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Internet technology has offered many options for online dating. We studied online dating website capabilities and the relationship between African-Americans.
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How do new sites gain membership without already having an established roster of candidates? To compensate -- and to convince casual surfers to open their wallets and become registered users -- nearly all Web dating sites initially offer limited access and communication tools for free. At one relatively small site, An-OnlineDate.

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However, while having access to an inbox to receive e-mails is also free, users must purchase credit stamps or a yearly membership in order to hear other people's Real Audio greetings or send an e-mail. On the other side of the spectrum is first mover Match. However, to answer ads posted by other people, Match. In addition to free offers, the larger, more established dating sites are scrambling to join forces so that their growing databases will keep them well ahead of the competition.

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After the transition, the combined sites will have over 8 million user registrations and approximately 1. As a result, given the already-steep hill that lesser-established firms must climb, online dating startups are working overtime to offer unique features in order to separate themselves from the pack. Not surprisingly, newcomer DatingFaces. The question remains, however, whether users are willing to trade sheer size and popularity for something a little different.

Argue and DatingFaces are willing to bet that they are. According to the company, a patent-pending matching program will soon enable it to be "the only site that focuses people to work within a set framework, so visitors can find the person who will really appreciate them.

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Beyond the scramble for members, mergers, and the quest for innovation, online dating sites face an additional foe: Even the major dating sites struggle to overcome the widespread notion that people who use escort services and personal ads are undesirable in some way, or "leftovers. In fact, Webpersonals' Moseley-Williams is quick to point out that no one gets paid to place a personals ad at the Webpersonals site, and that most of the company's members are educated professionals living in major urban centers.

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Still, the most effective counter-argument against such outdated thinking may have come in the form of the film "You've Got Mail," starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. January 17, Endless Love In stark contrast to companies in the e-tail sector, the aim of online dating services is not to turn every visitor into a buyer.

Love Story In addition to free offers, the larger, more established dating sites are scrambling to join forces so that their growing databases will keep them well ahead of the competition. Get Permission to License or Reproduce this Article. Most Popular Newsletters News Alerts. Which of these social networks appeals to you the least? A Tech Solution for a Standoff. Similar to the increase in the Internet for commerce, the Internet has become a popular medium for information and communication. Currently in the United States there are over 2 million Internet users, which represent With regard to social interaction, the Internet has developed into a prime venue for which people can nurture communication with family and friends, and form new relationships McKenna et al.

One reason for the development and expansion of dating resources on the Internet can be attributed to the rise in single people Hardy, E-businesses have responded to this need by creating an overabundance of online dating services to broaden the opportunities for singles interested in pursuing relationships Houran et al. Currently, there are over websites offering matchmaking services Knox et al.

One unique aspect of Internet dating is that it allows individuals to locate others who have common interests, even though they may have different day-to-day environments McKenna et al. While online dating is convenient and allows users to be selective, it also raises the issue of trust. In a different study, While trust is one issue associated with online dating, another issue is cultural differences. Whites and African-Americans differ with regard to cultural orientations such as dating and marital influence Ross, In a study that measured ethnicity and choice patterns for dating and commitment, whites were apt to choose members of other ethnicity groups, while African-Americans chose members of their own ethnicity group Fiebert et.

Whites and African-Americans may have different cultural approaches to online dating. This study will evaluate white and African-American students' opinions regarding website sorting capabilities of online dating websites. It is hypothesized that there will be differences between these two groups. For the current study, inclusion criteria included those students whose marital status was single. Exclusion criteria included any student who was married and who was not white or African-American.

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Participants were approached in their classrooms and asked to participate. All who agreed were given a questionnaire to complete and were asked to return it immediately.

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Data collection occurred between February-March Participants were asked to circle one choice for a series of questions pertaining to how influential specific website sorting capabilities would have on their decision to use an online dating website. These items were the dependent variables. Descriptive statistics were used to describe the sample.

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The data was then stratified further for men and for women. As shown in Table 1 , among the demographic variables there were roughly equal percentages of men and women. There were more whites than African-Americans with percentages of The average age was As shown in Table 2 , on the attitudes towards dating website sorting capability items, African- Americans rated significantly higher than whites the item assessing the ability to receive a weekly list of potential matches via email.

The other options did not have any differences between whites and African-Americans. As shown in Table 3 , in the comparisons between white and African-American men, these results were maintained.

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African-American men showed a higher preference for the ability to receive a weekly list of potential matches via email. There were no significant differences between white and African-American men with regard to the other items.