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By pairing Renton with Spud, and Vivian with Kit, both films expose the nature of respectability as essentially hypocritical performance. Admirably, neither Spud nor Kit ever punish their friends for their success. In many ways, both Spud and Kit are morally superior to the protagonists. This moral worth is recognized and rewarded financially by both heroes: Will Kit be able to become a Renton of recovered addiction and a Vivian of romantic success? It is fundamentally dehumanizing to suggest that a group in society is inevitably doomed.

We know that our own lives are at the mercy of luck and chance; our rewards and punishments are uneven and not proportional to what we deserve, if deserving can even be measured. We make choices, from moment to moment, and we struggle for our own happiness as best we can. To deny someone that choice, that chance and that struggle is to deny our identification with them, as well as any possible support of them. If their doom is inevitable, none of us can be held responsible for failing to prevent it, or even for causing it.

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Which helps to explain the disposable hookers of Grand Theft Auto. He stood the same chance of contracting AIDS as his fellow addicts; some were lucky, others were not. The difference is in film genre, not life choice. Renton and Spud are both shown relapsing after humiliating failures in their attempts to connect with women. Tommy turns to heroin after a bad break-up.

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So, why is it so impossible to imagine a prostitute as a survivor of sexual abuse, without the dehumanizing implication that this has mindlessly predetermined her choice to do sex work? Though Hollywood no longer has a Hays Code demanding punishment for characters who break the law, films still enforce that convention for both sexes. Therefore, it is Vivian that we are conditioned to expect to see suffering consequences, until Pretty Woman flips that script.

According to cinematic convention, stealing a bag of drug money should be the beginning of a No Country For Old Men -style thriller of inevitable doom. By offering its heroin addict a chance to evade all consequences for his actions, and to claim the prosperity and respectability that is supposedly the social reward for virtue, the film calls our bluff.

However, as Oscar Wilde puts it: Mark Renton has no time for your puritanical need to see him punished for his life choices.

Trainspotting matchmaking

Renton is going to blend in with the mainstream and become indistinguishable from all the other hypocrites. Because Renton has secretly been Cinder-fuckin-rella all along. What more proof do you need that Trainspotting is Pretty Woman for boys? Follow comments with the RSS feed for this post.