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I have linked another website for your convenience,. It will assist you with dating your lighter. Click on the link below to date your ZIPPO. You may need to use.
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The new logo was a script version of the word "Zippo" and was phased in about that time along with the year coding by the use of dots.

Around the late 70's the logo was redesigned again, but not implemented into the bottom stamp until In July of , lot codes were also being included on all Zippo lighters, showing the month and the year of production. The Zippo Manufacturing Company started featuring at the bottom of the lighter case, on the left side of the logo, the month code in the center, and the year stamped in Roman numerals XVI.

At the turn of the new century, Zippo Manufacturing Company introduced a new and easier way to recognize the date codes.

Vintage Dated 1937 - 1950 Zippo Lighter With Gjs Initials

Again, placement of the wording, the material the case is made of and the number of barrels on the hinge play key factors in dating earlier Zippo lighters. In , the dot and slash date code methods were replaced with Roman numerals representing the year and letters of the alphabet representing the month of production.

In , the last two digits of the year were used along with the same letters for the months, and that system continues today.

Zippo Lighters Code & Styles | Our Pastimes

Slim Zippo lighters were introduced in and had no date code on the bottom of the lighter. Slims were first marked in From through , slims had different bottom date codes than did regular size Zippo lighters.

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The History of Zippo Lighter Dating

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