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For all men of any orientation asexuality is not looked on by our culture as a positive attribute. Men are supposed to want to have sex anytime, anywhere, anybody and many men especially older ones have internalized this as what it means to be a man. Also, I suspect older guys are less likely to run across things like AVEN even if they are ace to a greater or lesser degree.

But we do exist. As to where, well, all ace folk are such a small minority we are spread thin geographically. If you are really interested in a non-sexual relationship then take out an ad in a dating group.

Asexual Dating Uk

I did but 1st dating groups for aces are very few or inactive and 2nd men older that 30 there are like white elephants. I agree with you about culture, so sadly will be difficult to share my life with someone. Geography in my case isnt a big deal, I have my life done and nothing that tie me. As A-Critter says, ace men tend to be ridiculed so we keep quiet about it. Attitudes are slowly changing but it is difficult to change habits built up over a lifetime.

Oddly being aromantic isn't as much of a problem.

Identity 2016: What's it like to date someone who's asexual?

I've quite often had other men express envy at my single status, being able to do anything I want without having to take my family into account. Of course if they split up with their partner they are soon looking for someone else. You can't have it both ways guys Why would asexual women WANT a sexually active relationship?

And certainly not more than asexual men do. Usually in the 50's thread as well as the musings forum. Otherwise I am working, dealing with extended family issues or riding a bike. According to the last AVEN census in women outnumber men by 5: We do exist, but we are only 0.

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I'm from the UK and 62 years young. As to the question: I agree that my message was a little muddled. I intended to say that in the world of those who are receptive to or seeking a non-sexual relationship, there seem to be more older men than older women looking and making themselves available.

A woman in a dating site who is an older asexual woman is, from my experience, a unicorn. All my life I'very never got the thing about sex as a human priority. That old saying "a man's got needs" always seemed pretty stupid to me.

I'll be 58 in Nov.. Haven't done much on this site because I'm not into conversing with kids. It is a shame that a lot of us didn't know that our "category" was an option. I always was getting into fights with my exes because of my lack of sexual interest. Checks mirror, sees grey streaks in my hair, confirms still alive.

Often found welcoming people in the Welcome Lounge and in the 40's forum.

Asexual Dating Uk

Less active lately because the stars aligned and I have a relationship now! Well, Craigslist has a category under dating called "strictly platonic. You have to have patience and stamina to put up with people who are pranksters and who either cannot read, or are unwilling to read or comprehend. Yet, there are real people as well if you are willing to separate the kernel from the chaff. I would get a police background check if i met a man on that site.

I thought I'd seen it all until I went on there Although I will say the craziness of it can be entertaining. In terms of asexual dating, I'm sure there's a few sites Aven has got listed on this website somewhere But I find some sites quite dead and lacking in diversity. It's hard enough for sexual people to find compatible sexual partners in an over-sexual world, I imagine our chances of finding ace partners are much slimmer because we are a considerably smaller demographic.

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