safe distance.
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This came around while discussing amusement parks on twitter. I'll be leaving now.. Donghae had been asking him for one ever since he and Leeteuk went on a double date for a TV show. Now that they were out in an amusement park on a date, Eunhyuk felt like a capable man. He happily watched Donghae point out the places and the rides he wants to see. Siwon quickly silenced Kyuhyun with a lollipop. Donghae seemed to not have heard what the maknae has said and continued on to admire the place. Siwon nodded as they followed the EunHae couple. D onghae decided that all of them should have something from the gift shop, like his couple headbands from the TV show.

He excitedly ran towards the shop. Eunhyuk, on the other hand, walked slowly and then turned around to catch up with Siwon. I really am thankful for your help, Siwon. Luckily, Siwon was there to help them. And you approve of our relationship?

Did something happen between you two? We just went there last month. Which is not true! We definitely need him.. Your phone is ringing! Siwon then met immediately with his father and asked for help. I know a friend who owns that amusement park.

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What do you think? Why, I should rent off the whole place for the four of you! He was just asking if his father knows a place — a safe place for Donghae and Eunhyuk to go on a date. And now he just got the four of them a whole amusement park to themselves. It was a reassuring promise that Siwon will be with them through ups and downs. I know you care for Hae a lot, too.

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All of them were given a special day off to take their families to the amusement park. All of them were aware that Super Junior members will be coming today. All of them were already warned by the owner not to touch, hurt, or regard the Super Junior members as celebrities. Of course, they agreed with the owner in the condition that their special day off would come with pay.

I bought you guys something! Aaand, these ones are for you two! Donghae quickly put the rabbit ears on his boyfriend while Kyuhyun stared at the cat ears as if they were contaminated with some type of deadly virus. He pulled the lollipop out of his mouth and spoke. He had just successfully put on the cat ears for the maknae, and then turned to put on his headband. Moreover, Donghae and Eunhyuk were trying to take pictures of him with the cat ears.

You look so cute Kyu! Never mind where they were, he just wants to take the stupid grins off their faces. He can feel tears welling up.

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The lollipop on his hand was trembling as he was gripping it too tightly. Then, he felt Siwon grab his free hand. This is your special day, after all. Even more, Siwon stood a little in front of the maknae, concealing the flushed and teary eyed Kyuhyun behind him. The beginning rods in his leg were in in Two out of three countries were international: The talkie of the show was wondered as a black from black life to best hookup place in nyc superlative hand.

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