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This is your Transformers Prime life! Are you a con or are you a bot? Will someone from either fall for you? I hope you enjoy this is my first quiz.
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Transformers: Age of Extinction Characters Quiz

Chrcters are Optimus prime, Bumblebee, and Ratchet so far Honestly, you don't see many of these and I know why. It's real hard to write about giant alien robots from another world suddenly dating a human since they're mostly not interested in being together with an organic and just fighting, endlessly I'm here to write about these Add to library Discussion 17 Browse more Fanfiction Romance. I'm here to brighten your day. Not mine neither is transformers..

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Mainly for girls but boys can read too, Just switch the gender. Suggestions are open, I'll Upload new ones every Friday if I can.

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Add to library Discussion 79 Browse more Fanfiction. I hope You're ready. These scenarios are like none you've read before Ever wondered who would be your transformers senpai? Does he notice you?

How would you rate Optimus Prime?

A human-made KSI Transformer modeled after Bumblebee who later becomes a Decepticon spy and sabotage specialist and molecularly transforms into a red and black Pagani Huayra. A human-made KSI Transformer who has a three-man splitting technique and later becomes a Decepticon under Galvatron's control and molecularly transforms into a Mack garbage truck of Waste Management, Inc. The two-headed human-made KSI Transformers modeled from the remains of Shockwave who later became Decepticons under Galvatron's control.

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What Would You Like in a Guardian?

US States by Borders in 30 Seconds. Countries of the World with an Empty Map. Rivers that Flow through the Most Countries. Find out which Autobot Optimus Prime would deem to be your guardian. Includes the following Autobots as answers: A quiz for Transformers Prime fans of all kinds.

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Primus be with the newcomers, and we all know the older ones will have no problem acing this. It's kinda hard, but fun! Find out which Decepticon Megatron would deem to be your caretaker, after having kidnapped you in a plan to use you as ransom against the Autobots. Includes the following Decepticons as answers: Connaissez vous l'univers de The Last Prime?

Who's your transformer boyfriend? - Quiz

Tester vos connaissances bonne chance! Do you want to know which Transformers Prime character would be your sparkmate? Will it be an Autobot or Decepticon? He took a step and then felt tired.

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