What happens when you hook up a water softener backwards

Nov 24, I feel dumb for having this happen, but is it wrong to assume basic If your Sears softener was hooked up backwards there is a good chance.
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I just bought a Morton M34 Water Softener.


When I bypass the water softener, this does not happen. The people at Morton told me to return it because the distributor was ruptured. So I did, which was extremely difficult. I exchanged it and installed a new one. The substance is still there!

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Could I really have gotten 2 defective water softeners? That definitely sounds like resin. It could be that the resin has piled up in the hot water tank and needs to be flushed out. Try running just the cold and see if you get it.

Originally Posted by joed. I suppose if there was a manufacturing flaw it could be in more than one unit.

He opens the brine tank and carefully inspects the air-check assembly for obstructions then checks the safety brine valve assembly for proper functionality and air ingress. The technician checks all fittings to and from the softener and everything seems to be within specifications. He places the system into regeneration again and closes the inlet supply valve on the three-handle bypass ; water continues to flow down the drain. Being a larger home, the technician assumes this is normal and lets it run.

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After two minutes, he deduces that this is not normal and begins to look for the causes of this anomalous situation. Stepping back in the mechanical room, the technician notices there is a newly installed hot-water recirculation pump running on a timer. He unplugs the pump and the anomalous flow immediately stops. Hot water recirculation pumps are a great way to provide homeowners with fast access to hot water, and they are becoming more common as prices decrease and plumbers become more comfortable with new technologies.

Water softener resin question

While fast hot water is great, recirculation pumps can present a distinct problem for any Venturi -based water softening , conditioning or filtration appliance when improperly sized or installed without consideration for the water treatment system. The recirculation pump in this particular home was over-sized for the application, causing it to develop excessive pressure on the recirculation line, which in turn forced water into the outlet of the water softener during regeneration.

When the water softener cleans, it relies on the Venturi effect passing a volume of fluid past an orifice to generate vacuum.

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Vacuum sucks regenerant fluid from the regenerant tank into the media Bed The resin or filter media in a column or other tank or operational vessel. Water passes through the bed during treatment. If the flow of water past the orifice is interrupted, there will be inadequate or intermittent vacuum, which can cause a host of complications. This poor water softener was being intermittently exposed to pressure differentials that precluded it from regenerating prop- erly, and also from adequately rinsing away the regeneration byproducts. The fix to this situation was a simple check valve , installed immediately downstream of the softener before the hot water recirculation return line, preventing this problem from occurring again.

The devil is always in the details.

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Mechanical room with water heaters, softener and recirculation pump red cylinder connected to the copper piping. The abbreviation for "total dissolved solids. The weight per unit volume of water of suspended solids in a filter media after filtration or evaporation. The abbreviation for "parts per million".