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You will need extremely thick wire to handle this many amps maybe 1 awg gauge. For simplicity you can connect up to 20A on 12 gauge wire so 3 of the listed peltiers. Then you will have to connect those wire bundles to even thicker wires and so on. Finally to a car battery, hopefully a 2nd car battery. In fact you will need many car batteries to keep this array powered for any length of time. I have seen vehicles with multiple alternators, such as BASS competitions.

I can hook up 2 alternators to my car but have seen 10 to 15 alternators hooked up to the subwoofer competition trucks. There would have to be enough power to run a small 5kbtu rv ac unit through your sunroof with a custom painted fiberglass roof scoop to cover the whole unit ofcourse, allowing adequate air flow.

Would be nice for turbo cars that have to run a big front mount intercooler. I would sacrifice 50 to 75 pounds no problem for ice cold ac in Phoenix.

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The key here is where does the power come from If you use the vehicle battery then the charge come from the alternator and therefore the engine - btw the alternator can take approx 10bhp or more if producing full charge. The possibility of a second battery with a split charge system still requires the energy to come from the alternator and engine. A second alternator to charge the second battery is still taking power from the engine and, now the engine has more rotating weight to drive.

So, to remove the load of your AC from the engine, either direct or indirect, needs a separate power source - you could consider a bank of batteries that you charge at home and give sufficient power for your trip, but the weight will not improve the fuel consumption and you need to have the space available.

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Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Can a car AC unit be run on just the car battery?

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As this could help in Preventing power loss during important times such as overtaking and climbing on slopes. Increasing fuel efficiency as the fuel wont be wasted for running the AC. Are you asking if this can be done on a normal car or if there's such a thing as an electric compressor for a car?

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Kind of the latter. Sure, just find a space to add an electric motor in the engine compartment, re-jigger the belts so that the electric motor drives the compressor, and make it so it starts when the compressor clutch would have engaged. Also beef up the electrical system enough to be able to run said motor. Currently, you take kinetic energy from the engine, and transfer it to kinetic energy at the compressor. To run it from an electric motor, you would need to do kinetic at the engine, to electric at the alternator, then back to kinetic at the motor for the compressor. Each conversion has losses.

This means the alternator would have to work harder to make up for those losses and take more power from the engine. Interestingly, my power bills tend to be significantly higher in the winter when I'm running the electric heaters than in the summer when I'm running the AC. Electric heat can use A all by itself - more than everything else combined.

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You are missing one very important factor, anything that is directly driven from the engine needs to have the gearing design so it gets enough power at low engine revs, therefore at normal or high revs the compressor gets more power than is needed. Hence an electric compressor can give better MPG.

Likewise with brake pump etc.

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Newer vehicles likely use load. I wonder how AC works in Tesla cars as they are completely electric cars. As they're designed for it, I would bet that they have an electric compressor designed for this. Not hard to do, there's one in every residential AC unit there is. Just easier when it's designed for it.

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