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During the season, Cooley had a solid season as a receiver, catching 71 passes for yards and seven touchdowns, including three in a game versus the rival Dallas Cowboys , breaking the Redskins franchise record for receptions as a tight end in a single season. In , Cooley got off to a slow start under the play-calling of the Washington Redskins' new offensive coordinator , Al Saunders.

Washington's 'Redskins' name dealt serious blow by federal judge's ruling

With only three receptions in the first two weeks of the season, Cooley appeared to not have a place in the new offensive scheme, but in the weeks following, became a growing part of the Redskins offense. He ended the season with numbers slightly less than his sophomore outing, but was still one of the top tight ends in the game. In the sixth week, Cooley had 9 receptions for a career-high yards and one touchdown in a loss against the Green Bay Packers.

Cooley set an NFL record by being the only tight end in league history to have six or more touchdowns in each of his first four seasons. In , Cooley scored only one touchdown. In Week 5, he had 8 receptions for a career-high yards and one touchdown from a pass from Antwaan Randle El in a 23—17 win against the Philadelphia Eagles. Cooley finished the season with 83 catches for yards and 1 touchdown, with career highs in both catches and yardage. He was the only player not to get into the stat book in the Pro Bowl. On October 27, , Cooley commented via Twitter that the break may not have been as bad as originally thought and that he could possibly return in as little as four weeks.

On November 30, , Cooley was placed on injured reserve. Cooley played in all sixteen games of season, but had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee after the season on January 3, Still recovering from the arthroscopic surgery to his left knee, Cooley did not play in any of the preseason games in Cooley played only in the season's first five games.

After the win in Week 1 against the New York Giants , Cooley became the Washington Redskins' all-time leader in receptions at the tight end position with receptions, breaking the previous franchise record of set by Jerry Smith. During the preseason, it was reported that Cooley's knee was completely healed from the surgery and that he even lost 20 pounds to prepare for the season. On October 21, , Cooley agreed to re-sign with the Redskins after Fred Davis tore his Achilles tendon and was done for the season.

The Post further reported that Cooley would join the Washington Redskins' radio broadcast team as an analyst. On August 11, , it was reported that Cooley expressed interest into returning to the NFL after working out at the Redskins facility during the off season. Cooley never officially retired from the NFL after not being re-signed by the Redskins in After playing only with the Redskins throughout his entire career, he was afraid to tarnish his legacy by joining another team.

Cooley resides in Hamilton, Virginia. She was fired for fraternizing with Redskins players, which the Redskins organization prohibits. Cooley's first child, daughter Sloane, was born on September 11, Cooley, frequently referred to by his nickname " Captain Chaos ," is known for his eccentric hair styles, affinity for heavy metal music , and what one reporter has called an " Animal House persona". This nickname was created when teammates bet him he would not go out to the opening coin toss and introduce himself to the opposing team captains as "Captain Chaos". Cooley maintains his own blog, "The Cooley Zone.

The picture remained on his site all day Sunday until it was finally removed. Cooley apologized and referred to the incident as "a complete accident", claiming that he initially posted the photo without realizing it showed his genitals. Cooley is an avid trading card collector, a hobby he rediscovered while searching for Chris Cooley football cards. Cooley is executive producer of the independent film Ghosts Don't Exist , which began production in May Cooley majored in art at Utah State, and now pursues a side career as a potter.

He owns an art gallery in Leesburg. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chris Cooley Cooley at Redskins training camp in Utah State University Athletics. Retrieved December 9, Archived from the original on December 7, Retrieved September 2, Retrieved August 26, Retrieved July 22, October 27, 1: Retrieved October 27, Redskins TE Cooley hopes to return in 4 weeks". He's said all the right things, gushed about the city and the fans on social media. But privately, he has told several people he is open to reuniting with Kyle Shanahan, the former Washington offensive coordinator who is the 49ers' head coach.

Or maybe Sean McVay, another former offensive coordinator, who is now running the Rams.


The roots of Kirk Cousins' uneasy marriage with the Redskins

He refers to it as a miracle, and with good reason. When he was 19 months old, Cousins was playing in the kitchen when he pulled a pot of boiling spaghetti off the stove. The scalding-hot water left third-degree burns on his chest, shoulders and underarms. He spent two weeks in the hospital, and a year later a doctor told his parents that Cousins might have limited range of motion in his arms for the rest of his life. He might never be able to throw a ball properly, the doctor emphasized. A few scars remain, but nothing else in the original prognosis came to pass.

The incident did, however, establish what Cousins would come to see as a theme in his life. He would be tested, sometimes plagued, by doubt, but his faith would eventually reward him. In high school, it seemed coaches never believed in him until he starred for their teams. But one of the biggest tests came his junior year of high school, when Cousins injured his ankle in the first game. He was hit while throwing a pass and hobbled through the rest of the game, throwing three touchdowns in a win. The next morning, his ankle was so swollen he couldn't walk.

A visit to the doctor revealed his worst fears: His ankle was broken, there was ligament damage, and his season was over. In the car on the way home, he had tears running down his cheeks.


He'd worked so hard to get here, he told his father, and now his dream of playing college football was circling the drain. Are you going to try and control your future, or are you ready to surrender your future to the Lord and let him do as he pleases? Cousins traded in his cast for a walking boot. He prayed a lot, finding particular solace in Proverbs 3: That gave him some tape he could send around to college recruiters. Michigan State offered him a scholarship, but only on the condition that several recruits the Spartans were more interested in didn't sign first.

Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio soon realized how much he'd underestimated Cousins. And he made people around him better.

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The theme of his athletic life, though, continued when the draft came around. The NFL's interest was lukewarm. When the Redskins selected him with the nd pick in exactly picks after Griffin-he couldn't hide his disappointment. His parents' living room felt more like a funeral parlor. He knew he wouldn't even be allowed to compete for the job.

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They must feel pretty good about you. In the years that followed, he gradually changed perceptions. He kept his mouth shut in quarterback meetings while Griffin slowly began to lose allies. Kirk handled that situation like a pro, and all his teammates could see it. Players didn't initially dislike Griffin, Moss says. He was making dynamic plays and selling tickets.

But over time, it was infuriating that he couldn't make even the most basic reads. Receivers eventually resorted to telling Griffin in the huddle who was going to come open on certain playcalls. Griffin would still freeze after the snap and miss guys running wide open. The guys in games know.

They see you busting your butt. With Robert, stuff just wasn't adding up. Then Kirk gets in later in the year, and it's crazy. Suddenly the guys who are open are getting the ball. Griffin, not surprisingly, remembers things differently on many fronts. He says if teammates had criticism at the time, they didn't voice it to him.

Mike Shanahan says much of the tension stemmed from Griffin's insistence that the Redskins let him morph into a dropback passer. The team was open to the idea, especially after Griffin reinjured his knee in the playoffs against the Seahawks, after which Shanahan came under heavy criticism for letting Griffin play with a sprain. The coach remembers that Griffin wanted to play, and Griffin backs that up: But later, when the Redskins tried to change to a more pro-style offense, Shanahan was frustrated that Griffin wouldn't put in the work.

He thought Griffin believed he'd already arrived as a player. He had people telling him things that weren't in his best interest, and he didn't want to be known as a running quarterback. Again, Griffin has a different take: To master things from the pocket. We weren't able to get there because our time was cut short.

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I think I could have gotten better at the things he's talking about if we'd continued. Shanahan concedes that he felt Cousins had the potential to be the next Drew Brees. Jay Gruden was more skeptical. He took over and saw Cousins as a quiet backup who was afraid to step on toes. At the start of , with Griffin still struggling to get healthy, a group of players went to Gruden and implored him to make a change.

Griffin was relegated to third on the depth chart and spent the entire season inactive before he was released in March He remains without an NFL job, although he had a tryout with the Chargers this offseason. Cousins, meanwhile, grew obsessed with unlocking his potential. He studied tape and read books on leadership, finance and spirituality. He prepared spreadsheets that divided his days into minute increments, each activity color-coded. At one point, Cousins taped an old high school math quiz, wrinkled and ripped down the middle, above his desk at home.

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  • He'd gotten a C-plus after failing to study and kept it to remember what happens when he doesn't work hard enough. Unfortunately, I can't get guys 30 fing yards open all the time. There are going to be some tight-window throws he's going to have to throw some days. I'll call some of these in practice, and if it doesn't look exactly the way I drew it up, he'll [say], 'I don't know if I like that.

    I can't call it in a game.

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    • Cousins chuckled when told of Gruden's comments. I know my limitations.

      Chris Cooley (American football)

      There are series, even entire games, when his passes seem to whistle through the air, when Cousins can freeze safeties with his eyes and zip passes through chaotic tangles of arms, the ball nestling softly into a receiver's hands. And whatever his faults, Cousins is the rare player who has improved every season he's played football, dating back to high school. Cousins couldn't make deep throws to the outside of the field when he came into the league, and when he tried to put some extra mustard on shorter passes to prove he had arm strength, veterans like Moss told him to stay in his lane and not try to become something he was not.

      You throw a catchable ball. But Cousins knew he had to show he could stretch the field. Each offseason since he was drafted, Cousins has worked with throwing mechanics guru Jeff Christensen to improve his technique. They labored for hours over his footwork, when to open his hips, how to position his elbow. Cousins learned his lower body, not his arm, was the key. The ball started coming out with more zip and accuracy, without additional effort. Now Cousins might not have a cannon for an arm, but he has one of the NFL's quickest releases.

      He gets sacked on only 4. You could see all that hard work jelling into something special during Washington's Week 4 game against Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium. Cousins, who had missed practice during the week for the birth of his son, Cooper, but still managed to FaceTime into meetings, came out throwing lasers, including a yard touchdown to Terrelle Pryor Sr. As the game went on, he recognized mismatches and exploited them readily, making crisp throws into small windows and avoiding big mistakes. On Washington's next-to-last drive, with his team trailing , Cousins twice eluded pressure, broke the pocket and darted downfield, risking his safety and, potentially, millions of dollars to dive for first downs.

      On third-and-2 from the 22, he dropped back, looked right and considered throwing to tight end Jordan Reed. Instead he scanned the field, stayed calm, looked left and saw receiver Josh Doctson in single coverage on the other side. He patted the ball once, reset his feet and uncorked what was, considering the moment, one of the best throws of his career. The pass knifed through the air, just beyond the outstretched arm of the Chiefs' Phillip Gaines , and settled in Doctson's large hands. Doctson tucked the ball away, got one foot down, then the next, and crashed to the ground.

      It looked as if he and Cousins had just connected for the winning touchdown. Washington settled for the tying field goal, and with under a minute to play, Kansas City easily drove the field for the winning field goal. All of Cousins' magic went for naught. Instead of being upset, he tried to take solace in the process, not the outcome. This spring Snyder got involved in Cousins' recruitment for the first time, reaching out to express that he wants Cousins to be part of the team's future.

      He has taken Cousins to dinner, texted with him off and on, and tried to make his appreciation clear. Cousins, in turn, has said several times that the Redskins remain his first choice.