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Back in Grand Theft Auto IV, you needed to visit an Internet Cafe if you your military arsenal, or even check out profiles on some dating sites.
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The satirical barbs at its target demographic are too heavy-handed, the industry too much in its adolescence, which leads to many of its male players to revel in its frat-boy humour, rather than feel repelled by it. The video games industry is one that struggles deeply with the treatment of women. Just a brief glance at the Twitter hashtag onereasonwhy , which details the struggles women have had in breaking through in the industry, will give you an idea.

Though prepare to be thoroughly depressed. The simple fact seems to be that many video game players are simply not ready to be part of that discussion. This was greeted by over 20, user comments, a large proportion of which were unequivocally misogynistic and abusive themselves. Their input is worthless.

How pathetic that women are still treated this way. How sad that many people playing video games are desperate to try and shut critical discussion of this type down. This is a vibrant, exciting, emerging interactive medium, yet all too often is stifled by the idiotic braying of its more vocal audience. Games will not be able to take its much coveted place in mainstream culture while these type of people get to dictate anything.

Good riddance to them when they are finally cast off. However, I still believe that it would have been an even better game had one of the main characters been a woman. It would have offered another fascinating viewpoint on the brilliantly awful world Rockstar has built and made a statement in the process. One of the wonderful things about modern video games is that new stories can be told through downloadable content.

How to Get a Girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5: 11 Steps

I hope they take it. Find your perfect match. The idea would later be dropped in favor of working with artists like Oh No and The Alchemist, although Michael's pause screen music would later make it to the final product used for all three characters. However, not all of the tracks that had been composed for the game have made it into its final version, and even some of those that did have never been used within the Story Mode. The Greyhound is a track composed for the game by Tangerine Dream. It can never be heard in the game, suggesting the mission it was originally meant to be played during had been cut.

The interesting thing is, its "calm" version is basically the Pause Menu theme [2] that lacks quality and some stems, having exclusive ones at the same time. Greyhound , however, can be heard in GTA Online's Flight School during the first flying lesson, but would only consist of two stems. The Universal is another track composed for the game by Tangerine Dream.

But thanks to the now-gone beta build's contents, we can tell the differences between the Beta and the Final versions of some tracks. It is worth mentioning that most of the following tracks had not made it into the Story Mode but all of these later reappeared as part of various GTA Online updates. Thus, the comparison implies changes between the Build and the Update version of the track, and the differences described below belong to the former if not stated otherwise.

The Build version of this track, which would later be added in GTA Online with the Heists update, is not significantly different from the final one. It was composed by Tangerine Dream and Woody Jackson.

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)

The 2nd stem [3] features a synth effect along with another background synth line [4] , while lacking the constant sub-bass line that is a thing in the final version. The 6th, bass, stem has a guitar riff, distorted and delayed, that was removed in the final version of the track, making the stem just a pure bass guitar line. In fact, only the 4th stem, low percussion, seems to be unchanged. It was composed by The Alchemist and Oh No.

The 1st stem, meant to be calm, features a bass pad line and a delayed hi-hat. The 2nd one has a riff-styled lead with a slight flanger effect. The 3rd stem, usually being the lower action one, is completely different from its final variant. The action stem, by the index of 5, is a digital piano line, while being a completely synthesized sequence in the final version of the track. The 6th stem, bass, sounds like something to be played on an actual bass guitar; it's, however, a synth bass in the final version, and the melody is different as well.

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The drums, stem 7, may share some samples with the final version, as well as part of the beat, but have an exclusive stickshot line as well as the style kicks. The 8th stem, that doesn't usually seem to have a constant purpose, is, again, not something like what we can hear in the final version at all; it's another synthesized track but with a calm piano to be heard in background.

Unlike the last game, this one has a lot more. Earlier versions of Character Switch icons can be found. The characters depicted on there notably different designs, and looked like they were taken in the game rather than as model renders. From their designs, it looked like they were taken from before or around the first trailer debuted.

Michael looked older, with more notable wrinkles present on his face and greying hair at the sides, which was likely decided after he was originally younger and Hispanic. Trevor looked a lot more cleaner and had no tattoos present on his mugshot. Franklin looks more or less the same, except with a different hairstyle. Amanda De Santa's image was likely used for foxymama21, before it was somewhat changed in development.

There are unused graphics for intro names found in the splashscreens. They seem to be very out-of-place compared to the game's final style and are reminiscent of L. There's also a graphic for Michael Townley, since he is only called that last name in the Prologue. Judging from that name existence, it was likely intended for the Character Switch feature, which would show the names of the characters when switched over.

In the same texture file is a circle, hexagon, and octagon. Additionally, there are quite a few cut map icons which hint at few missing activities and altered mission mechanics, along with placeholder icons from Grand Theft Auto IV. Plenty of final game assets point to the existence of these activities being in the game at some point in development, such as private security patrols in the wealthy suburbs and Los Santos being littered with abandoned taco trucks.

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  • It also exists in the Windows version. Noire and Max Payne 3. As stated in an interview, Rockstar Games wanted to make the game "feel different from IV" by changing over a lot of things. While a lot of things were made over for the sunny West Coast setting, there are quite a bit of leftovers found in the files.

    When you look in the interior of the Police Interceptor and even the civilian Stanier, you can see a low-res LCPD police computer that's black and white. If so, it would mark a big change to move outside of the United States, but could provide a complete alternative environment to a sprawling cosmopolitan city.

    How to Access the Websites in the Game

    But when GTA 6 does surface you should expect a few familiar faces, names, companies and locations to crop up. GTA 6 could be the first in the series to focus heavily on a female lead, according to those rumours from The Know. We would expect multiple protagonists again, as we saw with GTA 5, and a major female character should liven up the Grand Theft Auto formula. If it exists in real-life then you can bet your ass Rockstar will recreate something similar for a GTA game. That goes for cars from proper manufacturers, military vehicles and fiction — like this Batmobile inspired Vigilante.

    GTA Online currently supports racers, tuners, rally, muscle, sedans, off-roaders, bikes, emergency vehicles and a jetpack. So the simple question to what cars will be in GTA 6?